Dear John Letter to Jacksonville

Posted by on Jun 2, 2009 in Globatron

I wanted to write this letter to notify you that it has been fun getting to know you. That you will always have a big place in the heart of Globatron as you were its birthplace. I will never forget getting to know you and the local art scene. Those memories I will always hold close to our collective heart. But with that said, I hate to tell you but I can no longer be seen with you unless it directly relates to Globatron’s mission.

And as we have all known we have basically grown apart and we’ve known this has been coming for some time. I have loved you and tried to nurture your growing local art scene by documenting it as much as possible. I have gotten little in return from that time invested. I don’t blame you fully as we both are to blame. Globatron’s mission has changed. We are no longer a local art site.  Globatron no longer documents art.  Globatron is now a growing collaborative work of art. Also, we are Global as the name Globatron has always suggested. Globatron has been yearning for the day to spread its wings and fly. That day has come and Globatron is now anti-local, not anti-Jacksonville.

We have prided ourselves in turning Globatron into a growing collaborative art project and we have Jacksonville to thank for much of that inspiration. The site has been growing organically not unlike a virus for some time now. It’s time to unleash that virus and let it grow out of its local petri dish. Our projects will no longer have any affiliation with Jacksonville unless it is in direct relation to a Globatron art project. I had thought this was well known but it seems non-local readers have been confused of Globatron’s affiliation. I am writing this letter of intent to make it crystal clear. The love affair is over.

I have always tried to stir the pot by trying to grow healthy dialogue and dissent among the local art scene. I will not take one word back and am proud of all that has been said and done. I wish you only the best.  XOXOXOXO

Viva la Globatron.


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