The Tilt of the Earth – Revolujah!

In an empty park a man stands with his hands held high in praise, speaking as if he were surrounded by a multitude. In his eyes shines the light of the future.  And some might ask…how can he be so sure? I have been that man.  There is a special joy found within the emptiness […]

Precious Terrorists Among Us – T. Winston Sayer

I cannot begin to adequately express the excitement I feel about the piece I am posting here.  It has been submitted to me by T. Winston Sayer, a deep and provocative thinker of the first rate who has been keeping the results of his unique research rather sequestered for longer than I cared for…but such […]


This is an official Thank You video approved by the New York General Assembly. I am so thankful for what OWS has given me personally.  It has both awakened me and created a community that I am proud of.  I thank you organizers for your tireless commitment to justice, equality and community spirit.  

There’s a Priest, a Rabbi and Santa Claus…wait, this is not a joke…

I attended the Duarte Square action on Saturday…another amazing gathering of the movement.  Wanting very badly to avoid arrest, I stood to the side as I watched religious leaders climb the fence and try to Occupy a space for the movement from one of the richest religious institutions in the world.  The energy is electric […]

I’ve got a feeling…a feeling deep inside…oh yeah…

I left court today after accepting an ACD (Adjournment in contemplation of dismissal) for my arrest on the Brooklyn Bridge. I will talk about that a bit further down, but when I was driving away after a long lunch with my fellow cellmates from that night a few months ago the following song came on […]

Occupy Teleology – A dialogue about ultimate aims from Facebook friends.

K – much of the west coast ports are being shut down according to the interwebs…you probably won’t see much bout it on the news, but an epic action is taking place… M – Doesn’t the blocking of ports and stopping the imports hurt the end users by driving up costs of those goods and […]