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Dear Globatron Citizens,

I want to continue my investigation of ignorance, stupidity and false confidence.  After listening to Bill Moyers’  latest show that utilized old recordings of President Johnson and his discussions of Vietnam and War to illustrate the parallels to today’s problems in the Middle East I was struck by the sound of Johnson, by the simplistic notions that he used to formulate his decisions.  To be frank, the man sounded like a redneck, talking about war and the deaths of thousands of human beings the way one might talk about the training of a dog.  People are stupid, a lot of people are really stupid, that is my working theory right now, and this stupidity can take over, it can become a majority way of life, and it can have leaders.  In fact, because war is written into our legal system, as a tradition, only people able to eliminate a moral repugnance to war may actually lead us as a nation.

Such people, those who see war as a game and enjoy playing it as such, are usually people who have led lives distanced from physical danger, they have no way of relating to war except by theories and histories as given to them through books, or the traditions of their families.  Such people have never had to forgive violence that had been perpetrated against their bodies, they don’t know the humiliation and pain of injustice first-hand, therefore any thoughts they might have about conflict are theoretical and lack human wisdom.  For this reason, they often fail.  When I hear Johnson and his advisers say again and again ‘I don’t know what to do!’, ‘Oh, it’s such a mess.’ I say “Then resign!”  Why would such a person run for office if they felt they had no answer?  Because they are politicians addicted to power.

There are answers to such things, but they take place outside of the realm of strength, prestige and how we are perceived.  Only people without power, without prestige, without class can understand how to derive meaning and peace without such things.  The rich rule for the benefit of the rich, regardless of how much they try not to, because they do not understand the integrity that is built in the cauldron of poverty, and therefore they will never win against a group of people who have nothing to lose.  It is disgusting to hear Johnson talk about building hospitals to inspire the Vietnamese to fight, double speak!  Poor people are already fighting everyday.

Our current president is also riding this line, as he has presented himself a commander in chief, we know for certain that he is somebody willing to use war as a means to an end.  Although we poor people can hope he is more efficient in delivering social services to us, we cannot acquiesce to the war-mongering of our empire.  For a man or woman who tries to manage war has revealed a weakness of intellect.  Those of us in the 1 percent who have read our history and comprehended the main lesson of war – In War Everyone Loses! – we are the only ones who have the answer, to stop war today and apply generosity to the problems.

Father Mapple Moab Adzu III


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  1. globatron
    November 24, 2009

    The timing and similarities are striking. I would hope Obama listens to this episode before he makes his final decision. History doesn’t have to repeat itself and the options don’t have to be so point blank as either your in or your out. Although I would support pulling all the way out. I think much of the world would also.

    I think we need to quit thinking about politics when it comes to the loss of human life. Easier said than done of course. I was amazed how many times LBJ was thinking about what the political fallout of his choices would be versus what the right thing to do would be and how many times he admitted that it was a lost cause. Truly saddening to hear that after all those lives were lost for the myth of the red scare when our largest trading partner is now Communist China.


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