Not To Be Confused With… Part Deux

Posted by on Sep 17, 2008 in Globatron

Remember when we were JaxCAL and all we had to contend with for name recognition was the Jacksonville Christian Athletic League? No? Well allow me to refresh your memory.

Meet round two.

For the record, Globatron Communications Corp, Miami, FL is not to be confused with us.

But no worries, it looks like these guys have changed their name to Globaltron with an L in it, so let’s be sure not to do that, lest we get confused with them or Globaltron PLC, a heavy manufacturing company HQed in Malaysia.

The fact that another Globatron existed in Florida is kind of funny to me. Perhaps we could partner with them on something?

In other news, a bank in Kentucky has used the name Globaltron as the parodic name of a monolithic corporate-stereotype institution which they use again and again in their advertizements. Check out their sort of funny video and be sure to look at the logo on the car.


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  1. contributor
    September 18, 2008

    Globatron Comm Corp is much much cooler than just plain globatron.

    I’d like to assemble a Team Globatron though if folks are interested. Let’s all talk after the big show. Next week folks. Let’s assemble in person. Face to face.


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