Is “global warming” stealing my life?

Posted by on Jan 28, 2010 in Climate Change, Globalwarming, Science

Greetings 2010! It has been awhile since my last posting, but with all things in life, there is a natural winter rhythm that must be obeyed! Like a hirsute mammal, I was burrowed into a cave recharging for the spring [substitute Pacific island for cave in this case].
Throughout my winter journey, I was often confronted to discuss climate change. I am constantly reminded how popular this subject is with all levels of society. ( Did anybody catch the reaction during The State of The Union last night after Obama made reference to irrefutable scientific evidence? ) While most of us perceive “global warming” in terms of environmental threat or even economic challenge, there is one aspect to this story that has yet to be told. I hope you are sitting down……..”Global warming” could be stealing your life without you even noticing it!

SAY WHAT? Un sphincter dice que? Well, part of the deal is that one must assume that time = life. Without time there is no life and life responds to time (think aging). If you agree with this basic statment, read on….

One interesting tidbit has emerged as scientists model and forecast future scenarios. Contrary to believing that “global warming” will spur super hurricanes, there is now evidence that supports the fact that hurricane development could be suppressed by the enhancement of unfavorable winds aloft ( around 30,000 ft high). These unfavorable winds, known in this case as upper level westerlies (flowing from west to east), will act to shear the vertical structure of the storm, thus discouraging further development. But, there is more to the story.

When considering winds, we must also consider the momentum that is associated with them. Remember that all objects with mass in motion possess momentum (p = mv). Now, consider that these westerlies aloft will increase, thus increasing their momentum transport….IN THE SAME DIRECTION AS THE EARTH’S ROTATION! That leaves us with a total increase in angular momentum, which means that the earth will spend FASTER! If the earth spins faster then our days become shortened! So in essence, another result of “global warming” will be shorter days and thus……..less life, eventually leaving us stranded with the expression of, “Dude, where’s my car!?”

OK, so the approx. change in the length of the day is in the order of milliseconds. But, I don’t remember giving my permission to a bunch of life-long politicians, corporate polluters, or lazy folk to steal any of my life/time. At least not in this lifetime!
Good riddance 2009!

* “global warming” is in quotes to preserve the common misnomer.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    January 28, 2010

    welcome back meteos, i thought it got lighter a bit earlier this morning…

    great post!

  2. globatron
    January 29, 2010

    Yes welcome back Meteos. I would love to know about your travels and the adventures you had the past few months. This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing this.


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