Posted by on Jan 23, 2012 in OccupyTogether, Philosophy, politics

The camel slips through the needle’s eye
With the ease of elastic crying in the ointment
The fly is caught, barely breathing

The strongest set gets stronger
As weaker ones cringe off behind the street corner
Barely recognized, hardly incapable of
Inhaling the sting of contradictions
The ying and yang weighed down with
Footsteps one in front of the other
Tight roping ~
The Bourbon spills, while walking that very thin line

Make it happen by morning
Make this experiment stop, causing failed attempts
At how to concoct remedies that don’t work

The large get overstuffed with talons sharp and precise
Good and fine for ripping and tearing
Bone, flesh and marrow
What was once therein, a most magnificent promise
Now just bare and barely breathing
Dead and gone like the pathetic souls
That no one could find any empathy for
Road kill, barely visible

This is dreamland
Continue to dream

© Glen Still 2012


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