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From the Yes Men to GreenPeace, to Bill Moyers, the list of progressives goes on, but there is a consistent concern with President Obama, and I could not take it anymore, as I see him waffling on this healthcare issue, fighting for a half-measure, when it is obvious to me that even his best plan is too cozy with the insurance companies that are killers, murderers and thieves. I googled ‘contact the president’ and it’s easy, so I wrote him the following letter and submitted it. Anybody can do it, and from now on i’m going to do it a lot. As much as I hoped his education would have guided him to fight more progressively I am now convinced that we the people have to continue to speak up, that there is no such thing as representation.


Dear President Obama,

I just received an email from your organization with your reply concerning the healthcare issue being your ‘waterloo’ and your response was something like ‘this has nothing to do with you personally’ and I would like to say as a supporter that it has everything to do with you and the promises you made to a people hungry for change, people who gave money they didn’t have and chose to believe in change in spite of a growing cynicism. Many of us are seeing signs that we have been duped and you can be certain that if you fail us, if you shrink away from making a stand against the financial powers that are destroying this country and the world, then you will have broken the heart of a country in a time where such heartbreak might not be able to heal. The great majority, the democratic voice of this country, is demanding wisdom and strength from you, and if you play politics, if you look at expediency instead of inspired action then this will be a defeat for you. It is obvious to anyone who looks at this issue that single-payer is the easiest and healthiest way of dealing with this arm of social service, and there can only be one reason to avoid fighting for single-payer health care and that has to do with contributions and threats that come from financial power, a set of concerns you made promises to avoid submitting to. There have been times when our country has asked its citizens to do what they can for their country, and today is a time where the citizens are asking its representatives to put themselves at risk, to take chances for positive change. We as a people have been taxed and stressed in too many ways to continue to put our faith in people who have every comfort, and have all the means to the freedom we crave and none of the determination to put that wealth and freedom to good purpose, and worse ask us to do what they are unwilling to.

President Obama, I gave you money, and I am a special interest too. The American People are the special interest you serve and we have made our voices clear, now instead of asking us to put ourselves at any more financial or physical risk, it is time for you to do the same.

I sincerely hope to find that my opinions here have been unwarranted, but now is a time where I cannot afford to let myself be silent, and if you are the leader you present yourself to be, then you will be happy to hear that I have engaged in my freedom to speak. With respect, this country is personally invested in you, and so this healthcare does have to do with you, it is your job, and we expect you to fight hard for us and win.

God bless you Mr. President



  1. globatron
    July 23, 2009

    Single-payer is what he is pushing for. In his speech last night he made it clear single-payer was the best plan and what he supported the most.

    I’m glad you are able to put your thoughts together on the issue as it’s too close to my heart to speak up on. For some reason when I begin to try and think about it I shut off. I’ve tried to write several times now and nothing comes out. It’s way too personal of an issue for me.

    If you watched his speech last night you should have noticed his passion for getting health care reform passed. I think what we need to do is support the man not throw him under the bus. Just my opinion. With everything going on right now in the world and the economy President Obama is at the Cleveland clinic today discussing their hospitals model as one to follow for health care reform. A model that puts its patients first. A model he wishes health care reform to follow.

    Obama shows no signs of wavering on health care reform in my humble opinion. His speech last night made that perfectly clear. I truly believe health care reform will happen and that what we need to be worrying about now is which plan is picked.

    But this isn’t just about Obama, Akbar. This is about the Democrats and the Republicans fighting a war over petty politics. The Republicans want to make it so everything Obama does fails. They have made that very clear. Even Presidents have limits.


  2. Akbar Lightning
    July 23, 2009

    according to Bill Moyers, and many who have been speaking on Obama’s health care, he has conceded that Single Payer was not going to be likely, and he has consistently tried to get Republican support at the expense of legislation. he has neglected to hold the past administration accountable for crimes.

    the problem is that his words are often soothing, but when hearing a lot of progressives, like on climate change, he has a lot of investment in Wall Street, and there are some truly troubling trends in his way of doing things.

    i hope you are right Globatron, but i don’t think a president deserves faith that is not earned. Bill Moyers has consistently for weeks presented very clear evidence that Obama has some troubling relationships with insurance and finance, i’m not saying that this is enough to mistrust him completely but it is enough for us to withhold a kind of blind enthusiasm, and to remind him of the expectations of the American people. remember, he ran for the office against dozens of others with the implication that he could ‘do the job’, and we are beyond excuses at this point. with over 70 percent of the American people in support of single payer, there is only one way to interpret any compromise he makes on this issue. he has the power, but in order to use that power he would have to make his colleagues uncomfortable, and that is what i am asking him to do, to put the pressure on, and there are many who think he has not been doing this yet.


  3. Globatron.org
    July 31, 2009

    Akbar Lightning’s Letter to the President: http://tinyurl.com/nevcwl.

  4. Globatron.org
    August 10, 2009

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    August 10, 2009

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