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A thought occurred to me today…What is stopping people from starting their own non-profit insurance company. Given the right number of people, paying half of what they pay now, I am not sure why we couldn’t start a very simple pay-all insurance company. We would have no marketing costs, very few legal fights, and of course, never any lobbying costs. It would be a great place to work, many people would work their simply to be a part of something good. The whole company could have a salary cap, nothing more than say $100,000 a year.

It seems to me if such a model was given to an actuarial expert that a plan could be drawn up, and such a thing could be done without our fucking government and in direct competition (that’s what it’s all about right?) with those monolithic death panels we call our private insurance companies.

So, we at globatron are going to start a page, where you can sign up that you are interested, and if we get 100,000 people signed up, simply stating that if such a plan were possible that you would sign into it, knowing you could always go back to your other insurance, we will then take our list to a set of insurance experts and set up a business plan, at which point, we could take it to some people of good will, you know Steven Spielberg types, who will get it off the ground. Let’s do something people!

Ask not what the m$#$$r F@#$@rs can do for us, ask what we can do to for ourselves.

akbar lightning
insurance executive



  1. globatron
    December 19, 2009

    Insuratron. Globatron University now Globatron Insurance. I can dig it. Sign me up Akbar.

    Just watched Bill Moyers about the health care reform bill and I’m much less optimistic about life in general. Sad state of affairs we are in. I think seeing the evolution that this bill has gone through the past few months has made me focus less on the physical and more on the mystical and spiritual.

  2. Akbar Lightning
    December 19, 2009

    yes, i went through all those emotions recently, despair, disenchantment with the hope we were promised….but then i realized that there is a clarifying nature to this, as the broken heart, now eternally broken liberates us to seek something more pure, more bottom up. we were looking for a savior, i see that now, and now that we know he’s not coming, we have to find it in ourselves, and that is an adventure worth pursuing.

    globatron insurance company is going into business brother, and we are going to start a real community, take back our tax dollars and form a world outside the grid.



  3. globatron
    December 19, 2009

    Akbar I just watched a news conference where Harry Reid and crew announced they have the 60 votes to pass the bill and outlined what the bill contains. 30 million more Americans will get coverage and no one can be denied coverage. I’m pretty amazed really. It’s like I’m on a hope roller-coaster.


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