Do we not look foolish and why don’t we care?

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Stealing words and video blurbs and making them into whatever one wishes.  Newspeak is at a high pitch and can be quite vicious. There’s an agenda operating here hidden under the gilded veil of patriotism, honor and duty. We are made to think without a blink that anyone who is for the government is a socialist and anyone who is against it is a racist. You must choose your side. Winner takes ALL.

Will the race war that massive militias have been preparing for appear before us?
Will the Christian Identity movement finally posses their true Jerusalem settlement?

Or will the liberal elite convince the fringe conservative movement to love and accept
all, no matter what their religion, sexual preference and or racial background states?

What will the rest of the world do if this race war does indeed takes place? Take haste?

U.S. Nuclear Warheads

Although the United States has produced something like 70,000 nuclear weapons of 71 major types since their invention, there are now roughly 9600 nuclear weapons of 10 major types (as determined by the official designation system) in the U.S. arsenal. The official name of this arsenal is the “Enduring Stockpile” and it is divided into three categories of warhead readiness.

The three levels of stockpile readiness are:

Active Service: Fully operational and mated with delivery systems

“Hedge” Stockpile: Fully operational (or can be made so on short notice) but kept in storage away from     delivery systems, delivery systems are available for them however (this category currently has no weapons assigned to it)

Inactive Reserve: Weapon is kept basically intact, but is not maintained in operational condition (this principally means that tritium will not be stockpiled to charge the weapons tritium reservoirs), these weapons may not have ready-made delivery systems available

Who Really Cares?

There is a large movement that questions our governments involvement in 911 and many even question the moon landing as a hoax. Conspiracy theories abound on both sides of the political spectrum and both have huge movements of anti-government paranoia.

If we are not fearful of terrorists bombing our soldiers in far off lands we are fearful of terrorists foreign and domestic doing the same here in our own cities. If we are not fearful of terrorists we are fearful of our government taking away our liberties.

Will the history of liberty that  created America be our very undoing? Are we now nothing but one huge paranoid fearful population? Why was an entire week devoted on the The History Channel to stories and detailed portrayals of Armageddon?

How many feel we are indeed in the End Times? And if so what are we going to do about it?  Are we going to sit idly by and wish it to come sooner?  Or is humanity to come together and solve the issues at hand to secure a peaceful and just world for our children?

Citizens of the United States of America:

Do we not look foolish and why don’t we care?



  1. Akbar Lightning
    October 1, 2009

    i just wanted to say i loved this post!
    akkie attackie

  2. globatron
    October 1, 2009

    Thanks Akbar. Ditto on the post above this one. Glad to have you back from the road. You have to do a road trip post so we can live vicariously live through your travels.


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