The Garden of Earthly Delights

We have created an information environment that has become more complex than a human’s capacity to interpret. This makes inevitable a coming moral dilemma, if we ever arrive at technology that can augment the human mental capacity in such a way as to make higher orders of thought possible, with larger quantities of information. As Terence McKenna argues that hallucinogens opened up human consciousness for early man, and acts as the symbolic forbidden fruit of knowledge for our ancestors, so too will coming technological enhancements change our nature, and these choices will come at a cost, and it will be by its nature impossible to predict.

random video search for forbidden fruit, anonymous human beings performing for my use…


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  1. globatron
    January 2, 2010

    What an odd video. The starting photo is such a twist with the random thoughts in the video. For some reason I was thinking there was going to be a partially nude woman. Only in 2010 can we get a video like that and she actually has over 11,000 hits on it.

    Who knows what the forbidden fruit will bring us in the future. I would hope we will use the new tools we create for the good of mankind vs. destruction. I am in love with Terrence McKenna. It’s a shame he died of a brain tumor so prematurely. He definitely was able to get many of his ideas out there before passing.


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