Food Revolution

Posted by on Mar 30, 2010 in Choken Word, Headline, healthcare

We are eating ourselves to death.
Knowing food could lead to our last breath.
The foods we digest while on the run
Have been coated with toxins we eat for fun.

A culture of dependency has been created
On the cheap availability of food sedating
Our culture from knowing how to cook.
We are addicts on a big hook.
Not able to stop our addiction we started.
We need an intervention that is big hearted.

New thinking is beginning to emerge
Where we think before we purge.
Where we think before we binge.
Where we think about what’s in our fridge.
A culture in need of healing has begun.

One bite at a time we can rebuild our bodies.
One bite at a time we will rebuild this country.
Free ourselves of the impurity we contain.
Begin anew as we learn to sustain
Our bodies, this land and learn to refrain
From the immediate gratification we learned.
From the ease of life in which we yearn.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    March 30, 2010

    ‘then shame on you’ he says….this is exactly why i love this guy…

    this is exactly what i’m talking about with a new approach to looking at feelings of shame, evil and good, right and wrong…

    we live in a country that has distanced itself from absolutely all forms of shame or moral feeling…this has led to a kind of zombiefication that allows corporations to stuff us full of their products to make us addicted across a wide spectrum of things, from hamburgers to war…

    shame can be healthy, we need to relearn how to be ashamed of ourselves enough to inspire change. guilt and shame aren’t the problem, the problem is the complete distance from all emotion, an intoxication of the senses.

    i like this guy precisely because he is attempting to wake people up to a moral universe, to our responsibilities….great post

    March 31, 2010

    Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is true health care reform:

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