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Whom will this transition favor?

It may favor those with houses–with mortgages and kids–who are willing to pay whatever they can for a word of security.

It may favor the imaginative, who may talk their way into shelter and protection.

It may favor the itinerant–the rough and lonely individual–who can adapt to extremes.

It may favor the athletic–those who can run fast, climb things, and hide.

It may favor the heavily-armed captains of arsenals, bearers of military patches and flags.

It may favor the completely docile and indifferent–for their ability to follow the direction that lines up in front of them.

It may favor those who know how to make and keep friends.

It may favor the cynical, the skeptical, the critical–for their tendency to abstain from possible harm and to judge circumstances before they arrive.

It may favor those who succeeded in the previous world–because the record indicates the overcoming of obstacles and victory over tough odds.

It may favor the failures, who survive despite their failures.

It may favor those who defend the old-time religion of economics, with fists and knives.

It may favor those who reject the old religion as false.



  1. globatron
    June 27, 2010

    It may favor those already in transition. If that is the case then I might benefit as I sleep on an air mattress in my grandmothers living room currently. I love it actually.

    I watched Book of Eli recently and it had an interesting story. The Road however should be required viewing by everyone on this planet. Many are already living on the road.

    So I would say it will favor the homeless as well.

    But who knows really.

    Definitely worth a thought. Good writing as always. It just boils my questions about our possible future down to it’s most basic question. Who will survive?

  2. crystl37
    June 27, 2010

    Which boils down further to an even more basic question, about survival. I think survive belongs in the same category as birth and death, beginning and end, a concept which has no literal meaning beyond this plane, we don’t ever die, death is a distortion of this density to add meaning and significance to the events of our lives.

    The survival instinct binds us to the matrix, and if you really examine it, you can see both the absurdity and the wisdom of it. The hints are all there, in the movies, various outcomes of probability in the possibility vortexes-Mad Max, Escape from New York, the Book of Eli, too many to list. Now theres a future to look forward to, the strength and complexity of our programming so complete that the elite fortify underground fortresses, and the sheeple spend their paychecks on chemical resistant suits and freeze dried rations, the reptilian forces succeed in diverting their attention from DNA activation and spiraling white light by keeping them imprisoned in psychic cells constructed of fear.

    Great piece, logocentric, I think it is important for each of us to come to honest terms with our definitions of what is going on around us. The grand cross alignment of the full moon last night, the lunar eclipse of the night before, the summer solstice last week and the solar eclipse of July 11 frame a period where we are receiving a massive download, if you will, of cosmic energy, it is a time to reflect, re-evaluate, release, and renew. The planetary alignments facilitate the synthesis of love, harmony abd compassion, in graceful unison with the focus, strength and determination to take action, to proceed with warrior like intensity. It is impossible for us to know precisely how this will play out, but each of our experiences will be unique.

    I don’t think there is any trait, or set of traits, etc. that give anyone an advantage over anyone else. The difference lies in each persons ability to transcend the immediate, seek answers and open their minds and hearts, it is a deconstruction of everything you were ever taught as a child, and believe as an adult. We are on our own, society isnt going to save us, or provide for us, the paradigm has shifted, but the process of decay is slow and painful, for the old paradigm. Think brothers and sisters, think until your head swims, until you are dizzy upon standing up, deconstruct the constructs in your mind.

    Thank you logocentric for the wonderful catalyst.


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