#Occupied: Reports from the Front Lines

YOUR WEEKLY ROUNDUP OF OCCUPY MOVEMENT NEWS Written by Jennifer Sacks for The Occupied Wall Street Journal This week in Occupy, AT&T employees declared victory in Atlanta, more media got #occupied, an abandoned building in San Francisco was annexed for use as a homeless service center and SB 469, Georgia’s anti-protest bill, was defeated. #Atlanta […]

#OccupyLA Refuses To Leave, Police Attempting To Evict Now

#OccupyLA Refuses To Leave, Police Attempting To Evict Now :
Occupiers have refused to leave and the police are currently enclosing. Thousands have arrived to defend Solidarity Park, forming human chains.

Click through link to watch live.

Letter from Movement Building

Friends, Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park), home of Occupy Wall Street for the past two months and birthplace of the 99% movement that has spread across the country and around the world, was evicted by a large police force in full riot gear. Three ways to get involved and help: —————————————————- Come out in person today […]