UNIT 2067
APO AP 96278-2067

29 MARCH 2004



1. I write this expression of intent to those decision makers who feel that they hold my temporal future in their hands. My intent is to serve humanity in the best way that I can given the gifts with which I have been endowed by our creator. My intent transcends community, city, state, organization, and nation. I have no loyalties beyond service to all mankind. I was born with talents and abilities that were intended to serve the collective whole. I want nothing more than to help in any way that I can.

2. I would feel equally at peace: mopping floors in a movie theater, checking books in a library, conversing with prisoners of war or of law about freedom as a state of mind, baking bread with monks, delivering news of peace-love-happiness and all-one faith as leaflets, mowing the White House lawn, teaching/learning high school physics, planning the commissary stocking scheme, collecting cans for recycle, flying supplies to refugees, drafting letters to congress, digging ditches in the desert, writing reports on aviation/ground safety, coaching kid’s soccer, leading/following nature hikes in the Rocky Mountain National Forest, sitting meditatively on death row, rewriting the constitution to read: “LOVE IS THE ONLY LAW TO OBEY,” sailing to Hawaii, running for breast cancer awareness, teaching/learning cross-country soaring, searching for the secrets of the cosmos in an Egyptian tomb, sorting mail in a dead-letter office, herding sheep in Mexico, traversing the Continental Divide on foot, or planning PEACEFUL INITIATIVES AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO VIOLENCE IN WAR if I knew in my heart that it would ultimately unite the world in language and awareness that we are ALL-ONE-OR-NONE!

3. I have made a commitment to integrity, service, and excellence. If neither the Air Force nor this nation is able to find a place where my beliefs are compatible with a mutually desired vector, then send me packing. I should like very much to take up residence in North Korea until the human rights issues are resolved. I’m ready to be deported immediately.

4. I was once torn in two directions by conflicting expectations. Expectations other than those in my heart are precisely what landed me in 3 separate mental institutions over as many weeks. Expectations of myself conflicted with the expectations of those employed to “command” me. I serve only one master. I serve the greatest good of humanity. I will take no harmful action so long as I have the capacity with which it is recognized.

5. I want to serve with honesty and integrity. I want to make the world a better place. I want to ease suffering. I want to comfort fears. Let me go if I can’t help here. I have overstayed my welcome. Fish and houseguests begin to smell after a couple of days. J

“If I got to make just one law, it would be that the men who make the decisions to drop bombs would first, every time, have to spend one whole day taking care of a baby. We were not made to do this killing thing, I swear. Back up. It’s a big mistake.”
-Barbara Kingsolver-

6. You might now be wondering, “If he just doesn’t want to harm others by employing A-10’s, then perhaps he can have an indirect contribution to the mission.” If that is your thought, then I will be much more specific just how deeply rooted my aversion to committing the regrettable act of murder goes. I won’t drop bombs with intent to kill; I won’t carry bombs that could be used to kill; I won’t pay for the bullets that might be used to kill; I won’t file folders for those that kill to supposedly “defend” me and my interests (don’t do it for me, I never asked); I won’t feed those that kill in my name; I won’t make killing in anger easier; I won’t make killing for revenge cheaper; I won’t help to rationalize killing; I won’t recruit for killing; I WON’T SUPPORT A NATION THAT KILLS PEOPLE FOR THINKING DIFFERENTLY THAN THE “MAJORITY.” I WON’T SUPPORT A NATION THAT KILLS PEOPLE IN FAR AWAY PLACES IN ORDER TO SAVE ITS VORACIOUS APPETITE FOR REVENGE AND RETRIBUTION. I won’t take pride in a nation built on the arrogance and greed that claims killing people is okay. Nor will I support the deluded ideas of “manifest destiny” when it means displacement and destruction of natural law.

7. I WILL work for peaceful solutions using truth; I will work to free the minds of those who are controlled by instruments of war and destruction; I will support peaceful initiatives; I will coach a loving team; I will feed peaceful people; I will lick envelopes for constructive pursuits. Life is about choices. I choose PEACE-LOVE-HAPPINESS in a united world. Help me to serve!

“There are brave souls who dare to dream that men are brothers and not foes. That hands may clasp across the seas to common good, to common woes. That beneath God’s Law, the Essene Moral ABC, that 6 billion strong unites All-One-God-Faith men will embrace in brother-love to never kill in bitter hate. Who Dare to hear the mighty truth, reverberating through the long years, that faith-love-courage conquer fear & team work heal a nation’s tears. Though flood & fire sweep the old earth’s sod, & raging wars and evils wreck its calm, still through the awful tumult there is God our glorious world within His upraised palm. Among the journeying stars, the moon, the sun that have not failed because of that great might, with other pilgrim planets, we are one held in His hand, kept in His steadfast sight. Amidst the cannons roar you can hear God’s voice: ‘Replace half truth, our real enemy, that age old hate’ with full truth, hard work, God’s Law uniting mankind in All-One-God-Faith! For centuries man struggles half asleep, half living, small & jealous, bickering with mountains of red tape to awaken, the night God chose giving His great reward for hard work: Poetry, uniting Love, evolving man above the ape! Machine age man is full of sense & nonsense, fear, greed & jealousy destroy his every land; Today, the whole wide world craves love-faith-courage, united by the Moral God we stand!”
-Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps-