Artwork by Emil Alzamora.

Drastic quick changes happen all the time.
Mutating our operating systems when we’re online.
They happen in our DNA and environment like science fiction.
They happen in the paths we take with such conviction.

Nature shocked the environment before we were here.
It killed most of the oxygen for its greed, so beware.
We are still unaware of our mistakes we’ve made in the past.
Random mutations can impact us all and be large and vast.

Now mankind has the ability to engage these systems.
We can improve our genome and introduce new solutions.
As an animal that has barely begun to reach our potential,
Improving and limiting our genes seems essential.

Universal consciousness is only years from our grasps.
As we aim The Large Hadron Collider at our new tasks.
Scientists use mathematical models to embrace the present.
Looking inward and outward for the formula for our essence.

Artists look hundreds of years  ahead and imagine
Dead barren lands or lush tropical forests with their mind engines.
Sculptors shape concrete and metal into alien human forms.
Envisioning three dimensional shapes that conform and alarm.

We might form long necks like large intestines.
Or bodies hung on hooks that are shaped uniquely in succession.
Or a pigs belly with many teats to help feed our growing humanity.
So many options can come from the shifting of our sanity.

A human form stands stark and nude looking up for guidance.
Majestic in his presence he kneels in obedience.
Human torsos with faces covered with human flowers.
Maybe they have decided to marry nature’s infinite power?

Maybe they are using flowers to hide and cower.
Maybe these torsos have realized nature’s harmony.
That mankind is only part of the picture we choose to see.
That nature would be just fine without us and our disease.

Nature would be fine without the chemicals we produce and digest.
Nature would be fine without the bombs and wars we protest.
Nature needs not protecting from the fear of collapse.
If we are of nature we must change and learn to adapt.

We must change our minds and bodies that much is clear.
Mutate or die is the new mantra that humanity must endear.
The time to act is now and this is definitely not a game.
For if we don’t change quickly it will surely be ashame.

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