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  1. globatron
    June 28, 2010

    This conversation could be happening now on this site or might have already happened to some extent.

    I do see Norman holding on to morals and truth much like we do on Globatron. He seems to be fighting the nihilism of postmodernism. This is an ongoing theme on this site. Amazing these same conversations have not been worked out.

    Very little has been accomplished since 1968. More technology but as far as philosophy it seems we are still chasing our tails.

  2. Akbar Lightning
    July 2, 2010

    due to my distraction over my recent book and the greg discussion i keep forgetting to mention that i watched these and enjoyed them immensely…and i did project a bit of myself and logocentric…

    this is a great example of the near impossibility of these intellectual pursuits….

    attempting the impossible is one of the things that i love about being human…

    great post…

  3. Greg
    July 2, 2010

    You know I believe the conceptual environment is very much similar to the eternal struggle between the two sides of nature. The Chinese define it is as Ying and Yang, one can not exist without the other. Such is life as we know it, there are always two sides because there must be a balance. Always, when one forces becomes more potent the other strengthens to regain the balance. In nature this is evidenced everyday. If you dig a hole in the sand, the sand eventually will fill in the hole.

    From what I observe there are two sides to the ongoing discussions here, I see two sets of ideals wanting mostly the same things but attempting to arrive at this destination through different paths.
    As much as light must have the dark and good must have evil such is our condition. The balance will remain only when both sides equally lower the intensity of their polarization. Thus providing balance and at the same time become closer to being in unison. The elevation of this polarization is what has escalated the opinions and positions we hold and why the “battle” rages on today after thousands of years. It is only going get better when we discover a force or epiphany that there is no us or them, just WE exist. Once that happens this discussion (not here specifically but universally) will become productive and instead of generating heat it will generate light.

  4. globatron
    July 2, 2010

    Are there two Gregs? A Yin and a Yang Greg? Maybe so. I often times don’t know who I am writing to. This comment seems to completely contradict much of what you have said the past few days.

    You can not believe in this “WE” and speak of minorities the way you do. I mean you can but it comes off as a complete contradiction.

  5. Greg
    July 3, 2010

    What can I say Globa, I am a complex man. LOL.
    I do believe in the concept of we, it is very very hard when you come from my background to get the hip off the shoulder. Anyway happy fourth.


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