my voice is drowned in chorus throngs

Posted by on Oct 21, 2011 in OccupyTogether

my voice is drowned in chorus throngs
of lap dogs retching right from wrong,
in styles that pander to the senses,
spoiling sense with cash expenses…

my voice is turned irrelevant
by wolves who go to any extent
to eat the minds of the weak and wise,
with savage means to hypnotize…

my voice is made irrelevant
by motherfucking sycophants,
who ruin any cultured taste
with spectacles of english waste…

my voice is slain by rhetoric
of a brainwashed body politic,
prodded on toward their doom
by media scams in every room…

by every artist, poet, or brother,
a trillion voices speak no other
thought that thinks outside what’s said
in corporate covens bound by lead…

by Chris Nelles


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