Foaming at the mouth.

Posted by on Jun 12, 2009 in Globatron, Peace, WAR

Emil Alzamora “Plank”

Spewing hatred from mountain tops that flop. ” I had nothing to do with those killings”, he says. “I only reported the truth about Tiller the Baby Killer”, and the Reverend says, “It’s the Jews who are keeping the President from talking to me. The Zionists that is.” And Palin’s family is off limits. After all there are limits. As North Korea readies their warheads. Steadies its war shed. As Iran votes itself a revolution.

We sit here clicking the channel between a dancing show and the news; whoever spews the most hatred wins. As seen on Facebook. As seen on Twitter. I must admit I don’t tweet they say. As we pay dearly in an over populated e-world. As mother Earth is melting its polar caps. As the maps change and Manhattan will be covered by another icecap. Zap!

Humans are a blip on the radar of universal history. A mere speck of sand. That sand is being tested. Nearly bested by our own needs and wishes to be the center of the Universe again. It was much better when we believed the world was flat and there were no dinosaurs. When we could sit down at night and read Bible verses versus watching the Colbert Report. Was it?

We are sitting on a cliff. We are peering over into an abyss. We can pull back and continue on the same path or we can dive deeply into the hole of universal nihilism. Where our morals could be shaped by something internal. Where we do not battle over religion. Where peace reigns down as an eternal infinite power of human consciousness. In this hour let us choose to stand united. The choice is OURS on this hour.



  1. Logocentric
    June 12, 2009

    yo, Globatron. this is a wonderful passage. i sense the mixture of disappointment and hope. There does seem to be something precipice-like about this particular point in history. this theme has moved somewhat to the center of our posts here, and i am glad about that. i really want to continue exploring it from as many angles as possible. i feel that lately i have treated it as too much of an academic topic and not enough as something that is actually playing out in the world, even if we see it mostly through the eye of television and computer screen. but you have a way of combining images of all sorts that brings an immediacy to the medium that a lot of manipulators of media sorely lack.

    i’m going to try and further my response via my own meditation on war and peace.

  2. globatron
    June 12, 2009

    thanks mate. I used it as a ten minute writing exercise. I wasn’t sure what was going to come out but I just about had it and had to say something. There seems to be a bit of flow to it and it does sort of wrap up some of our continuing themes on the site in a short summary.

    Be sure and click on the thumbnail as it goes to Emil’s micro-site for the “Plank” project.

    I owe this video for much of the inspiration for the piece and watching fifteen minutes of local and national news.

  3. Akbar Lightning
    June 12, 2009

    Meditation on certain subjects seems destructive, and when I wonder about people like Bill O’reilly, when i wonder about why people like him exist, I am in danger of being absorbed into the darkness that is a very real part of living in this universe.

    I ought to have the same compassion for him that I have for whores.

    He gets paid to fill that mouth of his with whatever Fox wants to put into it, and that must feel like hell.


  4. globatron
    June 14, 2009

    I personally think we need to question hate speech and how it is used by our media. There is nothing good that can come from demonizing and dehumanizing another person. The media should not be biased towards the news but what I’m finding is that for some reason many right wing media outlets namely Fox News and Rush’s right wing talk radio don’t claim to be media. They are always finger pointing at the media being to blame for everything.

    So two questions really:
    When does our freedom of speech actually hurt others and if so should that be allowed?

    Why do the media outlets named above not think that they are the media?

  5. Akbar Lightning
    June 14, 2009

    Yo Globatron, this goes back to a constant discussion on this site, the ethical dimension of media and the arts, as when we discussed the Lars Von Trier flick.

    I am planning on doing a post soon, a critique of Eminem’s new album that has a lot of hateful brutality on it. I am a huge Eminem fan so I find this conflicting. I see the irony in what he is doing, and yet I am left to face my own standards. this is such a difficult topic.

    perhaps hatred and hateful speech is part of a process by which people can vent frustrations. perhaps it is actual physical violence that should be the frowned upon activity, and a link between hateful speech and violence is troublesome to make.

    all of this comes down to people like you and I wishing to live in a world that is somehow ‘better’, more refined, more peaceful. this too is a difficulty philosophically. are we to accept our world as it is? what is a reasonable expectation for change or progress? questions like this are the theme of my intellectual life.


  6. wennersbane
    June 15, 2009

    Hey Globey,

    That passage rocks! It is great to see focused writing, it has been so long since i was able to write in a way that felt sharp. That is sharp and hits hard. Scream it from the mountain e-tops!

    Akbar, never forget.



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