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These are three of my favorite pages from THE ART OF WAR, the graphic novel I created with Michael DeWeese from 2006 – 2012 that was recently published by HarperCollins in the United States and by Best Seller in Brazil.

  1. The first image depicts the aftermath of an industrial black hole which implodes part of Mumbai – the story takes place about 20 years in the future when miniature black holes are used for mining and waste removal and other industrial purposes.
  2. The second image depicts the hand of a man who has been genetically engineered to grow antenna on his flesh so he can communicate with the ant kingdom – another technological advance of the coming decades, used to derive new mathematical algorithms and to control insects for agricultural purposes.
  3. The third image depicts a prostitute character applying lipstick in a scene involving the story’s protagonist. We went for a “erotic propaganda” type approach here.

You can lean more about the book at

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