The angles . . .

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=refractions . . .iterations . . .fractalated tendrils of our original singularity. We truly are the people of the last days – when all these things shall come to pass.

We are spinning up,
whirling like dervishes
propelled by resonance in a tapestry of chaos
and breathtaking beauty:
spiraling, compressing, replicating rapidly,
then more rapidly-
riding the double helix-
smoothing the angles, one by one at first

Together weaving an invisible web of crystalline light,
An entity without physical form –
A data layer connecting all of us in infinite configurations…
Blurring the divisions previously guaranteed by the sheer logistics
of physical time and distance

As the time wave compresses our human experience,
Scientists can look billions of years into our past-
One might say
They can nearly see all the way around and back to the beginning.

And every day we plunge headlong
Through our quest for the singularity-
for the initial resonance unleashing event,
the elusive dark matter- an idea
torn from the last century by an egotistical yet ignorant man,
who’s soul possessed a directive in its earthly incarnation,
the deception which shaped the knowledge
held as law by many generations.

The detection and recordation of the cosmic glue that binds our reality,
the gargantuan super colliding contraptions,
grow in size and complexity as science the world over
pursues it’s futile effort to wrestle dimensional truths
into these earthly planes;
to reduce our quantum existence
into neat, easily digested fucking equations,
complete with tangible proof
and well written hypothesis’…

They, the evolutionists & Darwinists,
the crumbling institutions of organized religion and higher education,
and the confines of the now defunct soul construct,
are holding on to us for dear life,
as we resist with all our might-never truly knowing-
that which we resist-inherently persists.

Anywhere on the planet, people are able to communicate,
via bandwidth and satellite networks,
as though they were next door neighbors,
tipping the scales finally in favor of real communication and growth,
in contrast to the disinformation and fear mongering propaganda
which have bound us for thousands of years and nearly extinguished
our authentic creative spark.

Dimensional connections are being made-
free from the hindrance of geographical location.
We are in transition-
Physical time and distance between do not exist in the dimensions.

Everything we know and collectively believe to be true as a species
[birth,death, beginning, end, time, distance,history] Are purely functions of our consciousness reality,
A paradox presented to us by an elder race,
to solve despite constant manipulation from the other side.
Or, if you prefer, it may have been the
flipping of genetic switches by extraterrestrial explorers,
Enabling the transformation of the primitive man
they first encountered upon reaching this gold laden planet,
into a race capable of mining and hoarding the precious metals
for which they would later return.

At this point in the cycles of our growth,
it matters ever less what explanations catalyze our departure
from the tangled web of lies that thus far have defined our perception
of ourselves, our purpose, and of our celestial origins.

Through the perfection of technology,
and with the unseen assistance of light beings,
encountered by us only in explorations of their exo-planetary realms,
the dots, ever so veiled before, are starting to connect.

We are being initialized
into a higher level of interaction,
partially free of the construct and our prison so bound.
Unbeknownst to all the sheeple- the engagement has begun,
with every angle softened, in each private battle of the one.

Transcending nationality, race, and religion,
devoid of any aesthetic judgement,
Our electronic interactions emerge as truly genuine,
gently crumbling paradigms and dissolving distance,
creating a cocoon in the ethereal realm.

All which dimensionally hinders our progress,
exists in the angles.
And all the inhabitants of our planet, whom,
spawned from the dark recesses of the angles,
live amongst us and manipulate our refractions-
can not affect us if our movements are smooth,
circular, or spiral, in nature. .

Our cocoon enables our dimensional benefactors
safe passage through the veil of our awareness,
it gives us sustenance and protection,
a cohering force as what seem to be many,
are revealed to be one,
And as the distinction between the individual and the source
ceases to exist,
The necessity for our digital cocoon
becomes but a fleeting remembrance,
of a time ancient;

When the repercussions of the original thought
that our frequency created,
were completing the cyclic reverberations
of double helix creation,

When Indigo warriors walked the earth,
In numbers not yet apparent.



  1. globatron
    January 26, 2010

    Jeez….. Talking about speechless. I feel you now. I didn’t know what you meant by speechless earlier but I had chills when I read this just now. It was as if you were tapped into my mind and described the same vision.

    This is such a splendid sharing of collective knowledge. I look forward to more and if there is just one, it was amazing.

    I’m interested in your process for writing this. You went from being speechless to making me speechless. How did these words manifest themselves through you?

    Also I am interested in your idea of infinity or the afterlife if you have one. There is such a mystical quality to your words it would seem you have thought all the options through pretty deeply.

    Do you feel that humanity is here for a reason and if so what is it? I also enjoyed your mention of the ancient astronaut theory if that is what the flipping of switches was to mean.

    I also enjoy how it is really open to interpretation. It made me think of religion, technology, evolution, aliens, UFOs, physics, infinity and the beauty of it all.

    Very profound work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Akbar Lightning
    January 26, 2010

    this is a wonderful day in the life of globatron, as we connect virtually with another one of our tribe…really, this is a first, and so i celebrate!

    the complexity and depth of this post arouses my enthusiasm for all that is to come.


    welcome to the revolution with no solution

    akbar lightning

  3. crystl37
    January 26, 2010

    Well, globatron, I’m glad to know that my work has the same effect on you as yours had on me! That was it exactly! Thanks so much for all your input and I want to say one more time that it is absolutely incredible to make your acquaintance.

    I actually wrote this with a pen and paper a couple weeks ago, and kind of forgot about it until I was telling you how I had so much trouble communicating my thoughts. Similar to your experiences, it just flowed from me, late at night, way past the time I should have been sleeping but I could not stop until I got it all out.

    It will be so thrilling to explain to you my answers to the questions of our existence, infinity and the afterlife. The process of getting to where I am today, has been going on my entire life- I have recently come to the realization, that, as I wrap my head around some of the concepts that I have studied and ‘known’, (but not like I know them now)-is that as a small child I actually also possessed the same thoughts- it is quite an amazing phenomenon that lends evidence to the idea of “the thoughts” not “our thoughts”. (to reference Terrence Mckenna).

    Whereas you guys have been working through this together, and you are artists-accustomed to laying it all out there for the world to see-my journey has been primarily my own. My son and I are both mentor and teacher to each other respectively, and together we have sorted out the mysteries of the universes beyond this space and time. We have often talked, lately, about the fact that we are so certain and comfortable with our understanding of mysteries that have plagued mankind throughout the ages, and that there must be others who know the same things, or at the very least people who would be receptive to hearing about it. We concluded in our last discussions on the subject, to stay our course, live our lives day to day and wait for further instructions (so to speak).

    Alas, it did not take long to connect with a receptive audience, like minded souls who will not think we are crazy-which is the common reaction, and the reason we don’t waste too much breath talking to most people.

    I was awestruck when returning to my notebook yesterday to revisit what I had penned that late night, to see how beautifully it captured the context of our ‘meeting’ and seemed appropriate as if I had written it in response to this momentous occasion, not preceding it.

  4. Mz.Nano
    January 26, 2010

    This was indeed one of my most favorite lines:

    “Physical time and distance between do not exist in the dimensions”

    My love for science has kept me awoke reading about the time/space diffusion of separation and illusion which lies therein. It reminds you of when we thinking of something, or our actually “thought” process in our physical brains and how current science can only understand how that flash of light crosses our brain’s receptors and transmitters via our chemical synapses, which, cannot exist in two places at once, so literally it disappears then reappears. After all science has found, our brain is still one of the greatest mysteries that ever existed. Yes, it’s true I have spongy grey matter in my brain, however, why does that allow me to think thoughts and see pictures? How is it that I can “hear” a song in my mind when there’s no song playing? In my humble opinion these breakdowns also create the parallels that are questioned when discussing the point of dimensions and our concepts of time in itself.

    Well written, thanks for sharing.

  5. crystl37
    January 26, 2010

    Thanks for your comments Mz.Nano. This is my first post on globatron and I appreciate the positive feedback and discussion.

    As I was reading over your comments, it occurred to me that for us to understand the workings of the human brain, fully, will be to accept the knowledge that this reality is purely a function of our 3 dimensional consciousness. Science could not explain how it is that we interact with and perceive our world without disturbing the very bedrock of the collective sanity. When that knowledge assimilates into our cultural psyche, it will be synonymous with the singularity, time wave zero, the ascension, or whatever version of the prophecy you prefer.

    Actually, the more I think about it, I can’t clearly make the distinction between the flashes you describe, and the illusive quantum truth held in the most infinitesimal details of an invisible force – that concept aptly named dark matter.

    The next couple years should be very interesting in the scientific community-what strikes me is how the seemingly dis-similar fields of psychics and physicists, to use a generalization, are becoming ever more resonant with each other; I guess what I am trying to say is that when we understand the nature of any of the constructs which confine and intrinsically elude us, we will also understand all of them and at the same time be released, though not necessarily removed, from them.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    crystl37 (author)

  6. globatron
    January 26, 2010

    I am also finding it amazing to see physics come closer and closer marrying spirituality into the sciences. It amazes me to see famous theoretical physicists talk of universal consciousness and how we are the eyes of the universe. Which also ties back into how we perceive reality and how the brain relates to the universe.

    I just read an article about J. Craig Venter who mapped the human genome. This man is working on some amazing life changing synthetic life projects that could cure nearly all of mankind’s problems if they are realized soon. Something I thought was interesting in the article is how he mentioned that we had to understand the genome and tear it down to its billions of parts before we could begin to build new life from it. To me that was profound. It seems that humanity has to understand the most minute in order to understand the infinite. And now we are making the connections between inner space and outer space and realizing that it’s all the same space.

    It’s really an interesting time to be alive. I think we are truly blessed to be able to see mankind make all these connections, and so quickly too. Drastic change is on the horizon. That much we can all count on.


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