The Corporate Body

Posted by on Aug 12, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Featured

If a corporation was a person its body would be covered with malignant melanoma. No blood would flow into its limbs. Atrophy would soon set in. Muscles would no longer move. The brain would be remodeled with a wonderful office view. Capital would be a tumor that would take over the skull. No more room to renovate the head’s growth would show. Stage four brain tumors shaped like private jets and super yachts would grow.

There would be diamonds as eyes that would intensely glow. Serving as a lighthouse for investors to bestow. To guide them from their fear of shark infested retirement waters. Come home to mother corporation these eyes would speak. I am the corporate body you seek.

The heart would be black and dead. It would have quit beating long ago from a heart attack. It would not pump blood money into its fat body that it once fed. Tens of thousands of people would be cells. Every department would represent an organ or a limb. An arm. A leg. A lung. A black liver. Black with death from the grain alcohol pumped in. The natural gas that was fracked. The medicines pimped. The health care system hijacked.

This death would be felt inside each and every cell. But outside the cells would happily carry on. An illusion of sugar coated prosperity for everyone. Cells would dress each day and go to work with a dark shadow within. Not knowing why they had lost all respect. For the planet we owe our eternal debt.

CEOs would be on vacation in their third mansion in the frontal cortex. An escape helicopter ready in case the body woke up and realized it was near death. Meanwhile, money would trickle down as urine and shit. From poisoned food that was not worth the energy it ate. This body would grow globally.

It would put its cancerous fingers into all our soil. It would dig deeper and deeper for more and more oil. It would pay off politicians every day and night. To continue to lobby for its inalienable rights. Its identity. As a person. To have the rights of any citizen. To have the billions of only corporations. Because corporations are people too. Holding up their big middle finger up at you.


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