Plastic Prophets

Posted by on Jul 9, 2009 in Choken Word, Globatron

Cyber attacked. The U.S. just got jacked with our heads
turned, hands in our pockets.
Knife in the back.

Seems North Korea got tired of shooting their bottle rockets.
So they decided to hack into our back pockets. With their neighbors
in the South found unable to respond.

Now their big brother across the pond must contend
with Iran and North Korea. Not to mention internal class warfare
over perceived new systems of welfare for health care.

Fox News and Rush claim they aren’t the media. As they continue
to attack anything new to ya. They continue to keep their listeners pumped
full of fear and hate.

Cause Obama is a fascist clown. Puppet to everyone around.
We’ll dig in and fight every choice that he makes. Just to be
sure that our vote for McPalin wasn’t fake.

We need a voice and Rush is our choice. We don’t need a
living savior because our Lord told us so. Said that as long
as we don’t accept that the war was a mistake, the rapture
will be sooner for Pete’s sake.

Cause we can’t see our loved ones eternally if there’s
peace in the Middle East. Therefore we’d be much better
off with Osama than Obama. Please bring us nuclear war dearest Osama.
We’ve been lauding for your cause and it’s more war we’re fighting for.

Strap a bomb on your chests or wear a bullet proof vest.
The terrorists are the same and are all around ya.
Some live far away. Some are right behind ya. Some worship
Allah and some worship plastic. The only difference is that
some are more bombastic. Funny thing is they all believe in magic.

Some fight for their prophets and some fight for their mortgages.
The only real difference is the distance between them.
They both have a fundamental view that what they are fighting for is superior.
That they could never be wrong or inferior.

Cause you have to be strong to drop the bomb.
Let the plastic prophets sort the bodies out.


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  1. morrisondeepsouth
    July 9, 2009

    north korea north korea sing me a song drop final bombs get it over with it let’s really fight someone in the streets this is a bloody bath we are all taking

    on a lighter note i think we should have a radio station on the internet or even sirius xm satellite something i have had a few dreams where we are dj’s and fortune tellers


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