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education has been a running theme for us lately, and i found this clip…i don’t really have any strong opinions on the matter any more, as i don’t think the structure is very important. i think education arises out of the moral fitness of a society, and kids that grow up loved and supported naturally see their universe as a place of interest and therefore learn as they grow. that being said, it is interesting to see the kind of liberty people are taking with what once was a very static aspect of our society…


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  1. universaltron
    August 31, 2010

    education 3.0 would be then.

    in ten years my hopes are that my girls don’t have to go to school but that they can meet in neighborhood study sessions.

    the public school system and universities need an overhaul or humanity will not be able to face the challenges it must confront.

    and maybe that’s just part of our evolution, the inability to adapt to our challenges. i would hope it isn’t.

    evolution implies progress but that is a misconception.

    natural selection (evolution) happens by the reproduction of dominant genes. at our current rate intelligence will be deleted out of our gene pool.

    the uneducated are reproducing at alarming rates. the educated are choosing to do the responsible thing and have only 1 or 2 children. this puts intelligence in danger of not being selected for the evolution of our species.

    and so be it. i sadly welcome it.


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