War 101

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in OccupyTogether, Peace, WAR

I dream about you in noonday
As the tide sinks in the bay
And the voyagers come calling from distant lands
With stories of salvation
In the hope of all united under one name
Under one god
Under one flag
We can be at peace
…if we can control the world
and anyone that gets in our way
is bound to get tortured
even if we have to change the constitution
and we will
we are beautiful
we are Dick Cheney
we are G-Dubba
we are Obama
we are a legacy
of war criminals
and we will keep on nation building
even if it means
we have to change the story
from time to time
you know history is in our favor
as we hold the pens
and make the ink
to write it
I think I like my mother
I think I relate with Barney
The blue blood keeps me entwined
It’s not a question of who my father is
He is nothing
Just a blanket
Covering the cold soldiers
That forgot to go in and finish the job
The ones coming home now
Tempered beyond individuality
Kiss me Henry Kissinger
On the jaw with a rock solid punch
With my own boxer glove
Tied on and ready to strike
Like Mike in Japan again
That hit from left side of mental
And here we go again’
A wanna be warrior
Who has no strategy
We came for the oil
We came for the gold
We left in disgrace
We are Americans
Remember now
How we left you
Yet you’re kinda alright today
With Corporate Hilton Hotels replacing
The Hanoi Hilton

by Glen Still [Dallas Days]


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