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  1. globatron
    May 29, 2010

    Sign me up Logocentric. I felt we were already working on these projects but now that you make it clear (in all caps nonetheless) that you are need of collaborators I hold up my hand and will say the oath.

    I watched the first couple of videos. I too believe the word death is a dirty lie. What say you?

  2. logocentric
    May 29, 2010

    well, again, i was a bit vague in my post. i think the intent of this post sort of echoes the ‘artist wanted’ post you did not long ago; and you’re right: it does affirm what we have already set out to do here. but it is also specifically geared to this topic of life and death, the material and the non-materiality of experience.

    thanks for signing up. what i mean to do with such collaboration is collect these various mysteries, these perennial questions about perception, belief, and power and science and so forth, under ‘the topic,’ to which Mr. Lightning and his alter-ego contributed a significant paper earlier this year, and in which i sense we are all interested. i suppose what i am saying is that i want to begin fleshing out the topic, moving through the opening Mr. Vallario skillfully and tactfully created with his essay. to do this, i think it is probably best to start with the most salient features of my experience with the topic–which include lucid dreams, aspects of premonition and other supernatural events–but not limit the discussion to mere speculation. indeed, i intend for the collaborators in this area of globatron studies to engage in active–and, as much as possible, systematic–research into these experiences.

    there is a need and, in my opinion, an opportunity to broaden our perspectives on these topics, to bring them out of the often narrow fields in which they have been studied, and to make the discussion of life and death more inclusive and perhaps less dogmatic than it has been in the past. i’m just thinking out loud here, so let me know if i am being unclear. to give an example of what i mean, i have never been revived on a crash cart in an emergency room, but i have been close to death on many occasions–and i’m sure that most of us have. i have also had out-of-body experiences which could easily be dismissed as dreams, but in which i find much to compare with the NDEs described in the above videos and in numerous articles from the medical, theological, and psychological communities. i have felt the presence of other entities in rooms where i’d assumed i was alone. and, as discussed in another post, i have had experiences which seemed almost consciously, tenaciously organized for the purpose of revealing events to me well before they happened. i make no claims to being special, chosen, or skilled in any sort of supernatural craft; yet i cannot deny the reality of these experiences. my guess is that most of us probably have similar experiences, but that we dismiss them as insignificant or coincidental. what i am calling for is a willingness to take the experience of such events seriously and to study, as much as possible, the overlap of experience among a variety of individuals.

  3. globatron
    May 29, 2010

    I agree. I’m very tired of hearing such topics such as UFOs, NDEs, etc. are considered taboo for serious research and investigation. I don’t know who defines such things as taboo. You would seem these topics would be on the top of any list of scientific pursuits and discoveries. I’m sure there is a story to how these taboos are formed as well.

    I had no idea how powerful and unique your experiences have been. I’m excited to hear you will be taking these topics on seriously on the Glob. I am sincerely interested in your experiences and would like you to know that you have a secure place here where you can share those experience if you so wish. I would gladly help you and collaborate to any degree you see fit. Thank you for sharing.

    I’m not sure what I can add to this from personal experience other than some pretty tame stories that didn’t amount to much. The 23 thing is pretty spooky though I must admit.

  4. crystl37
    May 30, 2010

    Sign me up as well. I am in no way the stereotypical mystical character, yoga and meditation are not in my skill set. Just from your comment, Logocentric, our experiences have overlapped.

    None of us are here on globatron by accident. I am a relatively new commenter and rookie contributor, but my experience here and with globatron the person have been significant on many levels. The resonance I feel here is palpable, and I completely agree with Logocentric’s opinion-it seems pretty clear to me, correct me if I’m wrong-that there is an opportunity here to address a need for discussion of life/death/afterlife/existence in an atmosphere free from dogmatic fear based paradigm and taboo.

    At a certain point I think we must collaborate to grow, it is part of the cycle back to singularity. It is time. I AM READY

  5. logocentric
    May 30, 2010

    WOW. thank you for your comment, crystl, and for the affirmation. the whole thing signals a sincerity, a reality that i didn’t expect to experience. context: before reading your comment, i was having a very vivid dream in which companions surrounded me and supported me, guided me toward a fuller view of my life. i am still trying to piece together my impression of it, but there was a wonderful feeling of unity and collaboration. and i got the sense that i often get in such situations: that the people i interacted with, though i didn’t recognize them by their faces, were very real, and that we sort of happened upon one another in a common place (i am not convinced that all dreams occur physically in the brain, but that’ s for another post) because we each knew something important about the other. then i woke up and saw your comment.

    synchronicities are becoming more and more a part of my experience and worldview. i still don’t know whether this is just something that happens when one grows up or is unique territory for our time and place. this is one of the things i’d like to explore.

    G-tron, as for your experiences, i wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss them as ‘tame’ or mundane. in comparing them to mine, it’s possible that you would overlook ideas that come naturally to you but would never occur to me. i consider myself a fairly sensitive and perceptive person; however, there are many topics that don’t work for me on a subtle level: i often need, in other words, for things to be spelled out in dramatic detail in order for me to get the message. additionally, i am curious about your experiences under the knife, as it were, and whether or not you remember anything unusual. finally, i find the number 23 thing very intriguing, and i’d like to explore that in a bit more detail. in fact, i’m going to do some research on it today and see what comes up. as i mentioned to you before, i have some sort of lifelong relationship to, or consciousness of, the number 57; but apparently, it has not been nearly as present in my life as 23 has been in yours. and i think there is an awareness out in cyberspace that 23 has some special significance.

    crystl, please feel free to share more about your experiences concerning this concept. i am really very interested.

  6. globatron
    May 30, 2010

    thanks man. i’m not dismissing them really as wondering where they will take me. i’ve sort of hit a brick wall with the 23 thing. i’ve researched it as much as i can and now it seems it is up to me to come up with my own theories for it. it can be a bit overwhelming if one focuses on it too much. so i’ve stepped back a bit and i’ve noticed them less. i would love to learn more about your experience with 57 as well. i wonder if 57 and 23 are related in math somehow?

    your dream sounds amazing. i don’t dream much at all. at one point i had reoccurring dreams that i was flying. i could fly at my will and i showed others how to do it. i was amazed others were not flying. i flew over a funeral procession once. i don’t know whose funeral it was. i was at the funeral and then i flew home.

    the question i keep having is what really is syncronicity. When do they become more? When do coincidences become a pattern that can’t be ignored? And when that pattern is seen what does that mean? Is it a personal pattern or does it speak to the larger picture?

  7. crystl37
    May 31, 2010

    globatron-synchronicity is the reoccurence of the number 23 in your life, for instance-especially the fact that it appears in your wifes life as well, before you met.

    Our ‘meeting’-synchronistic. The fact that akbar has the same birthday as my son-synchronistic. Logocentric’s dream, and waking to see my comment-synchronistic. You feeling defeated, your grandfathers death, and your new job and relocation-synchronistic. Logocentric and I both responding to you at 9:23 on the 23rd about your job, neither of us aware of the time-synchronistic. Me realizing that you had been in the military and thinking about the whole subject and you posting the soldiers oath-synchronistic.

    “Synchronicities are people, places or events that your soul attracts into your life to help you evolve to higher consciousness or to place emphasis on something going on in your life. The more ‘consciously aware’ you become of how your soul manifests, the higher your frequency becomes and the faster you manifest positively. Each day your life encounters meaningful coincidences, synchronicities, that you have attracted, on other words created in the grid of your experiences in the physical. Souls create synchronicities, played out in the physical. It is why you are here. It is how our reality works.

    We have all heard the expression, “There are no accidents.” This is true. All that we experience is by design, and what we attract to our physical world. There are no accidents just synchronicity wheels, the wheels of time or karma, wheels within wheels, sacred geometry, the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.”
    end quote

    Logocentric-heres some more context for you. My friend, as I was commenting on your post, fell asleep after watching a re-run of the final episode of lost. (which by the way globatron has 23’s in it as well). She woke up a little while later and stated she had just had the strangest dream. She described almost exactly what you did, but was also not able to remember exactly who the people were or the details, piecing it together like you described. I had attributed it to lost, but what she said was strikingly similar to your comment-very interesting.

    My experience is also one of increasing synchronicity, I have pretty much given into it over the years-I find that things happen in my life when and how they are supposed to, and that any amount of planning or speculating on my part,especially in the form of worry or stress, seems to have no effect on the outcome of any particular situation. My life has meandered along a seemingly random path, and I have recognized synchronicites along the way. What I am experiencing now though, is a kind of rapid connecting of the dots, things I thought I fully understood I suddenly can see much much deeper into, as if a new level in a game had been opened up by reaching a high enough score-or completing the requirements. It is very consistent, and has not provided me with any new insights, by that I mean I haven’t come to any brand new realizations or understandings of the events of my life per se. I had reached a place where I had developed a reasonably clear position on the questions of why are we here?, what happens next?, and the general meaning of life. These seeds were planted back in the 80’s, and as I see mentioned more and more, after a period of ‘sleep’ in the spiritual sense, the education provided to me by the universe, the trail of crumbs left by my future self, picked up again.

    So I am curious, logocentric, and globatron, how should we proceed? What are your thoughts on the organization of these explorations. As globatron knows, this is a subject with which I have been actively involved-I prefer to call it a catalyst. Just the other day I told byron in an email that I had realized the meaning and interconnectivity of purpose of my experiences and was seeing it in a non-linear arrangement-the sharing or expression of which thus far remains elusive. The title of your post speaks volumes to what I am currently working with in my journey, the removal of speculation from discussion. Things that previously we could only talk about speculatively-or dared to-absolutely need to be brought into the forefront of our experience. What if our existence doesn’t end with death, what happened before this life, what if we lived before, maybe a dream means something, maybe everything we have ever been told was a lie, what if the most far fetched notions are actually true.

    What I have learned, is that the totality of the illusion of this reality, when dismantled piece by piece in small easily digestable portions, is perhaps the only way to approach it. Certain things have to be accepted before other things can be, a reverse engineering of the constructs of our consciousness that peels away layers until deeper meaning is revealed. And there is no distinction between what we have historically considered spiritual, and that which we have considered everything else. From conspiracy theories, to religious origins, family relationships, political views. The whole thing needs to be unraveled, the far fetched seen as legitimate, fear recognized as the powerful manipulator used to create society as it exists today. To take seriously and define this study, and embark on a purposeful collaboration, is something which I had never considered initiating, but which makes total sense as the next step in our collective remembering.

    Oh, and one thing I have to ask, logocentric, where are you, geographically? You can get my email address from byron if you prefer. Obviously it makes no difference, I’m just curious-I guess its a desert thing.

  8. globatron
    May 31, 2010

    How do we proceed? Great question. I’m packing a 26 foot truck in about fifteen minutes and will be offline for two good days. I think the best way to collaborate is to let it develop organically. So let’s put some ideas out there and see how they grow.

    I would like to try and do a group lucid dream test if possible. Or something where we are collaborating offline in our physical lives as well.

    The power of syncronicity does indeed seem overwhelming here. That last scene in Lost does also seem very similar to the dream Logocentric described Angie. What a scene. If you haven’te seen it L I would highly recommend it. It is very close to most NDEs that are described. I’m sure they did that on purpose.

    Angie, 23 is a really big part of Lost. Or minor part but they did consciously weave it into the series. Here are a list of 23s that have been recorded.

    I just wanted to say I’m down with the project but as I speak i hear the truck pulling up. Wish me luck all.

    cheers… To a new life I go.

  9. logocentric
    May 31, 2010

    wow, crystl! another powerful comment.

    just to briefly respond to you and G-tron: I think i’ve seen a total of two episodes of “Lost,” and neither was the series finale. still, i find it interesting that you know someone whose dream was similar to mine and also linked to the show.

    your experiences with synchronicities fascinate me.

    you accentuate the notion that the dream state–or, more generally, what we like to call the ‘unconscious’–is the real state of being and that we are infinitely more connected to one another in it than in the waking state. i think so often about how much we repress or otherwise discount those experiences (though we all seem to have them) simply because we find it hard to replicate them, in other words, to manage them as we have learned to manage the non-dream world. there is no stable bridge between these two experiences of being, so it seems there is only this waking life interspersed with temporary, but seemingly inevitable episodes of irrational being. but if there were a way to verify the joining of consciousness in the dream state, even among a group of friends whose measures to establish authenticity might not satisfy the scrutiny of some hard-nosed scientists, there would be a basis for stepping further into that research.

    so i think the lucid group dream test is an excellent idea. i really want to do that. and who knows, maybe it has already begun. i sense that our discussion of our synchronicities somehow confirms this. however, i think it is probably wise for me to do some individual training first, to condition myself to take more conscious control of myself in that state. i say this because the last very lucid dream i had sort of freaked me out. it was incredibly real–in the dream i woke up and sat up in bed and left my body. i explored my surroundings a bit, but i now see that my increased uneasiness was linked to my becoming very conscious of and tied to my physical body; i knew that the experience taking place was not a material one, and i was really afraid to venture too far from the body i knew was lying there in bed. as soon as this uneasiness set in, i returned to my body, but was still in the dream and unable to move. i imagine that most people have had that experience in dreams of feeling trapped in the body. anyway, it became terrifying, but i think only because i am deeply conditioned when having such a lucid experience to behave as a physical being. not sure if that makes sense–the point is that i have a lot of attachments to the physical world that i need to practice severing. i liken the navigation of the dream state to an infant’s experience in the world. i’m awkward and often unsure of things, but i think that it can eventually be negotiated with a degree of autonomy and consistency, provided there are other people around who can help keep me safe. maybe being able to express these ideas in this forum is the first step in weaving such a safety net.

    this thinking aligns, i think, with something you put nicely, crystl: “What I have learned, is that the totality of the illusion of this reality, when dismantled piece by piece in small easily digestable portions, is perhaps the only way to approach it. Certain things have to be accepted before other things can be, a reverse engineering of the constructs of our consciousness that peels away layers until deeper meaning is revealed.” so i think that it doesn’t all have to unravel at once, but i’d like to start somewhere.

    on the number 23, i guess it would be interesting to speculate on where its pop culture currency ultimately comes from; but for me the more interesting thing is the way it has shown up in your life, G. just to say this publicly, i was not conscious of the date or time when i sent you the email which turned out to be synchronistic. as far as 57s go, i never considered myself superstitious until i was in my mid-20s and started seeing the number pop up at lucky moments–never unlucky ones. but it has been with me for as long as i can remember. i just declared it to my family one day when i was about five years old: fifty-seven is my favorite number. and it seems to have followed me. many, many times, when i’ve read an unusually inspiring passage in a book–you know, something that moves you to read and re-read–it was on page 57. once the book was published in 1957. that kind of thing. it is also the last half of my birth year (75) reversed. i don’t put a whole lot of stock in it on a daily basis, but when it is involved in what may otherwise appear to be an arbitrary decision, i’ll go with it.

    to answer your question, c, i live in the phoenix area. it’s not my favorite place in the summer. but for now, it represents shelter and food. and upstate and just to the east are some of the most beautiful, strangest places i’ve ever been to.

    G: i hope your trip is good and that your new life will be fulfilling.

  10. crystl37
    June 3, 2010

    logocentric and globatron-my failure to follow up on these comments before now does not mean-well, anything. It is not because I havent been thinking about this discussion-days just get away from me so fast lately. This is an experience I have been trying to describe to g since early in our acquaintance.

    Something I have never had much of in life is a routine. I have skirted the edges of society, defying all I thought possible-beaten into submission on some points, still struggling with others. Now, however, I have a daily routine that blows my mind when I realize its me doing it. I’m comfortable, my days are spent at my job-which while I am there demands great focus and discipline. My present arrangement, however, allows me to entertain no further thought of those hours spent working, until just before I enter the door again. This is a simply beautiful thing. I even break regularly at noonish to return home and catch a couple soaps and check my email, eat a cup o noodles, pet my dog, feed my fish, and go back for a few more hours. The paychecks arent outstanding but regular and sufficient. What this is allowing me is the mental freedom to study and think and write all evening every evening. I even have a routine when I get online each evening-beyond that I could end up anywhere.

    For instance, I got all caught up in the flotilla (twittering is fun during a crisis), a forum yesterday, new globatron comments, and tonight-tonight has been very strange indeed. But so remarkable that I must share it.

    I will try to be as concise as possible-for this context. This is going to be my attempt to present this in a linear progression. here it goes.

    1982 Alpha Beta Grocery Store Las Vegas, NV. Employed as a bagger. Drawn to girl who shops there with her family-about my age. She ends up getting a job there, we become very good friends, her mother adores me, they are well off, and many adventures ensue. We will call her K

    1987 after returning home from college, K meets me at a Grateful Dead show on Ventura Beach. The logistics of our finding each other before cell phones or even pagers mind you was seemingly impossible-but synchronistically she found me right away, it being her first dead show, great fun was had by all.

    LATER THAT MONTH-K belongs to an exclusive workout gym place in Vegas, where they have a snack bar counter thing where she gets smoothies wearing her tie dye tank top she purcahsed during her psychedelic adventure in Ventura, and the guy behind the counter asks if she is a deadhead. She replies not really but my friend, shes a big deadhead. She proceeded to hook us up to meet and trade tapes etc. We will call him J.

    J and I hit it off and right away he introduces me to his best deadhead friend, we will call him F. We really really hit it off, and for the next several years we would tour, live, work, laugh and cry together. Through him I met the father of my son, my significant other(s), the people I spend holidays and go to concerts with, all the kids I helped raise, literally most of my loved ones-my non blood family.

    2009 After 15 years, when visiting with one of my dear old friends, we think of F and comment he never shows up on facebook. Searching his name one more time-there he appears. We connect and it as if we never lost touch.

    2010 My experiences and reconnections at the end of 2009 sparked a period of learning, growth, understanding-really quite undescribable, during which I came to the realization of the synchronistic, well ordered path my life had taken-though on the surface it has appeared anything but. The first dot to connect and start a domino effect of revelations, was that J and K(-who I was drawn to at the age of 15!) and that sequence of events-set up the rest of my adult life-and positioned me ultimately to connect with my sons father and seal that deal. His death by the time my son was 5, is now further evidence that he was here for a purpose-which he fulfilled-and he knew it. He matter of fact knew he would not live to see the boys grow up-and talked about it all the time. I wouldnt hear of it-until I got the news.

    But I digress-I have not shared this many people, only close ones-and just recently I told the story to g in an email, like last week. Well, a couple or few days ago-guess who pops up with a facebook friend request. J-the guy from behind the counter. We have not spoken or anything for at least 17 or more years. That took a couple days to sink in, and tonight I had a great chat with him, felt the connection I did when we first met, when i had no idea the importance that meeting would have in my life. And here he is-with all the rest of the special people from my entire life-on facebook-available to me and I to them-though not always accessed-a quick digital smile exchanged with someone you loved at one time-is priceless and wonderfully satisfying.

    AND THEN….I ran across the most well presented and educational conspiracy theory timelines I have ever witnessed. And I have done the conspiracy theory thing-most of my life. Turns out-I was basically right about what I chose to believe, didnt have and probably still don’t the whole picture-but I got answers to some burning questions tonight-and I understand completely for the first time ever-the history of palestine, israel, suez canal, oil, the world wars, JFK, Henry Ford, Hitler, Churchill, Rothschilds, eastern europe, the jews and the palestinians.

    Timeline Linking Rothchilds, Banking, Oil, Palestinian Occupation & US-Israeli Alliance

    “The many conspiracies designed to control and manipulate the masses are now moving toward a crescendo of domination …The willingness to acknowledge that these conspiratorial constructs exist is the first and most important step in taking back our power …”(the center for true north)

    “June 4, 1963 President Kennedy signed a presidential document, called Executive Order 11110 giving Kennedy, as President of the United States, legal clearance to create his own money to run the country, money that would belong to the people, an interest and debt-free money. He had printed United States Notes, completely ignoring the Federal Reserve Notes from the Rothschild-led private banks of the Federal Reserve. Records show that Kennedy issued $4,292,893,825 of cash money. It was perfectly obvious that Kennedy was out to undermine the Federal Reserve System of the United States.”

    Reading this has given historical context to my beliefs, my theory of what has gone on-to the point of which I had information to work with. I like to say that at moments such as these-my conpiracy theorizing comes to it’s fruition!

    These are the kind of days I am having lately….I think I am going to start keeping some kind of journal. The closest thing I have to that is my delicious bookmarks-I love going back over long periods and watching the subjects sprout, bloom and grow, and fade, it gives me a glimpse of the cycles of my thought-I have a great interest in cyclic phenomenon and the relationship, if you could really call it that, between mathematics, spiritual, and physical realities, conceptually, theoretically, philosphically, but not tangibly, not technically, not able to work out the numbers-yet. I have a feeling it will become clear but I’m not holding my breath. Anyway, perhaps we should all keep a thought log-I think that would be a great aid in studying overlapping experiences. There are other people out there keeping track of things by the tzolkin cycle, and all the disciplines of sacred geometry, a organized body of observations from our group can be analyzed in relation to the greater body of information and I predict, will provide valuable information leading to a greater understanding of our spiritual and physical (illusional) realities.


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