Pilot of Humanity

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My people come, my people go
and fall so intricate like flakes of snow.
We forfeit lives, we forfeit dreams, we forfeit freedom,
in chase of things.
We chase the dreams or is it that the dreams are chasing we
define the time, the place, the theme.
The plot, the score, the conflict, and the scheme.
But when we star, they change the scene.
And when they scheme and plot,
the chef he steams the pot,
and mixes up the stew, and suffering ensues.
And sure, this world is made of rainbow colors,
but my brothers, only seem to see the blues.
And sing the blues, and play the blues,
they talk about us on the evening news.
Wish I could see this world in even hue, wish I could see the God in even you.
Wish I could touch the sky, if could I would grab the needle from the arm and weave it through.
The thread of life can make a habit strong as fabric on the scarfs of desert Jews.
Wish I was born into chosen few, wish I was born chosen like the Jews. (3x)
I’m one of dozens dozing off,
cousins going off to war,
showing off they scars,
showing off the cars
they never own
far from home they roam; father’s never home.
Mother tries her best to raise a man,
man tries to raise the world without a plan.
Plan is to form a bond of rebels that will revel in the Lord and fight the devils.
Fight a righteous fight,
live a righteous life; fight to see the day,
die to see the night.
Might just be
as far as I can see,
the death of hypocrisy
the birth prophecy tonight.
The darkest man can always see the light
the shortest man can reach to any height.
The blindest man, pupil of the high,
says, “it doesn’t take an eye to live with sight.”
Wish I could take the hand of every boy and man
in the world left, move them to the right.
Wish I could take their wrongs, turn em into rights.
Wish I could mend their broken wings, send them off to flight.
But I can only write. (3x)
But I
can only write the righteous rituals,
the richest man wishes he could have the freedom of the poor.
Poorest man wishes he could have the wisdom of a business man.
Fishing for the vision of a physician,
but he doesn’t want to change his position,
maybe change his plans.
Man who walks the miles, wants to push a Benz.
Man who pushes Benz, wants it all to end!
Wishes he could go, back before the dough
to a time when, all his time spent
with his family, was his sanity.
He could live life fair, without vanity.
Wishes he could go, see his baby bro,
kiss his baby moms, watch his baby grow.
See his son throw, watch his daughter step…
Slave to his job, working him to death.
Never gets a sec, just to catch his breath (3x)
Work him to the bone, ’till there’s nothing left.
Poor man only sees the checks, only sees the cars, only sees the jets.
Living in the ‘jects, living in the debt,
sees all the success, but doesn’t see the rest.
Doesn’t see the tears, doesn’t see the fear,
doesn’t see the sweat, doesn’t see the stress
that it takes to make a fortune… fortune has it,
that this world is make or break, and force of habit.
Forces us to take a leap of faith, in hopes that we just may create some forward action.
Asked my mother why the rest of them,
are all considered men, when we were just a fraction.
Cause we black and
they got us backed in?
Got us backwards, in a backspin.
Running ’round chasing silly fashions.
Why they take our checks before we cash them?
Why they treat our kids like little bastards?
Why is education always lacking?
Why community it never last and
why we trapped in
all these caskets.
All these coffins,
round my brothers up on all these corners.
All these mothers they been trying to warn us,
that all these officers just want to off us.
Up against the wall, ’cause that’s the orders.
Up against the wall, ’cause that’s the orders.
Know the order,
know the order,
Novus Ordo…
Pilot of humanity on auto-
Pilot of humanity on auto-pilot of humanity on auto-pilot of humanity on auto-pilot

Pilot of Humanity – Lyrical the Lyricist of Writing4MyLife by RSE

by Lyrical the Lyricist part of Writing4MyLife.com out of Baltimore

#OccupyWallStreet #OccupyTogether


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