The Studio Within

Posted by on Jul 2, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Featured

I was born a painter
I would take a brush to canvas
A pencil to paper
And feel primordial
I stared for years at blankness
And created a universe

One image to explain it all
A series to explain my call
To want to make a difference
An infinite scream I realized
Born into me, I often despised
The general lack of awareness

I searched for groups to discuss
The meaning of our lives through art
We traveled the nation
Hanging art in movie theaters
Cafes, galleries and museums
Shipping and installing within
My life’s work

Through one surgery it all changed
A brain tumor had rearranged
My desires to create
The surgeon sliced out
2 inches of my right parietal lobe
I awoke with no link to my brush
My left side numb to the touch
As if a string had been cut
No dexterity to create unfettered

I began to write poetry
I found words held color
I could tell stories clearer
My studio was always in my head
I always created within
No matter the medium
Art could not stop
Flowing from these hands


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