Our Human Shores

Humans are at the center of design
As we can sit here and recline.
Life critical systems operate all around.
They are hidden out of view and can’t be found.

They produce the water we drink.
They produce the electricity we use to help think.
All prototyped by cross disciplinary teams.
Created by engineers, scientists, sociologists and machines.

All working in concert to not be seen.
Make our lives better and longer as never before.
To remove the misery from our human shores
Where the mental meets the physical.

So we can progress past petty wars over land.
So we can progress past limited resource problems.
The designer is at the core of the solution.
So that we may overcome our limited evolution.

To explore the universe to which we have been birthed.
To extend our consciousness through the space we search.
Human centered design is essential.
So that we may realize our truest potential.


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