Open Ground 2000-2008

Posted by on Nov 30, 2008 in Art Coverage

Back in the day, dot com boom and bomb in Brooklyn, I met this kind, great group of friends who were running not only an interactive design shop out of their home, but began to run a gallery called Open Ground.  The space was an old pool hall in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  Long and narrow, cold in the winter, but perfect for art shows.   Patrick May was my contact and co-founder of the group and he was really excited about programming and art (Recently I found out Patrick was the Director of Technology at for a couple of years… just recently… and was in charge of a complete site redesign of the web site we all currently enjoy).  I didn’t see how art and programming overlapped back then, but now I see a very close connection.

Recently I found out that Patrick May has not only continued the group, Open Ground,  and the art space; but is gathering the troops (mainly folks from Williamsburg, Brooklyn) for the Fountain Art Fair in Miami, which is part of the larger animal, Art Basel 2008.  I can’t say enough about how getting down to Miami and trying to see what type of experiment this has become in humanity might be worth your while.  Contemporary art is the cornerstone of the event, but it’s all assimilated. Art Basel is about human culture in general I believe.  Contemporary artists are possibly the first to experience or at least illustrate when society has gone astray.  If you are in need of direction, or possible signs of things to come, I would bet my money on finding some guidance at Art Basel Miami 2008, December 4-7th.  For more information on Open Ground and the Fountain Art Fair, visit the Facebook page HERE.
And remember if you don’t hate what you see, you can easily be a part of it next year.  Gallery owners are semi-approachable, and if you feel like putting in the work you can get in some great networking.  Or at least have some snarky blog post after your attempts.

Yeah, actual physical networking.  I know, scary.  But for this week, or weekend, try getting offline and getting online to this physical reality.  It’s not digital and it is definitely physical.  Walking shoes are required.


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