I am globatron

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Do I know who I am?

More than a fan

processing plans

mimicking bands

on other lands

Don’t you see

my buddy

my comrade

plain-spoken study

more than a fad

cosmic plaid I wear

under my coats

around my finger

sacrificial goats

I am not just a singer

a poet



twirling in a manger

bustin out a dime

I am this

this is me

not one thing only

but things to be

all my devils

the angels must meet

celestial bastards

my brothers and sisters



to my ears

to my feet

trampled oaths

and bread to eat

my life is an open book, he said,


in the kitchen

dreaming in his bed

divining like Jesus

peddling time

laid out like blackness

sailing overhead

don’t you see,

my buddy

my comrade

I wrote you a poem

I am a quick read, maybe

quicker than most

but no one here tells you

about demons and ghosts

halos or forks

because I am not this

king of the castle

bishop or pawn

I am this.

I am globatron.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    June 11, 2010

    dude, seriously, you are in the cut…this is a f$%kin powerful poem, bravo!!!!

    if it does not offend thee, i would like to perform these words to some music…

  2. Logocentric
    June 12, 2010

    nothing would please me more. record away!

  3. Logocentric
    June 12, 2010

    by the way, AL–and not to be persnickety–what do you mean by ‘in the cut’? from what i gather, it means ‘out of the way and hard to reach.’ i guess i’d cop to that if that were the intended meaning. just trying to clarify. L

  4. Akbar Lightning
    June 12, 2010

    to be honest, i just heard that saying thrown around, and i liked the sound of it…thought it meant ‘top form’…but upon further research i found this…

    3. in the cut

    sexual intercourse; the “cut” meaning the vagina.

  5. globatron
    June 12, 2010

    I liked this as it was not topical or specific but had a wondering, searching feel to it. It seems to be the type of poetry I could write right now. I am so pissed with the oil spill that I have had to began to think either of pure comedy or my spiritual journey.

    What a huge slice of the colletive human psyche this oil spill has taken from us. It’s like the entire country needs to be medicated now. Thank you for sharing. I can dream when I read this.

  6. Greg
    June 13, 2010

    Huh? I don’t get the poem, I get some of it but not all.
    Oh well. What is a sacrificial goat?

    I am over the oil spill thing, it does no good anymore expending energy on something I can’t effect or impact. I think Obama should take all the census workers and give them an extension, some sponges, buckets and cleaner. Have them clean the coast line up and send BP the bill for the labor.

  7. Logocentric
    June 13, 2010

    okay, greg. how about this. a sacrificial goat is like a sacrificial lamb–i.e., something sacrificed to an authoritarian god-figure, ostensibly for the good of the whole, or to appease the divine. but the lamb seems too young and innocent an image for what i want to represent here. i mean to represent an adult–a full-grown animal, but not a “sheep” either (because that would seem to take away too much agency and thus absolve too many from the responsibility to live consciously and not from fear of death or damnation or the idiocy of blind obedience, all of which characterize so much of organized ‘christianity.’) what i want to talk about are not the kids, and not the mindless sheep, but the goats, those who would seem to know better, yet still often sacrifice–and often with great belligerence–their intellect, spiritual growth, and an authentic sense of community, at the altar of mantra, label, unexamined tradition, authority, “nation,” and so on.

  8. Greg
    June 14, 2010

    Now see while I might not like or really support organized religion I am not so bias as to say they are all mindless. Sounds like you have an axe to grind logo with that. I am not so secure in my faith to judge the quality of others. I would be very careful to begin judging others if I were you. Christianity is not all bad and I have seen lots of good done by true Christians. To label anyone who choosing to follow Christianity as mindless is wrong. Period. And having faith does not make one mindless or lacking intellect. That is what faith is for everything beyond intellectual rational.

  9. Logocentric
    June 14, 2010

    you ask me for my interpretation of part of a poem i wrote, then when i try to provide it, you accuse me of being judgmental. priceless. if you had made more of an effort to understand what i took the time to try and explain to you, you might have seen that i do not make a blanket condemnation of anything called ‘christianity.’ but, yes, i am critical of the reality i have observed that there are many who do not carefully examine what that term means or why they should use it as part of their identity. such people can be dangerous, as can people who chant “USA” or “drill baby drill” and would just as soon bash your skull in or call you names or threaten you with violence as take a breath and have a conversation with you.

    nor, as i recall trying to make clear in an earlier exchange with you, do i judge people as much as i do the ideas by which people form their identities and interact with one another.

    so i might switch this around and say that if i were you, i’d be careful about ascribing to a person judgments that aren’t there.

  10. Greg
    June 14, 2010

    Ok the point I was making was that labeling one set of people as mindless seemed a little harsh to me. People cling to beliefs as a way of identifing themselves, all people do that. I am not sure there are many who would honestly be able to say they have examined all the rational behind all their beliefs. That however does not make them dangerous, where the violence aspect came from I am unsure but violence occurs all over the place regardless of beliefs. Yes people get violent over beliefs, just look at the attacks from Muslim terrorists, I agree with that.

    Just because the world is not as cerebral as some on here would like I chose not to label them as a threat. They are like any of us, just looking to get through this life. From my perspective it is like the members of Mensa looking down at everyone else for being less intelligent than they are. Yes you are probably more aware than most others but that doesn’t mean they have any more or less than we do. We are all just fish trying to swim in this great ocean.

    It’s funny too because tonight on the news they had three more shooting in Jax this weekend. I think I am moving to Saint Augustine.

  11. Logocentric
    June 14, 2010

    and i think that the point i need to make (very briefly, this time) is that i detect in your thinking a tendency to oversimplify an individual’s point of view, with little effort to understand that position. but i suspect that that tendency may be somewhat affected, and it’s frankly a bit tiresome.

  12. Greg
    June 14, 2010

    Well Logo it can be tiresome all you want but sometimes a cake is a cake. It is possible to over think and outthink something. Just because this is done doesn’t mean there is some higher intellect or awareness. Just means there is wasted effort being put into a non-productive endeavor. But that is the prerogative of some people, it’s a free country and if they want to spend the time to mentally masturbate an ideal until exhaustion then that is their right. Perhaps if we spent less time jerking off on the examination and over analyzing of motives, opinions, psyche, and all these other various aspects of human nature we could promote some real effective positive actions that would make a significant change. But perhaps some feel the need to promote their perceived intellectual superiority by demonstrating this pattern. Who knows, I have found that life is a LOT simpler than some make it out to be. We can chose to make more complicated but in bare realities of life it is a simple existence that defines our being here.

  13. Akbar Lightning
    June 14, 2010

    i think i agree with logocentric here, and what i mean is that I think Greg, that you are playing the fool on this one…

    we know you better by now…and recently, you have yourself made some very harsh criticisms of religion.

    logocentric was very clearly criticizing not religion but blind obedience, and it is true that there are millions of people who surrender their right to question the social structure within which they are born.

    but, i think greg wanted to take this in a useful direction…there is a distinction to be made between the millions of obedient followers and the presence of violence in our world, and greg is proposing that there is no connection…and i think in some way, in a diplomatic way he is right.

    but, if you guys are familiar with Dr. Zimbardo’s Stamford prison study, there is a context within which particular behaviors are more likely to occur.

    so, my point is, when education is functioning, it is allowing a person to handle conflict with the widest range of diplomacy and grace…in other words, education is knowledge about the world…and as G.I. Joe said ‘knowledge is half the battle.’

    and as Sun Tzu says ‘a position of strength needs no defense’

    there is a connection between the ability to gather troops and the kind of mentality that is amenable to ‘troop hood’, let us not act naive about this fact. this puts military interests and educational interests in some kind of conflict…i think much of what we see as the ‘culture wars’ has to do with this very simple dynamic.

  14. Logocentric
    June 14, 2010

    yes, perhaps you are right, Greg. life is a LOT simpler than i’ve made it out to be.

    as for the comment about violence, yes, Akbar, you clarified a point that i wasn’t making very clearly. it is the type of unexamined thinking that is akin to “troophood” that i was trying–however clumsily–to bring out.

  15. Greg
    June 14, 2010

    Hey Akbar, it was “Knowing is half the battle” FYI.

    I used to watch G.I. Joe. I can’t believe I have that tidbit of useless knowledge. 🙂

    I agree with your reasoning Akbar but how does one determine if they are blindly following? I spoke of being a man of faith, I have no rational explanation of faith, am I just blindly obeying my faith? It not mean to conflictory or combative, it is something I really wonder about. How do we know if we are following out of habit or are really conscience in our decision to follow? I think many follow out of two simple and real factors.
    1. Fear – the fear of consequences of non complaince is real and tangible. Deciding to oppose something can have detremental and even legal ramificiations.
    2. Peer acceptance – wanted to part of the group is also a strong motivator, not many are confortable being loners.

    I don’t begrudge people for following blindly, if that the perspective they can handle so be it. who am I to judge what path is right for another? I can only chose what works for me.

    One thing I do think is positive is more and more people are no longer willing to accept the status quo. The upcoming elections have already shown that people are more invested in the idea of changing the way things are than ever before. I not sure if that equates to enlightment or awareness but it is a good sign I believe.

  16. globatron
    June 14, 2010

    Greg I believe “fear” is the only real controlling factor. It is the reason people also seek peer acceptance.

    Fear of pain.
    Fear of death.
    Fear of loneliness.

    Add fear to the beginning of anything and there you have it.

    As far as blind faith, I also believe faith is based on fear. And you are right life is pretty simple. Most decisions are fear based.

    I believe maybe it’s the amount of fear we are talking about. Someone who is clinging to the old way the world is and is fighting change.

    Change of community.
    Change of moral code.
    Change of value system.

    They are the ones who have the most fear in their operating system.

  17. Akbar Lightning
    June 14, 2010

    i too greg, am a man of faith, and i believe reason is limited in this regard…but my faith is informed by years of doubt and the futile attempt to reconcile the two…this has some value…

    now, i am not prepared right now to write a thesis about the value, because afterall, i can only say for certain that it has value for me…

    but let’s not go down that road all the way, merely to avoid looking at the necessity to judge the world we live in..and by judge i mean the ability to make wise assessments of our fellows…and our society.

    it is silly to muddle these two completely separate dialogues…

    fact is, we live in a world with a lot of idiots…i means seriously, at some point it should be ok for a group of intellectuals to openly discuss this fact. because, it might be dangerous for educational standards to fall below certain levels..it might be maladaptive…

    people have made a taboo of judgment..and i think this is possibly an ill-thought out taboo..

  18. Logocentric
    June 26, 2010 Reply
  19. Globatron.org
    October 5, 2010

    I am globatron: all my devils. the angels must meet. celestial bastards my brothers and sisters. still sweet: http://bit.ly/a7PuMb

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