It’s a political movement that offers the citizens a vote of protest when they don’t feel represented by any political option. These blank votes are taken in account, and political ‘seats’ left empty,…

tourists may visit
by Shiite bars
they need just follow
twisted metal
signs created
by Western artists
there will be
no limit
on items
to be found
what they
truly wish for
will not

by Robert William Gaglione
12 April 2004

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  Quick introductory video about the organisation of AcampadaSol commisions (spanish) Click here to watch      

Download here Proposta abbozzata per la dinamizzazione dell’Assemblea di Sol. Questo documento e’ stato elaborato dalla commissione di dinamizzazione delle assemblee della Acampada de Sol con una doppia finalita’: da un lato quella di favorire la rotazione dentro la propria commissione di dinamizzazione delle assemblee; dall’altro lato quella di proporre soluzioni pratiche e offrire un possibile modello di lavoro alle altre assemblee, commissioni o gruppi di lavoro che stanno nascendo. Questo documento intende chiarire anche che l’assemblea di Sol, nonostante il gran valore simbolico che le viene attribuito, rappresenta e decide in forma libera e indipendente sull’accampamento di Sol, e non pretende rappresentare nessun altro. Perdipiu’ incoraggia tutti coloro che vogliono decidere sui loro spazi di lavoro, quartieri, municipi o edifici, di organizzarsi in assemblea e di decidere loro stessi/e sulle proprie vite. Da qui non possiamo fare altro che offrire un modello di funzionamento costruito sulla pratica e affermare che e’ stato sperimentato in assemblee dai 20 ai 3000 partecipanti. In qualsiasi caso non si tratta di un modello chiuso, e invitiamo a tutte le persone a provare a migliorarlo, giacche’ e’ cosi’ che lo abbiamo sviluppato.Il concetto di assemblea Uno spazio dove si trasmettono informazioni e proposte per cercare di arrivare a un consenso. Il concetto di consenso Le assemblee di Sol si sono autodefinite come spazio di decisione basato sull’orizzontalita’ in cui non si vota ma si prova a forgiare un consenso….

Download here Texto realizado desde la Comisión de Dinamización de Asambleas del Campamento Sol (Madrid) a partir de distintos escritos y resúmenes consensuados en Asambleas Internas de dicha Comisión (que irán estando disponibles…   We’ve witnessed an exponentially growing list of communities that are banding together with our brothers and sisters on Wall St. by organizing solidarity actions in their cities. This rise in support has…

This document is a suggestion for identifying the types of activities taking place in Agora Brussels . It is not a closed or definitive document. It is open to anyone who wants to bring…

Is this how it ends or how it begins? Millions of people networked online through social media ready to take a stand. To take to the streets. To live in tents through the winter and rain. To send a message. That revolution is among us if things don’t change. That good people have done their […]

we’ll all be roughly sectioned once they change the common laws to adam smith’s perfection, and let greed determine flaws. when the bottom line interprets what a working man is worth, then his inner life’s a circus of sad clowns who peddle mirth. round the gay pavilions go the monkeys void of sins, with coppers […]

suffer the cadres their blunt blades, magazines and machine guns. a revolution needs the drum of leathered feet and loaded hands. pawns are sacrificed – token lives for queens and generals, bishop romeros, che gueveras. but every worlds’ axiom’s upended when an acme poet’s zenith’s checked by bleating bleeding arms. for though his movement’s small […]

Course of action in case the square is evicted: · This guide was first used in the squares of Spain and was firstly developed by the General Assembly of Madrid on May 2011….

(The people are speaking…….loud and clear. Here is something I wrote months ago that seems even more fitting now……as we ensure we are heard today, tomorrow, and forever across this globe.) My vote counts. That is why I am writing-in my vote in the next presidential election. It is my decision. It is only one […]

[reengineered puppeteering] among the six billion we are the cantastorie we are not the corporate heads or bankers doing the Russian Mafia’s laundry washing the filthy gains of the Karzai brothers cleaning for the cartels we sing of the dancing marionettes forced to fund the weaponized might- actors of enforcement for the global manipulators we […]

living pressed impassioned within heresy breathing flashes refracted wind’s reeking reachers unreached climbers fallen monstrous thinking peaking impeached thoughtless battles unlustered we dreamers fought by Robert William Gaglione 8 January 1971 from The Collegiate Chronicles *Note: Four decades ago, we held campus buildings across America. We surrounded the mansions of our university presidents. We protested in […]

 Bring a Camera and Use the Internet #usdor Remember to bring a video or photo camera. If it isn’t captured in video or photographs, it didn’t happen. Sousveillance is a terms coined by Steve Mann to…

This is an excellent collective wiki for all occupy movements, but city-specific sub-categories are encouraged:   Tips for starting your own Occupy Together Self-Sustaining Community for Long-Term Activism  

Guide rapide pour la dynamisation des assemblées populaires Texte réalisé depuis la commission de dyamisation des assemblées du campement Sol (Madrid), à partir de différents écrits et résumés consensués au cours des Assemblées…

The project for the realisation of a wi-fi mesh net for the free communication at low cost, in the hands of the citizens, started in Rome,Cerveteri and Ladispoli:

  ubuntu |oǒ’boǒntoō| Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’. It also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. The Ubuntu operating system brings the…

The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement. It does not recognize nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class. Our understandings conclude that these are false, outdated distinctions which are far from positive…

Definition. Where (and when) people really do have power over the decisions that shape their lives. Wikiparliament is where politics meets the peer society (ebay, wikipedia, amazon, ect) and power and with it…

Information (in spanish) on how to build a dry toilet: Manuals: Download here and here