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Hey Peeps, well, it’s happening folks, that’s right!  The singularity is now on the calendar mofos…This scientist Henry Markram recently announced he will create a fully conscious electronic brain by 2018…And I know, you are used to these numbers sounding futuristic, but that’s 8 years from now…HAL – lelujah…let me break it down a bit, in 8 years, we will have become what we once thought was only possible of gods, by virtue of creating an entity with desires and feelings, with intelligence, and therefore, with the exception of those who still don’t believe in evolution, this thing will have rights, it will be in relationship with us.

it is pointless to discuss such things as far as preference is concerned…this is happening, what we would be best served in doing in forecasting existential responses to such changes…

one more point on the singularity…as its been on my mind lately…the definition of which is an event so profoundly unsettling that the human mind cannot possibly fully comprehend it.  It occurred to me that give such a premise that an event like this can have already happened, in other words, if such an event is incomprehensible, it’s possible we have passed the point of definition.  but more nuts and bolts, i propose that the social singularity has already occurred, that the rate of change, makes nature, our environment, the social, all of which make up our world view, whose stability makes sanity possible, and has surpassed our ability to adapt, and therefore we all have that nausea, that sickness that comes from knowing that our species no longer has efficacious options for responding to said changes.  Therefore, the more explicit singularity, the hope of the coming digital/genetic revolution is now a necessary adaptive step we must take if we wish to remain a vital part of the coming evolution, but in order to do that we would have to not only believe that there is something valuable about humanity, but we must do some defining of whatever it is that makes us so.  the final trial of our species is beginning, and i plan to be part of the defense.

Link to Article about Markram’s announcement.


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  1. globatron
    January 9, 2010

    I find it reassuring that it takes that much computing power to model a human brain. especially when our culture and growing technology seems to make human life seem so insignificant. it would seem our brain design is quite complicated and simple at the same time. Beautiful really. I read the article too and found this comment to be more how I see the singularity progressing. As I have a feeling we are already part of a social singularity as you mentioned this type of growth makes more sense to me than the brain model that is being built:

    Markham may well succeed; however, if you do the math it’s clear that the open Internet, considered as a whole, reached the memory (RAM not disk) capacity sometime in last year or two to model approximately 1 human brain, and that capacity is doubling about every 6 months. At that rate, by the time Markham has 1 brain in 2018, the Internet will be capable of modelling on the order of 2**20 or about a million brains. At the same time, the evolution in self-modifying software, and in software exposed to real-time sensors monitoring our world, proceeds apace. Consider for a moment the current generation of “worms” and “bot-nets” – that feed, reproduce and seek new resources. I’m betting the Internet itself will independently evolve autonomous independent behaviors long before 2018. The questions is will we recognize them when we see them?

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