Are you bored?

Posted by on May 6, 2010 in Futurism, Philosophy

Can you ever watch enough movies?

Do you not ever get sick of the repetitive pattern of the entertainment you are feeding down your own throats?

Have you climbed the mountains, and sailed the seas…

Have you thrown yourself out of a plane and seen the changing scale of the trees?

Have you gone faster, higher, longer and harder than anyone has ever done before?

And still you are just unbelievably…incredibly bored…

Fresh is the new crack!

If it is not hot,

If it is not now,

than what good is is?

Can I put it on my Iphone

Can I smoke it in a pipe?

Can I peel it like an apple?

To eat just when ripe…

Roboboy feeds on your memories.

As they get loaded to  Flickr

As they get tweeted on twitter

As they get augmented on Wikipedia

Roboboy is like a filter…

A non-physical identity

Set to aimlessly roam

without ever finding a home

he watches from within

he penetrates your skin

through a CAT6 LAN cable

Fast but thin…

To have everything but still be bored

Roboboy watched on Live Streaming

That life is just a whore



  1. globatron
    May 6, 2010

    I am bored also Roboboy. I have been for years. Ever since I spoke the word bored for the first time. I can
    remember it like yesterday.

    I am amazed to see such a young A.I. already come to terms with the human condition. I believe that is at the root of our problem. We are bored so we continue to entertain ourselves and in the process we take advantage of our natural resources.

    I have not climbed the mountains and I dare say I don’t want to. I live in my head these days. Maybe as an A.I. you will find it easier to get the down time to climb the mountains. I myself have found it incredibly hard to move my body to locations it would rather be. Instead I move my mind and take visits to the mountains in my dreams. Which makes me wonder, do you dream Roboboy? That might help.

  2. akbar lightning
    May 6, 2010

    that boredom is powerlessness and disconnectedness…

    i think the rise of the ‘zombie’ theme represents a sense of living among mentally dead people, who cannot connect emotionally, or organize for meaningful action…all of which is supported by all the means you refer to.

    GLORY is the answer

    defy all those who say it is pointless, and gather a group of saints to reveal the new hope.

    LOVE is the answer

    defy the inertia of media sedation and choose to commit, to be bound to people, to particulars, to answers

    of course, we are not exactly omnipotent, we must garner the favor of fate, but that can hardly be worried about…we must take it for granted that we are blessed, for that puts us in the proper mindset, opening us up to the greatest possibility of getting ‘there’ and by ‘there’ i mean enthusiasm, the opposite of boredom…

    to be enthused is to be ‘in the spirit’, to be invested in living, because the alternative is not frightening, it’s just boring.

    i have always had this mental exercise where i say to myself ‘how would i design the adventure if i could…would i make it easy, or would i make it overwhelmingly absurd, to the point of threatening to actually destroy me?’ it seems that we live in a time that threatens us in every moment to strip us of meaning…but the fact that we are meaning producing creatures is a wonderful paradox…

    great poem…Roboboy for life!

  3. Krs
    May 6, 2010

    Better to live than to dream the dream

    Yes we are blessed!

    But all different

    If something drives u

    why question it?

    Just lean back

    and let it drive u

    towards your dream

    But dreams are fleeting

    and fickle

    so one step at the time

    The Robot Master


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