Quick guide for a revolution [MULTI-LANGUAGE] Breve guía para montar revoluciones. (por el movimiento 15M/Occupy) [PDF] Índice: Sed el 99%. – Piensa desde el 99%. – Pregunta al 99%. – Abre las puertas…

They bombard us with numbers, and sometimes they almost make us forget that across from the numbers, thousands of lives are hidden. OUR LIVES. Lets show them we are much more than that! 12th of May: Occupy the streets in every city of the …

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for full schedule of the May 10-15 Week of Action, see here
Join Healthcare for the 99% for a Day of Action Against Budget Cuts!
Governor Cuomo appointed Wall Street banker Stephen Berger to fix healthcare in Brooklyn. Be…

As hundreds of thousands of people around the world prepare to take to the streets this weekend as part of a global call for change, the International ‘Global Spring’ Assembly – an international and inter-movement assembly formed of su…

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On May 19, Mayor 1% Emanuel will bring to Chicago military and civilian representatives of the 28-nation US-commanded and largely US-financed North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and heads of state and finance mini…

Sharing a short clip from my recent shoot in Japan for another project – Reactor. In this video, Buddhist teacher and yogi Michael Stone shares his thoughts on what it truly means to be in the present moment. For him, there is no difference between being present and being generous – at ease with the [...]

#SaveOurClinic #MHMChicago #OccupyChi
A call from Mental Health Movement to Occupy Wall Street and all others coming to Chicago to protest NATO and the war and austerity agenda of the 1%
To all our…

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Thursday, May 10: Assembly & Speak-Out
Friday, May 11: Homes, Jobs, & Services
Saturday, May 12: Food, Environment, & Health + GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION
Sunday, May 13 (Mothers Day): Police Brutality, Mass Incarcer…

10:30am: Arrests have been made as victims of Bank of America foreclosures attempt to enter the meeting.
9:30am ET: After several marches converged earlier this morning, at least 1000 people are currently occupying the intersection of 5th an…

For a summary of events, see below. For more information, see OccupyG8-2012.org, OccupyG8Thurmont.net, or Occupy G8 Peoples Summit.
via Occupy G8 Thurmont:
Why we are protesting the G8 Summit:
According to Wikipedia, G8 consists of represent…

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Hunter College
695 Park Avenue, New York, NY
RSVP on Facebook
More info: @NYStudentsRise, @SUFCUNY, @BCstudentunion

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In Response to Campus Security’s Use of Excessive Force on Peaceful …

Friday, May 11, 2012
An Evening with Lenny Foster
When: 6 to 10 p.m. (Reception from 6 to 7 p.m. Light Refreshments Will be Served.)
Where: Casa de las Américas
182 E. 111th St.
(btwn. Lex. Ave. and 3rd Ave.)
Take the 6 train to E. 110th S…

Minneapolis: Cruz family rallies to save their home

Occupy Atlanta and Chris Frazer speak at Sheriff Thomas Brown eviction rally

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Call To Action
The regime of wholesale robbery — what the 1% call “austerity” — is already falling across Europe, and soon will fall across the world. But the inevitable collapse of austerity is not enough. We, t…


See you there.

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Sponsored by the Coalition Against NATO/G8, Occupy Chicago and many others.
NATO war makers are preparing to meet in Chicago on May 20-21 following the meeting of the G8 heads of state behind the fortified wal…

Rochester, NY: Facing Foreclosure, Leonard Spears Pledges to Stay in His Home

Atlanta: Protest Sheriff Thomas Browns 3am Eviction of Chris Frazer’s Family at Gunpoint

via 99% Solidarity:
99% solidarity is excited to participate in nonviolent direct actions in Chicago from May 18 to 22, 2012. We have secured buses to bring people to these actions from several U.S cities.
We are currently working on the tra…

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On 12 May people around the world will rise up again responding to the global call for action. In London we’ll visit those who gambled with our futures and we’ll deliver our very own personal messages to them.

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International trade ministers and corporate lobbyists will be descending on Texas from May 8 to 18 for a critical trade summit aimed at rushing the secretive new Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agre…

¨You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot stop the coming of Spring.¨
–Pablo Neruda
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Rise up on May 12th, 2012 – We are the 99%
On the 15th of October 2011 we took to the streets in over 1000 cities in 82 countries. We …

Body: Mainstream Media Continues to Disappoint
By Aliana Bazara
Overall, May Day was a success! Our numbers were strong throughout the day, we fed tons of people with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, (200 served at breakfast), we had music and dancin…

Inhumane 3am Eviction In Dekalb County, GA