My Buddy and Jesus!

Dear Globatron Citizens, as you know we always strive here at Globatron Headquarters to respond to the concerns of our dedicated readers.  This post is dedicated to Buddy, a recent commenter who felt we were being too casual with our use of Christian literature, and suggested we meant to insult this wonderful religion.  In an effort to reach out to Buddy and show our long-standing fascination and reverence for Mr. Jesus and his 12 friends, I have put together this group of internet artifacts to show our desire to reflect the diverse ways in which the Christian religion is enjoyed by believers all over the world.

There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.  –  Ezekiel 23:20



  1. Logocentric
    June 12, 2010

    oh jesus henrietta christ! i don’t even know how to form a response. you just went all out, didn’t you? as the germans say: das krak mein schitzle opp!

  2. globatron
    June 12, 2010

    My Buddy. My Buddy. Wherever I move he’s still reading Globatron.

    The Life of Brian speech is priceless and honestly I can see it sort of going down like that. That’s basically what Jesus said in a nutshell.

    Jesus Thongs, My Lord. Amazing. Just imagine if that was the prophet Muhammad? This makes a point to me about how Christianity is a bit more open minded than Islam right now. Maybe in 4 hundred years or the Muslims fundamentalist won’t care about being poked fun at. Lighten up already. It’s all in good fun.

    As long as you have your faith and it’s your thing live and let live.

  3. Logocentric
    June 12, 2010

    – Whenever we read the obscene stories, voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and tortous executions, the unrelenting vindictivenes, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a Demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind, and, for my part, I sincerly detest it as I detest everything that is cruel.
    (Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense)

  4. Akbar Lightning
    June 12, 2010

    wow logos, great quote…even though i don’t have the same feelings about religion…i always appreciate a healthy skepticism about some aspects of institutionalizing anything..

  5. Greg
    June 13, 2010

    Akbar sometimes your creativity should be used in the cause of good instead of evil. You know that Peter Parker thing, Great powers, blah blah blah, Great Responsibility. The way you put these articles up is scary, so I never realized until today that the Jesus thing seems to be an area of significant contention here. I am surprised you did not break out the Carlin speech about Catholics revitalizing the Church by introducing a new icon. Buddy Jesus. Check it out in Dogma, it rocks.

  6. Akbar Lightning
    June 13, 2010

    yo greg, good is exactly what i’m trying to do…buddy made an ignorant attack on globatron…and i am trying to illustrate the complexity of the christian religion, on religion in general by illustrating how it does not lend itself to the kind of certainty that allows one to judge globatron the way he did…

    in other words, the last thing a religion is is something that can be offended….in fact every religion was started by somebody who did exactly that! offended everybody in the community in such a way as to reveal truth…

    now, i’m not saying i’m trying to start a religion, but i am trying to shake people out of blind faith and patriotism….by thinking more deeply…

    for my part, Jesus really is my savior…i don’t mean this sarcastically, i think of jesus as one of the primary examples of how to live a good life…perhaps you’ve heard of the Red Letter Christians, those christians that live by what jesus said, instead of all that his disciples said…

    anywhoo, enough of that…

  7. Buddy
    June 14, 2010


    Ignorant attack? Puh-lease. I believe you consider it ignorant because my comment was not in stride with your personal’dogma.’

    Again to hammer the point, I find people who preach diversity are the most biased closed minded people.

    Think about it, Akbar. Getting fussy over a blog is not my forte. We can all agree that this is one of your reoccurring bad habits. By all means, I would love for you to contact me directly and we can hash out our differences. Healthy one-one-one debates are way better than crying out to third and fourth anonymous parties to make yourself come off as more ‘cool’ or ‘smart.’ (INSERT EYE ROLL AND SUBTLE CHUCKLE)

    Goodness, Akbar! Please don’t get your boxers in a bunch…if you ever wear any!

    Have a great day.


  8. Logocentric
    June 14, 2010

    hey, who are YOU calling anonymous???

  9. Akbar Lightning
    June 14, 2010

    buddy, i can confidently say that ‘getting fussy on a blog’ is exactly your forte…

    but i accept your challenge buddy…let us chat over a phone line…if somehow that seems more ‘real’ to you…i think it is a good idear…

    send me your phone number and i will call you sometime soon, and i will record our conversation for globatron…i assure you i mean no ill-will. i will be civil and respectful… i am provocative on this blog because i believe it opens up interesting conversations, and i believe the freedom of speech enables exactly this…

    but bring it on buddy, let’s be friends yo!

  10. Buddy
    June 15, 2010


    To give you a compliment, that is probably the most respectful, focused, clear response you have ever given.

    Logocentric, I admit you do have a valid point. I will say that I’ve never made personal attacks such as the ones thrown out by Akbar concerning me.

    Record our conversation, Akbar? What kind of drip do you think I am? I’m not going to be your springboard to make yourself seem like this planet’s gift to un-enlightened. I was a media major in college; I know how the game works.

    Allow me to repeat. We can have a debate ONE ON ONE. I will not allow myself to be recorded. I’m not playing that game.

    You do…seem like a formidable person to discuss topics with. Pick the time and place and it’s on like Donkey Kong.

    Do you even wear boxers?


  11. globatron
    June 15, 2010

    Buddy, I’ve made the mistake of taking one of your in person discussion challenges, just to realize that your online comments are just as evasive as your inperson comments.

    I warn you Akbar ahead of time to not expect much. Buddy (Gerald) is actually one of my closest real life friends but when it comes to these types of discussions I expect little. I am glad to see you still reading globatron and at one point you did some wonderful coverage of the Jax Film Festival.


  12. Akbar Lightning
    June 15, 2010

    yo buddy,

    if you know the game, if you are educated in it, then let’s play…

    i am not trying to play a game..i am not trying to preach…i am trying to be myself in this community, and unfortunately for you, you find my passion about ideas a threat somehow…

    the recording was not meant to humiliate you, it was about bringing our work here to the fullest possible scope of transparency.

    if you are threatened by my interest in ideas and the study i have engaged in to inform my passion, then that reflects poorly on you, and on your ‘knowledge’. knowledge requires the utmost dedication and discipline, and i do not think that gives me the right to feel better than others…but when i sense that somebody is being careless in the criticism of a friend of mine, who i know to exercise great risk to remain truthful to their artistic practice, then i think my education gives me the right to defend the principles that i believe in.

    if you like globatron, this site, then great, let’s record a talk, and speak to your issues…but if your only agenda is to attack the founder, then i will call that out…

    i mean, what posts have you liked, what do you like about globatron? or do you just spend time reading things you don’t like?

  13. Buddy
    June 20, 2010


    I will address the points (critiques) that you have dispensed.

    Me? Feel threatened by you? You give yourself way too much credit, my friend.

    You’ve mentioned that you wanted to ‘be yourself.’ Akbar, I don’t know you or what that means exactly. I’m trying to protect myself and my interests. I’m not going to lay myself vulnerable to people who might align themselves with ideas that I might not agree with.

    Careless criticisms? Good grief! Again, I’ve harped on this point MANY times. It’s only seems ‘careless’ to you because I don’t agree with you. Now who’s being careless?

    By the way, I’m just as educated as you are..or so I think you are.

    Regarding liking this site, to be honest I agree with very little on this site. I only feel the need to add something when I think you (especially you), Globatron, or Logocentric are being extremely unfair and biased. I try to offer some sort of balance; something I find very necessary with this page. Get over yourself. Not everyone likes everything you like or agrees with everything you agree with. Am I only critical of things I don’t like? Not really. But when I do think your points are ridiculous, I have no problem calling G, L, and especially you out.

    If you can’t take the heat, then please stay out of the champagne room.

    Don’t you live in NY? I would LOVE to have coffee with you and pick your brain. I’m very curious at how you ended up on your…’views.’


  14. Logocentric
    June 21, 2010

    “I only feel the need to add something when I think you (especially you), Globatron, or Logocentric are being extremely unfair and biased. I try to offer some sort of balance; something I find very necessary with this page.” Fair and balanced, is that you, buddy?

    my acute case of clairvoymalarkia gives me the sense that we’ve met in some other dimension, Buddy. How odd.

  15. Akbar Lightning
    June 21, 2010

    “I’m not going to lay myself vulnerable to people who might align themselves with ideas that I might not agree with.”

    this quote says it all doesn’t it?

    it’s poorly written, ‘lay myself vulnerable’, that doesn’t even make sense linguistically…

    and on a more important level, laying ourselves vulnerable to ideas we don’t agree with is the platonic foundation upon which all of education is based. in fact, in getting all that education you claim that you have, and yet, are so reluctant to illustrate, you had to do exactly this, surrender to ideas to which you could not form an opinion…

    i got no qualms with people who enjoy the site, even if they disagree with some of the ideas, as long as they show some respect for the amount of work and dedication…enough at least to expect us to ask for a well-grounded arguments behind criticisms…

    your criticisms are fallacious because they are based on an initially poor reading of the site…and if you don’t like the site, why do you spend time reading it? i would love to get your answer on that…it’s not like we are CNN and need citizen police to ‘keep us honest’…

    something about globatron is threatening to you…and you have neither to capacity to understand this, nor the intellect to convince us of your views…therefore i strongly suggest that you ‘lay yourself vulnerable’ and try to see things from a new perspective…

  16. Buddy
    June 22, 2010



    Linguistically? Platonic? Fallacious? Wow. Glad to see the thesaurus is near you computer. See? It CAN come in handy.

    I’m going to make this short and sweet. I have work tomorrow morning.

    You can’t take the heat, so you go on these rants to make yourself look (my goodness, how can I put this) smart.

    Vulnerable. I get it. You and L got a kick out of that. Cute.

    Finally, nothing on this site ‘threatens’ me. Your (ESPECIALLY YOU) posts are…

    Oops. Please allow me to stop. I don’t want to offer any more ‘criticisms’ to get you and L riled up.

    Off to bed. It’s been a slice.


  17. globatron
    June 22, 2010

    I’m not sure why a man with two masters degrees who is a filmmaker and writer continues to go on about someone making themselves look smart. I’m not sure why the use of intelligent communications skills are so offensive to you. This might be something worth investigating on Globatron as it seems to be an ongoing theme.

    I think you should ask yourself Gerald, where you are getting this from as it makes you look kind of “stupid”. I can’t imagine being in a film with you as the director and you telling me not to be smart or to not use big words because it offends you. I mean for Pete’s sake man you are a college professor.

    Did you get this at Florida State or Columbia University? Or did you get this from your right wing political attachments?

    Are you so boxed in that you, yourself can not communicate intelligently? Is that the reason for this type of reaction?

  18. Greg
    June 22, 2010

    Hey Hey Hey Globa, WTH man? You don’t need to stereotype the right wing like that. I am right wing but can dialogue with you guys. Come on man. Don’t do me like that. 🙂

    The strange thing is Buddy I read your posts and can’t even really figure what the argument is about. If you disagree with the guys on the site then simply just state your point of view and move on.

    It seems we gain nothing by degenerating into jibes about each others intellectual capacity, education, or ability to articulate an idea or concept. While I can relate to some the views you seem to express on here Buddy this is like judging an art contest. There is no right answer, it is simply a forum of opinion exchange. I have openly stated and made no pretenses about my political or personality leanings, I am by far a die hard conservative and typically republican supporter.
    That said I initially was very combative and argumentative towards Globa, Logo, and Akbar, man the sparring matches we would get into.

    I found once I dialed down the threat level a bit and realized it is simply a blog and not the fate of the world, it was easier to share and discuss opposing view points without the need of escalation into distracting insults and personality barbs.

    I guess my suggestion would be, and you have all right to tell me to go to hell, to just try and not come at this as someone personally critizing you, your beliefs are just as valid as mine, logo’s, globa’s, akbar’s, or anyone else. Just because someone believes differently does not diminish your beliefs. Nor does it provoke a need for you to defend them or prove them to us. If YOU beleive then that is good enough. At least for me it is. I may not agree but I respect that YOU believe in it. Anywho, have a good day all and Happy Tuesday.

  19. globatron
    June 22, 2010

    true Greg. True. sorry mate. i do see this sort of thing coming from the right wing for some reason. it was something i noticed in the last presidential campaign. the right wing seems to currently cling to this lack of intellectual good old boy thing. i’m not sure where that came from. i would think we would want to elect intelligent leaders. Goerge Bush used this as a tool. I’m sure this is not a new phenomenon. that was not intended as an attack but an observation.

    you make some very valid points Greg.

  20. Greg
    June 22, 2010

    I do not believe that being unintelligent and “down to earth” are necessarily the same thing though. I understand the point you are making to some degree but believe it is a bit unfair. The republican party is not unintelligent or dumb by any means. If you look at the education needed to simply get to the position they are in it doesn’t lend itself to people that are stupid. Now perhaps unimaginative and inflexible I will agree. We tend to want to stick to the truths we know and feel safe with. I believe that is true with all people.

    I do want to make a distinction, there is a starke difference in the Republican party and the conservative movement. Not the tea party, I like many others believe the Republican party lost it’s way and stopped representing the core values for which we were known for.
    Many I know are angry at the image we have been painted with an it is unfair and untrue in most cases. In my opinion I would love to simply abolish the entire party system and run on issues and policy only. The entire game of republican and democrat is nothing but a distraction to keep us at each other to keep from noticing what a crappy job Washington is really doing.

    The down to earth image ploy has been used hard by both sides. One of Obama’s biggest campaign tools was the relating to the common man and trying to get to a lower common denominator for people. I can tell you for a fact people are tired of having people that act above them. It can’t be a government for the people if it is not a government OF the people. By that I mean real people. One of the big problems is we have begun to only elect these people that come from the top 1% that can’t relate to you, me, anyone earning a freaking dollar for a day job. It is called perspective, it is hard to relate to being a rabbit if you have only known being an eagle. Hope that makes sense.

    In any case I just hope you will realize that don’t lump all conservatives into the unintelligent and inflexible camp, some of us are willing to break those stereotypes.

  21. globatron
    June 22, 2010

    i agree that the two party system should be abolished. I think you are missing my point though as it was not meant as an attack of the republican party but an observation. I’m sure you realize that the Joe the Plumber, Bush, and Palin caricatures are not as educated or eloquent in speech as you are Greg. That’s the point I was trying to make. There seems to be a disconnect between the people “who are the people” and the leadership.

    If I was a conservative and the picture being painted for me as the average conservative was someone who had a very poor ability to communicate or speak the English language (Bush) I would be offended.

    I have never felt that communicating as if one has a good control of the English language was above me. big words don’t scare me. I look a word up if I don’t know it. Maybe it’s because my mom was an English teacher. I’m not sure.

    I’m not lumping conservatives into any group, only noticing that the Republican party seems to feed this untruth to the public as the norm. Why does having an education become something to be feared?

    If you look at the biggest fear mongers on the right, Rush and Beck both of them don’t have a college degree. Maybe that’s where it comes from? I’m not sure. Maybe you can help me understand.

    I definitely think the two party system is broken and should have never been created.

  22. Akbar Lightning
    June 22, 2010

    hey guys, great stuff…

    and as far as greg goes, greg has become an example to me that being truthful and not ‘hiding my light under a bushel’ is the deepest respect we can show opposing viewpoints.

    in other words, i can commit the greater arrogance and assume because Buddy is intellectually stunted that I ought to ‘take it easy’ with him…but greg showed me that if i speak from the heart even if it is a bit confrontational that we would more quickly arrive at a ‘real’ understanding of one another…i am not lumping greg with buddy…i think greg, even though he identifies with the right, is a bit like that moment in the matrix when Neo is running through that train tunnel and keeps coming back to the middle…greg is that ‘old school’ kind of conservative that actually has a logical paradigm…and i am sympathetic to that type of political thought, even though i might still disagree with it..

    as Walter says in big lebowski ‘dude, at least its an ethos.’

    unlike greg, i don’t think Buddy has a sincere interest in being a participant…i think he has a ‘beef’ with globatron and that he is attempting to use our site to settle that beef…and i don’t think that’s cool…worse than this, i don’t even think he is conscious of this…

    now..concerning the use of words..i think globatron is right that america has become an intellectual-phobic society, and this is dangerous..precisely because democracy depends absolutely on an educated public…the words i used were all used in proper context and represent i feel the clearest choice i could have made to make my points…

    most evolutionary biologists, philosophers and historians see the development of human language as one of the crowning achievements in the universe…to be afraid of this aspect of human life…or to not revel in it, to not see it as the deepest form of piety is for me a kind of heretical orientation….

    god bless globatron and dear jesus, please open buddy’s eyes to the truth that we are presenting here to liberate him from his fear of polysyllabic speech…and yes buddy, that thesaurus can come in handy now and then, wipe the dust off and evolve…

  23. Greg
    June 22, 2010

    I have to tell you that the issue of education is really simple. Look at the education system of America that slowly has degenerated to accomidate the “everyone is a winner” mentality and lower standards to become merely an assembly line for students. I am not being embelishing or exaggeratory either, I have 3 kids that graduated the public school system and it was with utter dismay I realized how little our education system actually teaches children. Here is a FACT. We require more education on our government, history and Constitution from potential citizenship applicants than we do our students. WTF is wrong with this picture? Everyone coming from high school should KNOW the Constitution or at least the basic foundation of it.

    This country in general has degenerated intellectually, partially I believe because uneducated cattle are easier to control and manipulate than an educated and intellectually honest populace. Why has education become feared, because those who are educated tend to be related to those in power who are the ones causing the problems we now see. Stereotyping is a bitch.

    I am going to off this track because this topic makes me very angry, I can’t stand what has happened to American education and the lack of desire by most kids to even demand more. Maybe that is unrealistic of me to expect but as long as we keep lowering the bar because the lowest in the bell curve complain of inequity and injustice the more our entire populace suffers.

    Even our capitalistic society is involved with consistantly putting out an environment that dumbs down everyone. It is no longer feasible to expect people to remember Mountain Dew. So now it is MTN Dew. Or no longer Pizza Hut, simply The Hut. Examples of this are everywhere. the entire culture is moving towards it is cool to be a moron. THAT is sad indeed.

  24. Logocentric
    June 22, 2010

    i’ve got to say, for once, that i agree with nearly everything in your last comment, Greg. i was a public school teacher for years, a social studies teacher, and i also worked in school administration. even early in my career, i was shocked by the degree of complicity among almost everyone i worked with in maintaining a system of intellectual degeneracy. that sounds harsh, as though i’m putting everyone in one box. but in practical terms, that’s probably the only way to do it–being in the system eventually means becoming OF the system. still, for a while, i thought i could change the system from within. i tried for years.

    over time, i began to think that there is nothing wrong with the public education system at all–that, in all likelihood, it meets the needs of the overeducated and wealthy classes quite well. dumb, satiated, socially-disconnected people are far easier to control than educated, hungry, organized people. just ask nearly any American who has been thrown in prison or put on trial for being a ‘communist,’ ‘socialist,’ or ‘anarchist.’ oops, they’re almost all dead, aren’t they? must have been a period of steep learning for authorities in education, health, law enforcement, finance, and lawmaking. in fact, i guarantee that the past 100 years have been just such a period. and here we are staring at the end of them.

    sorry if this is way off-topic, but i needed to say it. thanks, Greg, for the opportunity to share.

  25. Buddy
    June 23, 2010

    Oh man.

    Now I have to address two participants instead of the usual one.

    Let’s start with G.

    G, I need to clarify my tone and usage when I use the term ‘smart.’ You seem to have gotten a bit confused by what I meant. I realize that this site is meant to be used as a platform for intellectual exchange via the usage of modern media. When I used to the term ‘smart’ to describe Akbar’s posts, believe me I was deliberately using all sort of sarcasm in the adjective. To give you and Logocentric a compliment, both of you do pretty much reasonably and respectfully discuss topics that seem topical at the moment. On the other hand, I find Akbar to be the exact opposite. He uses this site to be condescending and belittling; he doesn’t seem to want to discuss, just attack and criticize. That’s why I use the term ‘smart’ lightly. By all means, use big words, but please make sure that they create some point. To be honest, I find Akbar’s comments to represent nothing of the sort. To be candid, I find his retorts downright offensive. He just peppers them with flowery big words to hide the fact that his opinions are blatantly biased. Now that I’ve clarified what I meant, I hope it creates a better understanding for you.

    On that same note, please don’t ever call me or anyone ‘stupid.’ I’ve never called anyone on this site such a word. If you think I have, then by all means review all of my posted comments. I’m sure you have the technology.

    Right wing political attachments? Where did you get that from?

    In conclusion, please don’t bring up my list of education in posts. I would never do that to anyone here; such a matter is personal. By no means am I ashamed of my accomplishments, but at the same time I don’t want my achievements to be used as a simple talking point to prove….something.

    Akbar, on to you.

    You have outdone yourself. Intellectually stunted? Settle a beef with Globatron? Fear of polysyllabic speech? Need to evolve?

    Are you kidding me?

    Seriously. Save the drama for your ‘exciting’ life.

    I can honestly say that I have never made a personal attack against you during my visit to this site. In fact, do yourself a favor and reread my posts for the past several months. Granted, I’ve vehemently disagreed with your points, but I would never be as disrespectful as you have been to say such horrible things, especially to someone they don’t know. I know this is a site meant to discuss…stuff, but simple respect would be appreciated. Every point I’ve made you’ve attacked and then say rude things against me. It’s disheartening to see someone with some potential, simply go off on someone they don’t agree with. It’s very unfortunate. From my understanding, this site was made for…well, I thought civil discussion. I think I’ve spent more time EXPOSTULATING with you than to have a civil discourse. And you call yourself a moderator? PLEASE! How about an individual with inflammatory dialogue practices. Is this some sort of warped science experiment, or is this what you consider ‘art?’

    In conclusion, I would love to be a participant. Regardless, I did not plan to be put in a high-school like run-in with someone who thinks that demeaning and putting down people is fun.

    ‘Take it easy’ with me? Please. Don’t be so kind. I don’t deserve it.


  26. Akbar Lightning
    June 23, 2010

    dear buddy,

    i will leave it to greg, logocentric and globatron to defend me here…

    because i have found your obvious sarcasm to be the thing i found offensive, and i felt that calling you out for that sarcasm to be a way of inviting you to actually formulate your opinions into civil discourse…

    sarcasm does not a philosophical point make…and even though it is comfortable for you to use “all sort of sarcasm”, i have often found it abrasive and aimed at misreadings of globatron’s posts…

    but i am being defensive…if the rest of community agrees that i have misread your participation, then i will back off…

  27. Akbar Lightning
    June 23, 2010

    my dearest buddy,

    as you have shifted gears, and are now attempting to present yourself as a victim of my presumptuous arrogance, as a desperate attempt to further critique the aims of this site…i looked back at your initial comment, the one that i chose to dispute with you…it was to this first comment that i decided to respond forcefully, because of the copious amount of sarcasm and judgment…coming, must i say this again, from a complete misreading of the post…

    (quote below by buddy in response to the Church of Globatron post)


    Here you go…again.

    If you are going to present a point by posting photos such as these, please be respectful enough to place some sort of narrative to them. After analyzing whatever you were trying to say, I can only assume that you are (yet again) making attacks against (surprise!) Christianity. Of course, I would not expect someone like you to do something so low. Diversity and respect of others are themes in your past posts. Why would you segment out this demographic? Wait! I know why! You pick and choose how ‘diversity’ suits/accommodates you. By doing so, is that really diversity? You can always feel free to disagree with another group’s mantra, but please don’t be so limited. I dare you to treat Muslims and the Jewish the same as you have treated Christians lately. I suspect you won’t, though. Doing so would make you ‘prejudiced,’ right?

    Just something to think about. I’m going to set my timer to see how quickly Ackbar responds to my post. For some reasons, he always seems to have his boxers in a bunch.”

  28. globatron
    June 23, 2010

    Akbar is my sword and my strength. Buddy you are a walking paradox. You only come on this site to insight a reaction from us. And as you have stated you take issue personally with Akbar. That seems to be your only purpose on this site. Buddy you used to do this with Logocentric and now you have a thing against Akbar. And now to speak in terms you might understand in relatively plain language: What gives?

    It would seem you never learned how to have a civil discussion in school or when teaching. I know you personally and that is why I mentioned your background. It is such a puzzle to me that you have that background and yet do not know how to disagree with someone without turning it into a personal sarcastic argument.

    I thank you for your friendship but if anything I think you need to come to this site with an open heart. If you don’t you are truly wasting our time. As you have stated you only come here to make things even. I forget your wording but it would seem you think of yourself as the equalizer to our liberal religious hating gibberish. As Greg can testify we are not here to fight but to share. In the past I felt Greg also came to the site with a similar thought process. We have since worked things out through rigorous debate and discussion and have learned much from Greg and hope to learn more from him in the future.

    I would suggest taking a debate class if you have not had one. Sarcasm and nonsensical personal attacks do not make for a good argument.

  29. Greg
    June 23, 2010

    Can’t we all just get along? 🙂


  30. Logocentric
    June 23, 2010

    in Buddy’s defense, i can say from experience that the professional academic environment can be spiritually corrosive, unnecessarily sarcastic, pedantic, and isolating. and i’ve only bumped elbows with the ivy league, so i am only guessing what kind of poison they’ve got in those places. i’m not making a case that Buddy’s attitude comes directly from his training, but i wouldn’t say they are unrelated. Buddy? Jesus? Anyone? Opinions about the effects of the temples of knowledge on the ability to civilly engage other human beings?


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