We are Sparta

Posted by on Apr 16, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Headline, TheMachine, Truth, WAR

What are we fighting for.
We don’t build we destroy.
We don’t ask, we take.
And this is no mistake.

We bombed the Germans.
We nuked the Japs.
All for world peace or a plan perhaps
Destroying all industrial complex.
No one to compete with.

We made cars and Hollywood stars.
Exporting our culture to hungry vultures.
Who were forced to pick our bones clean.
But time happened and they rebuilt.

Safer cars that could go farther.
Cars that could run cheaper.
For fifty years we blindly ate.
The obesity of this nation, too late
To diet for our hunger knows
No equal.

We may lose the war but we won’t
Lose the weight.
Exporting our missiles to our friends
As if we are passing the offering plate.

I say we face ourselves.
Take a good look in the mirror.
We are Sparta for the West.
We know war and that is what we do best.


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