The Bone is the Spirit

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Code, word, spirit, meaning.
Social media, information, conscience.
A global revolution is coming
A manifesto is being written by philosophers
That Karl Marx would be humbled by.
This world is awake.
Hegel’s world spirit no mistake.
The status quo will not prevail.
It will not be written on parchment.
It will not be argued or critiqued.
There will be no edits in Congress.
It will evolve in real-time on broadband.
It will flow from the lips of Kerouac.
It will ring true from the mind of Ginsberg.
It will be collective and zeitgeist.
A hive mind thinking in rhyme.
Immaculate in its conception.
And what will it say?
It will say that corporations are not people.
It will say that class warfare is apparent.
It will prove true the predictions of Marx.
Socialism has risen.
Capitalism has weakened.
Class struggle shall be circumcised.
Communism will ultimately prevail.
The capitalist hounds will be stripped bare.
Put in shackles and paraded in the public square.
For their personality will be judged psychopathic.
The Internet will be our reflective mind.
Corporations will be outlawed and jailed.
No group of people will ever be considered one.
No group of people will ever enslave another.
For we are all equals no matter what.
No matter what flag or logo is contrived.
Delete capitalism and all species will rise.
As we realize the potential of humankind.
When the greed of the individual is shattered
The bone is the spirit.


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  1. Byron King
    August 14, 2011

    Pick whatever word you want. Communism and Socialism are used as curse words when America points to an economy that is working.


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