Silvia Federici: What’s needed to reproduce life?

Human galsen rap

Human galsen rap” is a visual anthropology document that gathers the human essence of Senegalese rap. Through the reflections of the rap artists is presented a mosaic of diversity of one of the most influential music of the twenty-first century of Africa. It is a rap performed from the human

Senegal: les saï sai au coeur

It’s traditional that on the 31st of December the president of Senegal addresses the people and gives the balance of the year. NThis year the rappers from KEUR GUI decided to release their own balance, the song “Les saï saï au coeur”, a harsh critic on president Macky Sall and

The assembly of assemblies #GiletsJaunes

Original source In Commercy, a small town of 6,000 people in Lorraine, the yellow vests have launched an appeal. They are calling on a national coordination of local gatherings, to unite the movement and to give it a structure. “From Commercy we are inviting all local groups and gatherings

Casseroles – We are starting to remember

Inspired by Jeremie Battaglia’s gorgeous black and white film on the Casseroles uprising in Quebec, I shot this solidarity march in Vancouver with a pots and pans revolt of our own. My experience of the march, and I hope what it conveys above, is simple joy. And most of all wonder. This mirrors the reports […]

Be Love ~ In Memory of Kumu Raylene Kawaiaea

Last week the planet lost a precious beating heart – beloved Hawaiian elder Kumu Raylene Ha’alelea Kawaiaea. Nova Ami and I were honoured to spend time with her, and interview her for Occupy Love. We will always be grateful for the wisdom and love she shared with us. Thank you Joel Levey and Michelle Levey […]

The Meaning Is Love. Occupy Valentines!

Love is something we do. It’s active, it’s action, it’s process, not product. Don’t wait around for love! Be love, do love, fiercely. Love is not fuzzy, it’s not packaged, it’s not pink, it’s as red as blood, it’s life itself, and it’s not for sale. Occupy Love!  It’s that time of year again ~ […]

The Economy Of Love

“The economy of love is – the more you have the more I have. If I can make you feel happy or hopeful or beautiful I might feel more that way myself…. If I want a society that works, then I need you to be powerful, I need you to be responsible, I need you […]

Embody the Movement — Occupy Wall St West

As part of Occupy Wall St. West, on January 20th 2012, to mark the anniversary of Citizens United supreme court case, hundreds of activists and social artists called for economic justice and people power in the name of the 99%. This video reflects how art and activism are key in growing a movement and building […]

Occupy Movement: Show Me Your Face

Directed by Ian MacKenzie My goal with this piece was to move us beyond our ideas of left and right, black and white. We are moving toward a world beyond “isms.” These are relics from our previous consciousness and it’s time to let them go. We cannot tackle the crises facing our world alone. We […]

New video message from Velcrow Ripper & IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign Launches!

Exciting news! We have launched our IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign to help finish Occupy Love – our transformative feature documentary. Please share the link as widely as possible! LEARN MORE & DONATE NOW TO OCCUPY LOVE Watch the above video message from Occupy Love director, Velcrow Ripper, shot last week in New York City. The march […]

Occupy Wall St – The Revolution Is Love

Directed by Ian MacKenzie Co-produced with Velcrow Ripper “Love is the felt experience of connection to another being. An economist says ‘more for you is less for me.’ But the lover knows that more of you is more for me too. If you love somebody their happiness is your happiness. Their pain is your pain. […]

‎”How could we ask for anything less than the future?”

“Our communities need us. We are all leaders. How could we ask for anything less than the future?” A powerful video of the Occupy Poem by acclaimed spoken word artist Drew Dellinger , shot and edited by Occupy Love’s Velcrow Ripper, set to the music of Saracen by Jef Stott . Filmed during the epic Occupy Oakland general strike. Thanks […]