Akbar Resigns…

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as this website has entered into the chasm between fantasy and reality, and as i find that my efforts are no longer being trusted, that i can no longer ask for my project ideas to earn a little bit of that kind of respect that affords an open conversation about roles and expectations, i have […]

Akbar’s Theology #2 – I am that I am…

When you say you respect all religions, you are saying that you believe in more than one God. Or you are saying that God can manifest in different forms, which is almost equivalent. So, to respect other religions we must admit the limitations in our own religion. In other words, we have chosen one side […]

Akbar’s Theology #1

This is part of a larger thesis I am working on, that will eventually, once i clarify the argument turn into a full 21st century argument for the existence of God or Gods, and the need to utilize religious language to interpret experience and find balance. Feel free to critique or engage. Akbar’s Theology #1 […]

Holy War – Part 1

This is the first in a series here at Globatron, where we are going to acknowledge a growing cultural collision occurring right now in our world, in a way that differs from the approved media portrayal. In other words, we are going to take it for granted that a holy war is under way, between […]

Burning Man…

I pulled some fragments from the fire….

Building a Mystery…

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oh, what is the nature of destruction?…what is the nature of secrecy?…what is the nature of political right to knowledge?…this is why these things are interesting…i watch, not because i believe i will crack the code, but because i am interested…because i was there that day…because it was biblical…and because the memory will be a […]

It’s a Small World

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Let us just take a post and marvel at these…these are all insect eggs, mostly butterfly eggs like the one below…

Political Tourism

I am not posting the following video to arouse a political discussion.  I mean come on, these people hardly warrant a serious response.  I am posting it as a device to illustrate a few theories of mine. 1.  Politics and political nostalgia have become a form of tourism, like a virtual game that some people […]

Love is Real…Real is Love…

i thought this video about the dating game was interesting. i think the instinctual reaction to such a thing is horror, and i would love to know why…even i have that knee-jerk reaction…but because i practice suspending my immediate judgments, i realized that there is nothing wrong with such a game, if it provides pleasure […]

Barbarians at the Gates…

It has long been the interpretation of historians that the spread of liberal education across America led to a radicalization of the youth in the 1960s and 70s, and some have implied that there was, in response to this, an effort to denude education of those elements that lead young people to think in revolutionary ways, by associating the goals of education, not with moral or ethical transcendence, but as a means toward financial security. As an accident of this process, critical thinking has given way to discipline as the overarching theme of educational development. In other words the metaphor of the poet, as a model of educational mastery, has given way to the ethic of the soldier.

In My Solitude….

With every additional year of life the creative person becomes more adept at his/her craft but what grows alongside of this mastery is the looming expanse of untranslatable selfhood, that quiet quality of one’s essence that reminds a person of his/her mortal challenge. Every creative act is an affirmation of life, and those works which […]


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education has been a running theme for us lately, and i found this clip…i don’t really have any strong opinions on the matter any more, as i don’t think the structure is very important. i think education arises out of the moral fitness of a society, and kids that grow up loved and supported naturally […]

Parallel Evolution

Universaltron and I talked about this exact model after the spill…i cannot remember the post, but maybe he will embed it here…but the idea we had was that much could be done with a small army of bots…whelp, it seems our idea was a good one, and that somebody else, better equipped, went forward… i […]


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Multi Touch Light Table: GERGWERK from GERG WERK on Vimeo.

Wish You Were Here….

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I tried to do a short rap related to this picture, but i got nowhere….and after seeing Universaltron’s post, i realized we were resonating in a similar place…this image is amazing to me…taken by the Nasa Messenger Mission, a satellite that is orbiting Mercury…so this is a picture of how our Earth and Moon would […]

Psychiatry as a philosophical necessity…

as i grow and learn, i become more convinced everyday of the need to see historical forces through the filter of psychology…i found a reference to this man and found this clip…very fascinating and i see here a man walking the fine lines that define the character of the 21st century wise-man…enjoy…His name is Alejandro […]

Night Watch

I did this in a half hour, in an effort to get a little more immediate…yeah boyz….. Click Here To Listen to Night Watch

Looking Within

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What is Globatron? In the past Globatron has found its inspiration through naturally occurring events in the real world.  Lately, having been displaced by a variety of forces, we are being forced to question our methods and investigate our conclusions and theses.  We are on a soul-finding mission and we invite anybody into the discussion.  […]

Globatron Saint

more hope, found within the machine…this young woman is a saint in my mind, and will serve as a model for my work this year on globatron….we must get out there again, and let our society know that we mean to be heard…bravo!!!! for speech full text click the link here

Great Stuff

Every once in a while I come across recordings that remind me that there is soooooo much good in the world, and so much reason for hope, in spite of what the news media wants you to believe.  so, here are 3 podcasts i listened to yesterday that filled me with hope and a sense […]