The Real Enemy


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  1. globatron
    December 31, 2009

    Powerful speech. It gave me chills. I wonder how many soldiers could say the same thing? There is a system put into place to keep such speeches from being made. It’s been in the making for hundred of years.

    1. Soldiers are given medals for their service.
    2. Soldiers are given even more medals and honor for combat duty.
    3. Soldiers bond deeply with other soldiers who they serve with in combat.
    4. Once they return from duty our country believes they are all heroes and welcomes them as such.
    5. If they serve honorably they are given VA benefits.
    6. Veterans associations and special credit unions supply additional support.
    7. They are given priority when applying for government jobs.

    So as you can see, to speak out against any war makes you less likely to be welcomed into the fraternity of veterans and one fears not being able to receive their benefits for speaking out too.

    With the Vietnam war many soldiers were ostracized once they returned because of the culture war that was going on. America is not making that mistake with our current wars. I believe there will be far fewer soldiers to speak out against the violence and atrocities that they have taken part in and witnessed when compared to Vietnam.


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