The Word

The wind blows. The birds sing. The water flows. In the beginning was sound. A frequency that blew through the ground. Rising volcanoes from bursting stars. Energy compacted and thrown so very far. The up and down of a wave comes from our lips as sound is made. Attempting to describe all that can be […]

Like a Mud Slide

Before I comment, please explain to me. How is Jesus throwing corrupt traders out of the temple equivalent to Occupy Wall Street? Because Wall Street worships money with a religious zealotry. Because Wall Street lobbies for corporations, not for you and me. Because a corporations main purpose is profit and greed. Not to produce the […]


The camel slips through the needle’s eye With the ease of elastic crying in the ointment The fly is caught, barely breathing The strongest set gets stronger As weaker ones cringe off behind the street corner Barely recognized, hardly incapable of Inhaling the sting of contradictions The ying and yang weighed down with Footsteps one […]

Talking to Ghosts

There are so many people with the same boot to their neck, day after day, as the world watches a global financial train wreck. You should know most, if not all of this. There is not enough food to feed the world’s hungry. Not enough empathy to comfort the needy. Corporations have bought and sold […]

The Rest will Follow

I come to you anew. Desiring only one thing. Love… That you might find it. That it might exist in your life. For you are the eyes of the universe. You are the body of the creation. One single nation, of life. All connected. All hate rejected. You and me, we sit on a time […]

The Tilt of the Earth – Revolujah!

In an empty park a man stands with his hands held high in praise, speaking as if he were surrounded by a multitude. In his eyes shines the light of the future.  And some might ask…how can he be so sure? I have been that man.  There is a special joy found within the emptiness […]

The Butterfly Effect

Another year as nostalgia bites. As memories fight. So many tragedies. So much pain. Targeted. Politicized for monetary gain. As the calendar unfolds. The day’s story told and retold, again. Twenty-four-seven. For where have we been? Humans are capable of such magic. Some, gifted shamans create culture. Some, cursed vultures eat their own. Whatever media […]

Precious Terrorists Among Us – T. Winston Sayer

I cannot begin to adequately express the excitement I feel about the piece I am posting here.  It has been submitted to me by T. Winston Sayer, a deep and provocative thinker of the first rate who has been keeping the results of his unique research rather sequestered for longer than I cared for…but such […]


This is an official Thank You video approved by the New York General Assembly. I am so thankful for what OWS has given me personally.  It has both awakened me and created a community that I am proud of.  I thank you organizers for your tireless commitment to justice, equality and community spirit.  

There’s a Priest, a Rabbi and Santa Claus…wait, this is not a joke…

I attended the Duarte Square action on Saturday…another amazing gathering of the movement.  Wanting very badly to avoid arrest, I stood to the side as I watched religious leaders climb the fence and try to Occupy a space for the movement from one of the richest religious institutions in the world.  The energy is electric […]

I’ve got a feeling…a feeling deep inside…oh yeah…

I left court today after accepting an ACD (Adjournment in contemplation of dismissal) for my arrest on the Brooklyn Bridge. I will talk about that a bit further down, but when I was driving away after a long lunch with my fellow cellmates from that night a few months ago the following song came on […]

Occupy Teleology – A dialogue about ultimate aims from Facebook friends.

K – much of the west coast ports are being shut down according to the interwebs…you probably won’t see much bout it on the news, but an epic action is taking place… M – Doesn’t the blocking of ports and stopping the imports hurt the end users by driving up costs of those goods and […]

Wrong Turn at Albuquerque – The Coming Insurrection

Recently while waiting for a friend at the Strand Bookstore in NYC I saw a strange little pile of blue books on one of the book islands in the store.  It was intriguing, so I went home later and ordered a copy, instead of buying one with cash as I should have. To keep this […]

Wrong Turn at Albuquerque – The Coming Insurrection

Recently while waiting for a friend at the Strand Bookstore in NYC I saw a strange little pile of blue books on one of the book islands in the store.  It was intriguing, so I went home later and ordered a copy, instead of buying one with cash as I should have. To keep this […]

Occupy This: Goodbye Discotents, Hello Discontent

3 Weeks at Occupy London Finsbury Square The Background BBC News – Mass arrests at Occupy Wall Street protests “Happy Birthday, Occupy Wall Street,” sang protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge. Celebrating two months since the movement began, they cheered and held candles. It was a festive… In four weeks, Occupy Wall Street sparked an international […]

Oakland, October 25th

David Colagiovanni / Acid Rain / December 2011 from Acid Rain Production. “Oakland, October 25th” 1:12min, 2011 Description: Oakland, October 25th is a short hand drawn rotoscoped animation depicting Veterans for Peace member Scott Olsen after he was wounded by a non/less-lethal round by riot police on October 25, 2011 at 14th Street and Broadway […]

View from the Tower

Teaching and learning has not changed much at all, but the tools used to do so have been installed, upgraded, patched and begun to evolve. Where Aristotle might use a stick to draw in the sand, now a teacher draws on a digital blackboard for one hundred grand. Where face-to-face conversations were once needed, online […]

Occupy Insects

We will be here in the end, when the dust settles, when the grid goes down, when no one knows how to pick themselves up. We will carry the torch, and create light and starve to make it right, when others have laid down, we will stand. We will carve statues, from the rubble found, […]

Fire in the Belly

They think they will win. They have medicated us. Put us under their spell. Our lows are high. Our highs are low. No more roller-coasters. I am happy to be alive. The spell works so very well. Big Pharma the grease That keeps the machine oiled. We sit and see the destruction. We watch with […]

Occupy Fiction

By  Ken Vallario “I just wonder if there is any value in shattering glass anymore…I mean what are all these buildings anyway?” “I’m not following you.” “I’m not following me either…I mean, I…I uhhh…I don’t know, it’s like everything has changed again, in this instant, you know?” “Kinda.” “I was in this bookstore the other […]

White as Snow

Tear it all down. It will come back again. Punch me in the face. I will double my pace. Momentum quickens with oppression. Protests multiply through opposition. The voice of democracy wins by who shouts loudest. There are thousands gathering to sleep in tents through the Winter with no solace. And it all goes by […]

An Open Society

There are savages among us. They live next door. Waiting to know more. They are in your friend list. They are in our politics. Bending laws to rule us. We fear Stalin. We curse communism. Now the iron fist of data exists. We fear our information Being taken from us. But we want bliss. To […]

Graduating with Honors

So many years in the desert. So many lives lost. Do you know why? For pride? For ego? So we can say we won? The desert is only sand. There is nothing to defend. Trucks blown up By IEDs covered up Each night after the roads are cleared. Body parts come back. I think your […]

Caw to Arms

A crow named Sam and rev of playing cards, clothespin-clamped to bicycle spokes, roused summer’s muggy air. Charging an anthill mined, rock laden field, we were ten to twelve-year-old combatants, armed with a pair of scuffed baseballs and a bat held together by a screw. Bases were shirts off our sun painted skins. A large […]

War 101

I dream about you in noonday As the tide sinks in the bay And the voyagers come calling from distant lands With stories of salvation In the hope of all united under one name Under one god Under one flag We can be at peace …if we can control the world and anyone that gets […]