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this is our coutry’s budget….nuff said….military and education happen to be positioned next to one another…priorities…

United States Budget Projections…



  1. Greg
    July 9, 2010

    So Akbar are you saying National Defense should not be a priority? It would seem to me to be very difficult to educate a populace if you are being invaded/attacked/otherwise threatened.

    The military should become more efficient I would agree but the majority of the budget will always be the military, it has been in most advanced cultures if there were competing or conflictory forces around. How about that line item for International Aid and Assistance? We could do away with that and start handling our own affairs first.

    We should go down this list department by department and justify their role and contribution. Certain things should be combined to reduce resources. Like the Corp of Engineers should be moved under the Dept of Interior. Things like that.

    Anyway, you are never going to get away from the budget for defense taking up a majority of the resources as long as potential threats exist. If we had an existence with no threats, everyone was at peace and getting along then I could see where that would change. But it always seems that when that occurs is when an opposing force rears its head to contest the status quo and seize power.

  2. Akbar Lightning
    July 10, 2010

    greg, you obviously see the world very differently than i do…

    i suggest you try using this budget to live your individual life and see how that goes for you…

    this is an unsustainable budget, that reflects a desire to dominate…that is not a defense budget, that is a domination budget…

    i refuse to believe that our defense needs to cost that much more than our public education system…imagine if all those teachers were soldiers, i’m sure we could stop some kind of invasion…i mean, afterall, that is the idea right? invasion…isn’t that what defense means? or are you going to split hairs on this…

    what i see is a world police budget…and yet, the world is not exactly paying taxes for us to police them, are they?

    greg, i find it absolutely incredible that you find this budget imbalance toward defense, uhhh defensible….

  3. Logocentric
    July 11, 2010

    yeah, dude, where are your priorities?

    by the way, i like the word “conflictory.” it shows flair.

  4. greg
    July 12, 2010

    My priorities as you put it are like most of America. The first priority is national defense since the remaining priorities are kind of a moot point if the national defense fails.

    While I would agree with Akbar that our military has been used in a policing capacity far too much. But I do not agree we should lessen the amount of resources put into it versus education. I know you don’t believe it but there are still nations out there that would subjugate our country if given the opportunity.

    And FYI being prior military I like the thought of national security.

    Try flipping the equation around with your teacher/soldiers if the country needs to defend itself. You think a teacher can/is willing to shoot an enemy? I understand you are a pacifist, that doesn’t mean we don’t need police.

  5. globatron
    July 12, 2010

    Greg, i’m a bit over you bringing up you are prior military anytime you get the chance. I really don’t think that is anything to brag about or should/does give you a more informed opinion on anything. You were a citizen while in the military. You are a citizen now. So please try and think outside the box the military built for you to think inside.

    I am not trying to be disrespectful but I want you to know that I know so many prior military shitbags that bringing it up (over and over) as if it really means something is a bit much.

    My brother is prior military marine office of 22 years who has seen combat as a MP. He was also a policeman before his service. I would take his opinion over yours on any of this in a second and he finds this type of military spending to be ridiculous. I am a prior military shitbag myself so I know what prior military means. Absolutely nothing. It doesn’t give you any more incite on anything. You might think you have one but I believe you are holding on to that for your identity when really you are and always, have been only a citizen of the United States.

  6. Greg
    July 12, 2010

    Globa you are entitled to your opinion and I am equally entitled to mine. If I bring my experience in the military up in discussions involving it I believe it is worthwhile and relevant. It does not make me any more of an expert but it does give me more perspective on it than civilians who never served. And yes you are being disrespectful but I have come to just let that go. A large and important part of life was spent in the military, it did not make me a drone or some sort of limited thinker.

    Just because my opinion or priorities differ from yours doesn’t make me right, you wrong or vice versa, it is just that, an opinion. Everyone has them. You don’t have to like mine.

    As far as how I think, I think the way I see things. Sometimes I see them the way everyone else does, sometimes I don’t. The question here was posed about how Akbar thought the spending on the military was disproportionate to other catagories and I am simply disagreeing with that.

    You can consider yourself a “shitbag” and do the self loathing thing all you want. I was proud to serve and yes it gave me some definition to who I am what I believe. From you previous comments you seem to think less of me for that, and that is cool if you want to. But I am also cool with it for who I am and really don’t need to validate myself here.

  7. globatron
    July 12, 2010

    I just think you bring it up far too often as if it makes your opinion worth more. I am personally tired of hearing it.

    I’m glad you are not. Yes we all have opinions. What is it else they say we all have? I forget.

  8. Greg
    July 12, 2010

    I try to bring it when it is relevant, not to promote a position of superiority or something. Let me put it this way, if we were talking about putting out fires, wouldn’t a fireman actually have something relevant to contribute based on his experience?

    That is the way I see it. I can only contribute the total of my experiences and knowledge. As said, a very large part of that was the military, the other major part has been being a parent. So those are two things I know quite a bit about.

  9. Akbar Lightning
    July 12, 2010

    it seems greg agreed that, in some way, the budget was not well proportioned…so let’s stick to what we can agree on first of all…

    and i think his mentioning his service is appropriate given that we are talking about the military…

    but again, greg said he felt there were countries who would come and dominate us without a defense…

    and this is the part i am not so sure about, i mean perhaps he is right…perhaps he is right…

    i have to admit, lately i’ve been thinking a lot about some of the uglier aspects of 3rd world poverty and corruption, and how progressives have to be able to admit the problem of uncivilized areas of the world.

    i suppose what i’m saying is perhaps a world police department is necessary, given the criminal elements…but i would just like it made explicit, and be regulated by those kinds of laws that protect individuals from the very people who are supposed to be protecting and liberating them…and also, if we are impoverishing our own country to protect the ‘western’ lifestyle, perhaps other countries ought to foot some of the bill…

    i guess what i’m saying, as you guys know i am a pacifist…is that it seems like what we are calling a ‘war’ is not exactly a war, it is an attempt to police an impoverished area of the world, where a lot of corruption is taking place…conveniently located, as it is, on top of some oil…but i think some clarification on all these points would be helpful to all the citizens of the world…

    i think that such discussions, why they are so dangerous, is precisely because they threaten to offer the benefits of a ‘bill of rights’ ideology to a much larger group, and therefore increase our commitment to policing the whole earth…

  10. globatron
    July 12, 2010

    my apologies Greg. It’s most likely my issue. I just wish people used the human perspective more and not their prior this or prior that perspective. Again, my bad.

    Good points Akbar.

    A global police state, I wonder how the right wingers would take to that? I like the idea myself and am willing to give over much of my “personal freedoms” for the safety of the whole.

  11. Greg
    July 12, 2010

    I personally am not for the whole police state thing, have been against it from the start. I do however have a hard time reconsiling the morality of “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

    While I am against a police state completely, what is our moral obligation to help those in need or who are under the rule of an unjust or harmful situation? I have no idea, I have wrestled with this for a while, I try to bring it back to simplier concepts, if I saw my neighbor being robbed, raped, otherwise wronged, am I morally obligated to help my fellow man? Is the military by that an extension of that on a national scale and what is our moral obligation as a country with so much prosperity to help those less fortunate due to oppopressive situations. This is not an inflammatory tangent just spitballing thoughts.

    I like what Robin Williams put out a while ago that we should bring the entire military brought home, have them guard the border and stop trying to take care of and pay the whold world.
    That I believe would go a long way to bringing that budget down. Who the hell knows.

    I respect the military for what they have to do, they are in a shit position, they often have to obey orders they might not agree with politically but they do it.

    As for enemies of the world, hell yes Akbar, think of this, you think if our military was non-existant, that Mexico and Cuba might not take a shot at grabbing some of our country? This is not paranoid but in AZ they are already teaching in the public schools a specific class to those of Mexican ethnic background. The course teaches that all the SE state are illegally held by the US and that the students should denounce the US holding of these illegally held territories. Threats like these are what bother me and that if they got some momentuem behind them it could spark a civil war. Maybe I am paranoid. Who knows.

    I would love to have a day when the military would no longer be needed but I don’t see that being in our lifetimes or anytime in the near future.


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