The Greatest Generation

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The greatest generation of all, is ahead.
Look forward.
Can you see them?
They are coded.
We carry them inside our cells.
Be thankful.
There will never be a need
for them to fight a war.
No need to be shot and bled
for loss of limb or more.

The greatest generation of all time, has not lived.
They are our future.
A time when Racism and Hate are dead.
Both genes no longer needed nor fed.
Deleted before male and female
chromosomes are wed.

Be Grateful.
This generation will not cling
to any religion or flag.
They will reach for the stars.
Study the sciences.
Expand mathematics.
Map the universe.

For Guidance,
They will study logic.
They will write new philosophies.
Paint new masterpieces.

They will imagine new equations
to use the full power of the Sun.
They will see the infinite in the minute.
They will have no need for a god
for a moral compass.
For Morality will be a universal truth.

No, the greatest generation of all is not dead.
Is not dying. Has not been named.
Did not live through any great war.
Did not die for freedom for you or me.

For that generation gave all they could give
but forgot the greatest lesson of all.
To Forgive.
Holding hate in their hearts to the very end.
Not seeking equality for all.
Not knowing when to relinquish their power.
Used their might to wrong the rights of the minority.
Did not respect the Earth.
Denied their climate destruction against the majority.

As they forced their boot to the throat of all progress.
Collectively never taking a stand
To right the wrongs so many fought to apprehend.
Yes, their generation is soon to end.
Soon to be remembered, for when
they chose the wrong side of history.

For their true fault was to never comprehend
their greatest enemy was within.


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