Ñoo Lank, against the raise of electricity prices, takes thousands of people to the streets.

Since the president of Senegal, Macky Sall, decided to raise the price of electricity, the collective Ñoo Lank was created, it’s supported by AAR LI NU BOKK Platform, that gathers different social actors, like M23, Rado, AFRAP, YEM, Students of University Cheikh Anta Diop and many other collectives. In the

Letter from Guy Marius Sagna after 2 months imprisoned #Senegal

Original in French From the back of Room 8 of the High Security District (QHS8), activist Guy Marius Sagna, arrested in front of the gates of the Palace of the Republic for demonstrating against the increase in electricity prices, cracked a letter. In this correspondence sent on the eve of

#SunuPetroleGaz A claim for the responsibility to self-manage Senegal’s own natural resources

Until first hours in the morning of the 21st June, it didn’t circulate the information that #SunuPetroleGaz gathering was allowed. After the ban of the rally last week, the police repression and arrests that took place, it was not clear what would happen this time. The authorities had very difficult

#SunuPetrole or the plundering of natural resources in Senegal

14.6.2019 Senegal the platform AAR LI NU BOKK, meaning “Protect our common wealth” in wolof, did a call to take to the streets to denounce the plundering of natural resources in Senegal, particularly Oil and Gas. Previously the movement Y EN A MARRE, in a public declaration addresses the fact

Silvia Federici: What’s needed to reproduce life?

Letter from the Zapatista Women to Women in Struggle Around the World

EZLN (ZAPATISTA ARMY FOR NATIONAL LIBERATION) MEXICO February 2019 To: Women in struggle everywhere in the world From: The Zapatista Women Sister, compañera: We as Zapatista women send you our greetings as the women in struggle that we all are. We have sad news for you today, which is that we

8M Manifesto: we become more when we are united. Together we are more.

Source: hacialahuelgafeminista Every March 8th we honour the women’s alliance to struggle for our conquered rights. In the past, It was because of many women fighting together that we succeeded and got some of the rights we have today. A long genealogy of activists, suffragettes and unionist women has fought

Human galsen rap

Human galsen rap” is a visual anthropology document that gathers the human essence of Senegalese rap. Through the reflections of the rap artists is presented a mosaic of diversity of one of the most influential music of the twenty-first century of Africa. It is a rap performed from the human

Senegal: les saï sai au coeur

It’s traditional that on the 31st of December the president of Senegal addresses the people and gives the balance of the year. NThis year the rappers from KEUR GUI decided to release their own balance, the song “Les saï saï au coeur”, a harsh critic on president Macky Sall and

The assembly of assemblies #GiletsJaunes

Original source labournet.tv In Commercy, a small town of 6,000 people in Lorraine, the yellow vests have launched an appeal. They are calling on a national coordination of local gatherings, to unite the movement and to give it a structure. “From Commercy we are inviting all local groups and gatherings