The Front Porch

Posted by on Oct 11, 2010 in Choken Word

Julie Baby Let’s say maybe You and I were only Three years old When I remember The story you told About the Redskins In Atlanta near the front door I look at that photo And my emotions pour…. They reflect a lifetime.

Oh glob our welt in spillage past, Our fear of grease to come

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That Does remind me of blackbird! Take this greasy glob and learn to fly into the death of your blinded eye Take this greasy scum and preen your wings into the glitter of a rainbow to bind your feathers Take this greasy sea and drink it till it turns your sterile eggs into a family […]

A Greecy Day

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Hamlet? Oh no. How about Omelet? Oh no. I am vegan, you see, And so are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern if they are still with us. So is that why we do smell rats in little Denmark’s hair? I cannot live with this stench Perhaps we should not stay here Shake a leg, I should say […]

Poor Mother Goose

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Poor Mother Goose 30 April 10 Drill Baby Drill Kill Baby Kill the hell with the estuaries birds and fish We want oil let the earth boil to hell with nature Drill Baby Drill Ashes Ashes Let’s all drown Fun with Grease Fun with Grease Ashes Ashes earth will drown Let’s all drown Fun with […]