A note to the world from Globatron
You are needed. Your voice counts.

I have lived half of my life on the internet. Made a livelihood from it. Made art from it. Made a community from it. I have lived the internet and I need to let you know what I think as someone who helped make the internet. This is what I know to be a truth. Globatron is unique.

It has evolved from a simple blog on Blogger (when blogs were meaningful and Facebook did not exist) to a behemoth of a content producer and cultural archive at

In these dark times, I am blowing the Globatron fog horn to all Facebook friends who have poetry, art or any content they want to get to a larger community of eyeballs and brains, to submit work and share input on Globatron. So we can all have a meaningful dialogue. So we can connect deeper. So we can raise our consciousness together and evolve our collective DNA.

Humanity is in for a long ride. We are in truly dark times of ongoing war, governmental and economic corruption. Atrocities are amplified on screens daily. Our freedoms are being questioned and attacked by global terrorism. Climate change is becoming a true reality. Artificial Intelligence is about to wake up. Humanity is at a tipping point. A time when our very future is in doubt.

Globatron believes in our ability to adapt. Our ability to overcome the challenges ahead but we must be more connected. More aware. More empathetic. We need to share deeper. Learn together. We can’t do it alone.

Help Globatron become what it was intended to be.

Global Electrons : Creating Consciousness.

Please Submit Content.

Globatron attempts to summon our innermost truth in order to be a legacy for those who can’t find the right words to say. For those who find it hard to be honest with themselves. We share for them.

Globatron is always looking for new art, writing and design to be featured. Before submitting your work, please take the time to review the work on Globatron. If your artwork fits within the themes you see on Globatron, please make contact. If Globatron finds your work engaging you will be contacted to be a featured writer, artist or designer for the Projects or to be interviewed.

Globatron also helps designers and changemakers navigate the digital world. If you are interested in working with Globatron, please make contact.

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