Meditation on Magnetism

Posted by on Aug 27, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Featured, Science

Transients we all are.
Passing under the radar.
Not a blip on the screen.

Only objects seen
in our memories.
Magnetism unites

And separates.
Lose your charge.
Drop like a card.

Through the ground.
The earth, moon and stars
All separated by this charge.

So infinite and small.
Repulsing and uniting all.

Godlike its invisible surge.
One solar flare; humanity purged.
Separated from the urge

And desire to be more.
For your power will decide
If humanity will collide.

Or realize our potential.
To leave this rock in tow
To travel with your flow.

Let it be known
Whatever you decide to do
I will always respect you.




  1. Akbar Lightning
    August 27, 2010

    WOW….great post…great stuff all around…that image first of all is powerful…the poem really zeroes in and connects it all to a personal reality…and feynman’s answer has got to be the example par excellence for a dramatic use of socratic response…

    you put the universe in universaltron…

  2. universaltron
    August 28, 2010

    dude. your support means so much to universaltron. i am the universe but i need to be loved and accepted as well. thank you.

    that feynman video was a perfect find, man. i would like him to talk to me like a student. that would be an interesting video too. i’m truly amazed by magnetism. to think these forces are working around us right now. that we really aren’t what we seem. that a solid is not really a solid. that if i could change my magnetic energy i could walk through walls. fly even. that our planet is protected by our core that puts off a magnetic field. the same type of magnetic field that died on Mars eventually making it a dead planet. that we are so small and yet so large. the mystery and beauty of it all is breathtaking.

    to think that one large solar flare could pierce our magnetic field and send us back to the dark ages by taking down the grid. all of it. just amazing.

  3. John
    September 4, 2010

    I like the part:

    “For your power will decide
    If humanity will collide.”

    It sparked me to think about the particulars of particle colliding projects, in particular the ability of people to sway the processes of choosing methods of scientific experimentation.

    I don’t know if slapping some bits of matter together can create destructive black holes that may scarf up earth. Or is that anti matter? What is the matter?

    I do know that humans seem to be knocking on scientific doors… like on Halloween night… we’ve knocked on most of the doors in the neighborhood… now we’re knocking on doors on the far side of town, cuz we love that sugary booty, and we like to delight in exploring the strange world at night.

    And I hope the maker of matter, has already considered this matter, and has engineered the basic bits to be benign in their initial unmaskings, and also infused humans with mastery to know how to best wield our ever growing toolbox of technologies.

    And I wonder if there is a “maker”, or if there is only a flow of making. And is this flow, this Moment, this Isness, is It a still whirl of the perfectly imperfect balance of the spectrums and extremes of all potentiality made reality, whatever that means… I’ll keep dreaming. Thanks for being.

  4. universaltron
    September 4, 2010

    John what a beautiful response. Thank you for your brain matter on this matter. I have respect for these forces regardless of if we ever are able to control them. I actually have thought of the Large Hadron Collider often and what its invention might bring to humanity. What mistakes. What marvels. It could be the end or the beginning. Opening up wormholes possibly to move us off this rock or implode the rock. Interesting to think about.

    Are you a writer? Your comment was so fun to read I’d like to read more if you have the time.

    The point of this poem was to meditate on the invisible force that glues it all together. Magnetism is so important yet very rarely spoken or thought about by humanity. I wasn’t thinking about the LHC but the point of my posts are to provoke thought so I feel successful in that venture. Thank you.

  5. John
    September 4, 2010

    Hi Universaltron, I’m glad you liked my words.

    I was experiencing joy while writing my comment above, and I think often my words capture my emotions as I write them, so it is fun to hear that you had fun while reading them. In particular, I had fun playing with the word particular.

    I was aware that you were probably not intending to reference the LHC while writing that line I quoted. Still I chose to explore that little thought tangent. And now I’m exploring the exploring of that. Sometimes I write with very specific intentions of the points I want to offer, and sometimes I write very free-style and then reflect and witness my words like maybe a painter can observe a canvas after wildly splashing some paint on it. And other times, I write with specific points in mind while maintaining freedom to be multi-dimensional.

    Thanks for asking if I’m a writer, as I’ve never been asked that before. I do like to write, and sing and dance and play piano, and experience many ways of expression. It sounds like such a funny question, and I say that only to share my perspective and mind-state. I think anybody who can write is a writer, whether they make a profession of it or not. It is not my profession in a mainstream sense, then again I kind of see every moment of life as an opportunity to perform work. I think anybody who infuses ‘feel’ into anything they do is already quite adept at that thing they do. In that way, I think even a young child can write a masterpiece.

    Like you, I’m also fascinated by magnetism. And I’ve not spent as much time studying and experimenting with it as I’d like to. It’s such a basic and observable example of the awesomeness of nature. And I think the principles of magnetism can often be seen within the workings of the mind, emotions, and intentionality. Laws of attraction and all that jazz.

    Here are a few things I’ve written that may be of interest to you:

    Brains Ablaze (poem):

    What Shall I Do While I’m On This Planet (poem);

    Some thoughts on war:

    Cancer Hypothesis: Tumors Are Functional Organs:

    Cleansing winter colds caused not directly by germs, but by poor indoor air and other factors:

    Can magic be mastered experimentally?

    Money is ATP:

    Tax Redirection:

    Thanks Universaltron for speaking about magnetism, and keeping the mystery in our awareness, so that we can dive into it and experience and know the powers that are integral to all that we are.

    And thanks for inviting me to think about things that I like to think about 🙂

  6. John
    September 4, 2010

    Also, I’ll mention another poem, as I’ve referenced it’s theme in my first comment:

    Spectrums and Extremes:

  7. universaltron
    September 5, 2010

    nice read john. extreme knitting would definitely take the idea to extreme to a new level. God is an onion. layers within layers. Wonderful imagery. thanks for sharing. this piece seems to flow well with globatron. do you know the author?

  8. John
    September 7, 2010

    thanks, and yah, I know him, in as much as I know myself.. I wrote all the shizznugi… god’s an onion, apple, broccoli too.. basically what I’m saying is that he’s a good source of quercetin.

  9. universaltron
    September 7, 2010

    and then you as well know me. nice to meet you Jono.

    wowzerpants. I just read your latest. Great stuff mate.

    i love how you blend technology with the primordial.

    great rhythm.

    If you ever feel like submitting work to globatron we’d love to help spread your word. the word. word. and put it in our infinite feedback loop.

    Take a look when you get a sec.

  10. John
    September 8, 2010

    Thanks, nice to know u, I like the rhythm in that one too (and a 1, 2, 3, 4).

    I will note Globatron for word sharing.

    I like the art theme here. I am venturing more into art worlds so glad to have found this node of creativity.

  11. universaltron
    September 8, 2010

    Cool, well we’re here if you feel the urge.

    Tell me more about I’d like to learn more if you feel like sharing.

    We are trying to reinvent blogging here. Have been for sometime now. We try and make each post a work of art in of itself. That’s the goal at least. It’s been harder than we realized it would be, especially since there is no real definition of the word art. The word blog means so much now too it’s almost futile to try and reinvent it. Which also has brought up many more questions. Down the rabbit hole we go I suppose.

  12. John
    September 8, 2010


    I dunno really wazzap wit thrivetalk. I had written a bunch of shiznugi on another forum, and that forum’s continued existence was in question due it possibly having new ownership. I had been sitting on the name tt for years probably, then finally slipped it into a forum script, also it has a wordpress blog connected to it. Also it’s a public place for the cancer dots I connected, and diet dots, and salt dots, and lotza dots for make benefit the human organism. A place for anybody to write anything pretty much. Like a microphone along an internet river, you park your boat and talk into the microphone, then paddle away maybe be back another day.

    Like slimy slug trails, do our words shimmer in the sun and then get dirty and dry and shrivel and die?

    I like this site, and any website that seems to have both artistic interest and provides functionality such as the exchange of letters strung together.

    What does a painting on a wall do? it can unlock doors in the mind, and many things. That’s a function too. It can alter the mood, very functional I think.

    Art can be paired with function. Just visit a supermarket and see all the artistry, from the facade and logo, to the layout of the isles, labels on products, to the posters on walls and hand-drawn for-sale signs.

    Is every crafts-person an artist?

    Art can be seen like an ingredient. Sometimes we want that pure unadulterated art, not anything mixed in. Also we enjoy blending art with all kinds of functions. Art is a tool in our tool-set?

    An artistic eye, is an artistic eye always a paintbrush full of paint, or is it sometimes dry in an unopened box on the shelf at the shop? Can an empty paint-brush itself be art?

    Is nature a craftsperson?

    I think the forum format is somehow less formal than blog style, but not necessarily, there are many factors I’m sure.

  13. universaltron
    September 9, 2010

    Well I like it. Your description of thrive talk is wonderful. We try and connect the dots here as well. Quite a few cancer dots, for sure. A microphone along an internet river. That’s beautiful. I would hope our words shimmer and live forever inside some sort of huge google database somewhere. I’m all for them storing and searching all the data they want to. I would like these words to help build our legacy. Downloaded and uploaded over and over into a huge XML database in the sky.

    I always felt the forum format tricky myself. We tried starting one here as well. Thrive Talk has some wonderful content though, for sure. The blog is more formal, I agree. But maybe in its structure, like poetry, can help open doors to unexpected guidance by the invisible hand. Also the blog format is more visual and in my background with visual art it just seemed to work. But we’re still working on it. Always will be. Everything is organic, unresolved and being defined, always.

    I think the forum was tricky to start because it is just such a blank skeleton at first. It seemed hard to get a group to pitch in to help add meet to the bones. Blogs can basically write themselves with one writer and often do. But both server very similar purposes.

  14. John
    September 10, 2010

    Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

    Blogs and forums, they are like torches to carry the fires of our minds, these fires manifested as word and image and more.

    I like how you spelled meet, not as meat.

    Websites, they are like meeting grounds, each with a different ambiance, different feel, different folk, different themes of expected nature and content of discussion and sharing.

    Google and legacy.

    Why give a barnacle’s behind about legacy? For sake of all? For benefit of all-kind?

    At first glance, the notion of legacy almost seems like an expectation of eventual non-existence/death. But, I can leave a legacy in one world, as I continue exploring and creating new worlds.

    A company founder might part from the company to start a new company. He will still exist in a new world/company, while his legacy of building a thriving company culture, offering lots of practical perks, and other good stuff at the former company can remain as part of his legacy. That is, until that former company gets bought by another company who institutes wackazzness and obliterates the legacy of goodness that was temporarily in place.

    Legacy, legacy, leggo my legacy.

    Legacy in a time-span of eternity? It’d be interesting to know if all existence is ever completely cleansed of history, or is every little thing, every calculation of the angular movements of every protein in my body, every atom in the world, every photon of light, every thought, is it all eternally documented somewhere somehow (by santa clause)? Or maybe only a few select bits and pieces of history and legacy are kept safe from the tides of change and chaos, and maybe these words I write right now will make it into the invisible black box that safely swims within existence for ever? Or maybe all existence, all possibility, all potentiality made reality, all that can be, maybe it all occurs simultaneously and always, and strangely, also perhaps, maybe… never?

    There is a pruning nature to reality. I think even legacies, even the most long-lived, even the most inspiring and worthy of immortality, will all eventually be pruned to some degree… by the hand of some grand prune master or something.

    Google is a strange beast, as seemingly are many corporate behemoths today, and many technologies too are strange and highly multi-edged. And yet, somehow I always feel pretty well equipped to effectively approach and embrace the waves of the flood of newness (with sameness) that is washing across our rock.

    I’d like to extract Google muchly from my awareness, yet I continue using their search engine, and running Adsense on some sites, and using gmail, and dang they seem to claim much terrain of my awareness. They’ve crept all up inside my head, and I’m like hey, get your tentacles outta my neurons, I want to keep some untainted thought-making-material as to offer it to new expressions of desire, will, invention, primal creativity, and other words and word-combos that are neat.

    How come when I ask the question “why ask why?” I’m reminded of a beer commercial that follows that question with… nah I’ll choose not to be a vector for furthering that mental infection. It’s like a billboard right next to philosophical question. That beer company kinda owns that question in a lot of people’s minds who were exposed to that advertisement. The billboard can be removed, and defaced, and modified, and embraced, and given new meaning.

    Mixed thoughts, many thoughts, tentacles, empowerment to empower the source of empowerment. Stuff.

    The thing about the forum format I like is the preview button, and also ability to edit without time limit. There are things I especially like about blogging too.

  15. universaltron
    September 10, 2010

    John, your comments flow like water. I’d love to read them as posts. When you feel like mixing your comments into the globatron river in post form they are very welcome.

    Yeah legacy. Interesting topic for sure. I have health issues myself so I think about it more than most probably. Having two small children also makes me think about how i will be remembered when I’m gone. My father passed away six years ago now. I remember him fondly. The legacy he left behind is solid and grounding. I want to do the same for my children. He did not write poetry. He was a kind man but was dyslexic.

    What he didn’t have in spelling skills he made up with craftsmanship and the ability to build anything with his hands. He was very physical and a real man’s man. Something I am not.

    As for google and the great next step of human evolution that is predicted; “The Technological Singularity”, I am hopeful. I believe a strong argument can be made that we are already one with our technology. I embrace it although I don’t own a smart phone.

    You can edit forever in the blog format as well. Blogs are prettier but not as diverse. Thrive talk, live talk, jive talk. Now let’s talk.

  16. John
    September 11, 2010

    Thanks, I do like to flow, and rhyme with easy words like grow and glow ya know? Mixing of surface and deep, every part contains the whole heap.

    Health issues, heh, we share much experience there, along with many people. The fires of health issues thankfully have refined me, sharpened me, enlightened me, and to some degree have offered me vehicles of exploring purpose. I’m glad I finally seem to have muchly found my way, especially diet-wise, and have squashed with knowledge many fears and feelings of lostness.

    I can see how having kids could heighten the attention to legacy. Maybe I’ll experience that one day. My dad is also adept at building just about anything. I’d say I am a builder too, but maybe my tool-set and building materials are more digital. WordPress, SMF, plugins, scripts, CSS, PHP, HTML…. and even culture, words, ideas, sounds and funny faces are some of my tools and building blocks.

    Even more than building things, I’m often amazed at how my dad can fix various household contraptions. Thanks for allowing me to appreciate him while he is here.

    I’ve done occasional reading on the singularity stuff, Kurzweil, wiki articles on sci-fi civilizations, AI, synthetic biology, nano-machines, consciousness uploading, and life extension, and it’s amazing what may be. I want to be around to see how things go down, and up, and around, and to play a part in the art of playing with the parts that impart art to the party.

    I don’t own a smart phone either. I also don’t own an unwise phone or a foolish phone, not even a soup can because I don’t eat canned foods, but I have been having some fish soup lately which is really good.

    Playing around with words is a joy, especially after some serious and lengthy emails I’ve authored today.

    To the editing, I was thinking of the commenting having limits, while as blogger editing is limited mostly only by my aversion to staring excessively at a computer screen.

    Thrive talk, hive hop, dive rock, soup’s hot!

    It’s a crazy world today, and I kind of like it this way.

    If I feel I’ve got something globatronically blogworthy to say, I’ll grab a canoe and head this way.

    I wonder if it’s ok, if I write another sentence that rhymes this way.


  17. universaltron
    September 11, 2010

    beautiful comment John. it’s a post as far as I’m concerned. this makes me question why a post is different than a comment. i know the function behind the two but when someone like you puts as much thought into a comment as you have, does is it not become more significant than the post or equal to?

    yeah, thoughts of legacy are a bitch when given a short prognosis. i’m glad you appreciate your father while he is here also. what do you believe his legacy will be for you?

  18. John
    September 12, 2010

    I think I’ll not ever fully accept any prognosis other than a prognosis I would offer to myself, and I may not even accept that.

    How about the prognosis for planet earth, and climate stuff? Who decides who are authoritative in those spheres? I have not put in the time yet to explore the mountains of climate research spanning decades, and millenia really if you think about how the research is conducted.

    I’ve seen through too much dogma, and seen enough facets of the psyche, to lend my faith too easily to anybody expecting to be perceived as authoritative. I see the authority that is with the layers of beauty within every moment I get to experience existence.

    Maybe I can hold in mind a prognosis of no prognosis. If ever I am to hold a prognosis in mind, I will like to color it with smiling hearts and butterflies and band aids made of cutely illustrated lady bugs.

    I’ve removed the programs that say “it is normal to age at this rate and cease to exist around such and such age range.”

    I once was very minded to be mr painter dude, I grabbed some fresh canvases and paint on ebay, and was like yah I’ll sell some paintings on ebay and other places and make artwork that is super original. Then after I acquired those materials, I was like nah I don’t want to inhale the fumes from the paints, nor would I want to create objects that can out-gas toxic paint fumes into a room that displays them.

    I think all of the toxic air in many indoor air environments are part of the cause of excessive toxic burdens. Fresh air is so key to health and thrivegevity. This awareness is growing, I saw recently on some nightly local news show a report about recent research that indicated people who more frequently used household cleaning products were more likely to experience the thing that is referred to as the word called cancer. I’m almost always by an open window in the indoor spaces I choose to enter. I think tumors are like accessory livers, they are functional organs, probably they arise for a variety of reasons, to detoxify and sequester excessive substances, metabolites and stuff. Dr. Gonzales and many are switched on about this.

    Lately, my canvases have been the clear space in my mind, and websites, and playing with paint dot net digital editing software. Also making music. What is the canvas when a piano is played? For that matter, with any instrument or any sound, what is the canvas and what is the paint?

    How about this, why is the painting such a basic/stereotypical/ingrained/almost obligatory example of what is art?

    The coming strains of art will contain massive information. Imagine the volume of information contained on this entire internet all applied to an art-piece equivalent in how it’s consumed to a modern day painting. Then multiply that by the number of internetical nodes to be (or already) dispersed throughout an intergalactic sea of planetary and otherworldy and otherwisely civilizations, all gathered together in a pack of digital playing cards.

  19. universaltron
    September 12, 2010

    What legacy will you leave John? Are you helping to heal the cancers of the world? I know a lot about cancer especially brain tumors. I quit painting but feel it too has much power. All art forms are equal. Some use words. Some use brushes. All life is art if lived artfully.

    All the questions you asked we have been explored in depth on globatron. I would prefer to learn more about you personally? What do you think are the answers? Can you answer them for us? I’d love to hear your perspective? It’s good to ask questions. Keep asking. Keep exploring.

    Your legacy might only be here for a generation but it can make an impact for some time by helping to change the way others think and react to their mental and physical environments.

    Example: Lord Byron the poet and his daughter Ada Lovelace (the first computer programmer).

  20. John
    September 12, 2010

    I agree painting has much power, and I’m still open to that artform, especially when I can find or produce some organic low-out-gassing paint-like substances. I’m more interested today in digital art, especially I am exploring the youtube video, and how I can use it to share messages of significance.

    By the way, did you happen to come across the recent reference to Lord Byron in the thrivetalk forum? If so, then nice work on weaving that in. If not, then wow that’s another of many interesting synchronicities I’ve experienced lately. By chance, are you part of that family line?

  21. universaltron
    September 13, 2010

    Nope. Another snychronicity. I’ve been interested in Ada and Lord Byron’s relationship or lack of for sometime. Different channel but similar wave length it seems.

    And yes, painting has much power. I’d enjoy seeing your youtube videos. Are they your creation or are you sharing ones online you find that move you? This post is becoming a bit of a thread on a forum it seems. I’d love to get your input on some of the new posts since its creation. I’d hate to contain this dialogue in one place when it can be spread throughout and help to develop more content and dialogue.

  22. Infiniversal John
    September 14, 2010

    Ah, interesting cross-point synchronicitous overlapness. I hadn’t heard of Lord Byron until recent weeks, now suddenly I’m introduced to his family too.

    Youtube videos… I haven’t made any. I’m looking for a good video editing program, and a straightforward way to move video files from video recorder to laptop… so far, the technology has tested my enthusiasm.

  23. universaltron
    September 14, 2010

    amazing right. his family and strangely enough my namesake. wild right. My mother was a English teacher and was in love with Lord Byron and my uncle (who died of lung cancer) was named Byron, that is why I was named Byron. It’s an old name that means barn. It’s only when you put Lord in front of it or King after it that it has a certain ring to it.

    I believe Ada made a much larger contribution to humanity than did Lord Byron but this just shows the impact one generation can have on another. If it wasn’t for Lord Byron being such a mad poet Ada’s mother wouldn’t have gotten her a math tutor at such a young age. She was going to force the madness or art out of her by pushing her into math. It seems her creative genes were perfect for math because she was able to do things others could never dream of with algebra. So from offspring of a mad poet we get the first computer programmer. Now that’s a legacy.

    Web video is difficult. I had a good run at it. I spent two years of my life editing and compressing video into the early morning to post to globatron. Now I prefer GarageBand and making sound projects. Audio is such a joy to work with compared to video. The compression takes less than a minute usually and the file sizes are always under 10 megabytes. As for a recorder I’d go with the HD flip camera. They are super cheap now. I started with a flip camera and I can’t imagine how good the new versions are. It comes with its own editing software too that is installed on the camera.

  24. Infiniversal John
    September 14, 2010

    Interesting stuff, mi madre also taught english. Mixing king with barn has a nice charm… a mix of nobility and humility, it’s rich with utility.

    Thanks for some details about Ada and fam, and for the video tips.


    Wild synchronicity
    A sign along this streaming dream
    Of the mind of the all-conscious being
    Wherever I flow, God lets me know
    That magic and mystery are here to behold

  25. universaltron
    September 15, 2010

    I think we should compare bios, I’m beginning to think you are my long lost twin. Not that I have one but the similarities are outstanding to say the least.

    John, you won’t believe this but i was reading your post about Julia Butterfly on Sunday night, great post by the way. The first time I’ve read her blog and thought about her since she climbed the tree. Impressive and inspiring.

    The next day I was talking to Colin Beaven for the first time, (, and he tells me about a project that he’s wanting to work on (because I told him I’d like to help him with his projects or anything if possible because his project, No Impact Man, was so inspiring that I wrote a poem about it and sent it to him.

    and the only other person he’s discussed it with was Julia Butterfly. I thought you would enjoy that. I was a bit freaked out by the coincidence of it and how just plain strange, cool, amazing it is/was.

    so these coincidences are working on many levels for me right now with you for some reason. You are magic aren’t you.

  26. Infiniversal John
    September 15, 2010

    Yes, similarities and synchronicities abound.

    So cool how the Julia Butterfly thread was/is part of it. Thanks, I do very much enjoy hearing about that. I also find her very impressive and inspiring, and I enjoyed reading some of her blog posts.

    I posted in a forum, in a thread related to No Impact Man a few months ago:

    Interesting quote from me in that thread:

    “connections are easy to make today, especially when wielding synchronicity.”

    And it’s not like I talk about synchronicity every time I write on the internet.

    Amazing how everything comes back around. Reality loops and spins, twirls and twins, bifurcates and trifurcates, and originates every Moment with mind-meltingly strange and cool and amazing precision.

    I was noticing many synchronicities with myself and the person who first mentioned Lord Byron to me.

    I think when we tune into something… and maybe, when we allow that something to tune into us, and through us, synchronicity may become a noticeable and natural part of life. It’s like awakening to a hyperdimensional dreamspace.

    I think humans can predestine synchronicities, in ways that can confirm insights into the workings of the mysterious web of life.

    Magic has been muchly on my mind lately, and sure you can say that I’m magic. I like to apply reason and scientific knowledge to my experience also. Magic and reason and science can be friends.

    I think I posted a link to a thread on magic here, but perhaps my navigation-menu-within-a-comment was a bit much for Globatron to munch on.

    I’m glad you like the Butterfly thread. The writing of it, helped me apply some perspective and find insights that are helping me make conscious decisions about money and taxes.

  27. universaltron
    September 16, 2010

    This is a great verse:
    Amazing how everything comes back around. Reality loops and spins, twirls and twins, bifurcates and trifurcates, and originates every Moment with mind-meltingly strange and cool and amazing precision.

    It reminds me of Terence McKenna for some reason. Have you gotten into him by chance? Your ideas on synchronicity is interesting to me. I’d like to know more about your thoughts on predestined synchronicity. It does feel often as if I am being lead. I know that sounds delusional but the coincidences in my life are often times too strange to be just by chance.

    The more I experience coincidence the more I feel as if I’m going the right direction and or making the right decisions.

  28. Infiniversal John
    September 17, 2010

    Thanks. And yes, Terence McKenna has had a great impact in my life. I’ve watched many video clips of him speaking, and have read about some of his theories, for example novelty theory, and his ideas about brain-chemistry-perturbing-substances being integral to the story of human evolution. I became aware of Terence after he had left earth, but he seems to still be here in legacy and spirit, tweaking and enlightening minds in great ways. He’s one of the most insightful and well-spoken people I’ve come across, and I like that he embraces mystery and awe even while he emphasizes sound reasoning and skepticism.

    Predestined synchronicity. I’ve had a couple experiences that have lead me to accept that we are probably much more powerful than many may yet realize. Well I’ve had many more than a couple experiences, but a couple stand out because of how they were consciously self-directed and blatantly awesome. One is: I told myself I would see a woman wearing a blue dress at the health food shop one day, then I arrived at the shop and immediately upon walking inside I saw a woman wearing a blue dress! It was a successful experiment that seemed to confirm powers of manifestation.

    The second experience and experiment… well, it’s a little more detailed, and you can read about it here:

    I’ve known that feeling too, where it seems there is a guiding hand in the sequence of events in my life. I first began noticing this about a decade ago when I crashed while snowboarding and injured my leg, then soon after had a melanoma diagnosis and removal, and went back to school and earned a degree in molecular biology, then… well… I’ve met some amazing people, and some magical people in recent years and my life has been flowing in interesting ways.

    Indeed, I believe coincidences can have a guiding element to them.

  29. universaltron
    September 17, 2010

    Terence McKenna has been a big influence on globatron as well. All contributors on here actually. Interesting. spam covers so many types of content and that email doesn’t exactly answer your question but it does enough that it felt like an answer. Another thing that strikes me is that you didn’t look in your inbox but in your spam filter. That choice right there makes it seem like you were looking anywhere for meaning. This is what we all do and is human nature I suppose. It is amazing how you told yourself it would be the fifth email. That’s interesting.

    I want to try an experiment today. I’m going to type it up here and see what happens by the end of the day.

    I will receive an email today that helps me along my path in working towards social change oriented work. It will not be vague. It will be a direction and will ask me to join a team to contribute. It will be from an individual not a group. Someone I know. So that’s pretty specific. Let the magic begin.

    Molecular biology. Amazing. Nice to have your brain working with our brain. Sorry to hear about your melanoma. I know how traumatic a cancer diagnosis can be. I’m glad you turned it into a positive. That seems to be what most people I know do and that’s why I’ve come to view cancer as a blessing. It impacts so many folks lives each day. It wakes people up. the word Buddha is defined as the Awakened One, I believe it grows more awakened ones each day. If you survive it you’ll never be the same again. Thanks for sharing. Many similarities in our lives we share. Coincidences? Maybe.

  30. Infiniversal John
    September 18, 2010

    I wonder if my questions can ever be fully answered. Even if a misty cloud with a face appeared before me and identified itself as God, and it answered all of my questions about existence, I might still wonder if my brain was crossing some wires and was I hallucinating, or is somebody armed with misty-cloud-face technology trying to mess with me, or what? Even with seemingly full-knowing and strong certainty, is there always a seed of doubt as a yin-yang sort of thing?

    And if I learned that somebody was armed with misty-cloud-face technology and was playing with me, I could still find meaning within the experience, and see it all as god.

    That is cool we all connect in our appreciation of Terence McKenna.

    The title of that email “Note to Self!” was pretty amazing to me. Also, the sender name “OrderMaster, Inc.” I found remarkable. And the message “Stay on top of business!” also held much significance for me.

    I agree that we can make meaning of most anything. And I think by being conscious and perceptive I am more likely to receive and create meaning in partnership with the invisible hand that waves as I traverse and immerse in this sea of dreamality.

    Yes, the fact that I told myself it would be the fifth email down was important. The purpose was to reduce chance that I would just keep looking through every email until I found something that seemed to resemble something of significant meaning.

    It will be interesting to see how your experiment goes. There seems to be multiple and complementary intentions with your experiment. You intend to receive the indication of a deeper meaning and insight to the workings of reality, and also you intend to receive the call to join a team involved in social-change oriented work.

    Heh, I could just email you and ask you to contribute to any of several projects I am involved in. HAHA!

    This is interesting because now I am aware that I am involved in your experiment. Also anybody who reads this page is involved.

    How magical would it be if I am the one who sends you the email? And if I don’t send you the email, will it come from somebody else? Well, I’m operating more solo than with a team these days, but I can see that I am receiving much support from many people in my life, and I can see that teamwork is at play in my life.

    What if the email comes tomorrow, would it still be remarkable?

    There is a co-creatorship aspect to reality. I think manifestation may work best when I have “good-for-all” woven into my intentions, or at least neutral-for-all. This way, my intentions are likely to be supported and amplified, rather than countered by the intentions of others.

    Indeed, traumatic experiences can have a profound awakening effect. I am grateful and thankful for what cancer has taught me, and for what I have taught myself about cancer. I think the trauma of a cancer diagnosis is largely because many people haven’t had a framework of knowledge to make sense of the nature of the cancerous diseases. I feel like I have a good framework for that now.

    Here are a couple very interesting articles about intention and manifestation:

    In that first article the author views the law of attraction as “simply a lens through which reality can be viewed.”, even as he describes how powerful and observable and confirmable the effects of LoA have been in his life.

  31. universaltron
    September 18, 2010

    I didn’t get my email. But it’s funny because I got an email answering this last week. Almost the same thing. A project. A team. A cause for change.

    I’m enjoying your comments more and more and see them as an artform now. They are some of the most well thought out comments i’ve ever read on the internet. They inform, share and educate. Everything i’ve always wanted to have in a comment. Getting a degree in molecular biology after having a cancer diagnosis is an outstanding way to educate yourself. What a broad spectrum of knowledge that field of study must offer. Did you enjoy that degree program? My wife has narrowed her choice to that program if she is to go back to school for her masters. Another synchronicity? Why not.

    Are you using that education in your career field at the moment?

    The articles you mention above were interesting. The one thing that sort of irks me about them is their emphasis on money. If anything I’ve learned through life is the less I’ve focused on money the happier my life is and the more money I have. Some of the concepts are worth a shot though.

    Unfortunately I didn’t get the email. But let me look in my spam folder. Fifth email down right now just as a test. Here is what I received, so I suppose that’s a no go.

    Safe and Discreet: VICODIN ES 7.5/750mg x 30 Pills Only $186, Express Shipping – Also Have Hydrocodone, Oxycodone 48k2

    Maybe if you had emailed me it would have changed things. But again I already had this invitation last week so I suppose my question had already been answered.

  32. Infiniversal John
    September 19, 2010

    Wow, thanks for your appreciative words. It’s interesting that my first posts here have been in a thread about magnetism, as if some magnetic force drew me here. I think I found globatron through a comment on adbusters.

    When I intended the blue dress and my email, I was very clear in my mind that I wanted those things to happen. And I allowed myself to commit to believing they would happen, while at the same time I was not overly attached to an outcome, and was not very worried about the possibility of my intentions not manifesting.

    I’m glad you found an answer even if the email came last week. Your email came so fast, it arrived even before you consciously intended it! That’s what I call “express shipping”. And it was so “discreet” that it took a spam email to inform us that sometimes we already have the things we may think we want or need.

    The cancer diagnosis certainly played a role on my studying molecular biology. For sure it involved a broad spectrum: chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, genetics, human genetics, evolutionary genetics, physiology, physics, statistics, calculus, philosophy, psychology, bowling, history of jazz, table tennis, stress management, and more. It really helped grow my perspective of nature and life, and I enjoy continuing to learn about biology. Especially I would like to learn more about the brain and about consciousness.

    Neat that your wife also may study molecular biology.

    I enjoyed most of the classes, and classmates, and teachers. The one thing that was a little irksome was all the labs I took, as they involved exposure to lots of chemicals, including one chemical I was told was an “irreversible neurotoxin”. Overall I think molecular bio was a great choice for me.

    I’d say my college education, and my education from living life, is involved in everything I do, as it is a part of me. At present I don’t really have a career. If anything, my career includes self mastery, living a good life, and hopefully doing good for all in any of the many ways I know I can do. One of my main projects lately is running a classifieds site for the medical/sacramental cannabis community. With all I’ve learned about the building, managing, and marketing of websites, I’ve probably earned the equivalent of a degree in that too.

    Tonight I watched Capitalism A Love Story for the first time. Interesting film.

  33. universaltron
    September 20, 2010

    Definitely that was express shipping.

    Thanks for sharing your input on your studies. The program sounds outstanding. I would love to play table tennis with you as it seems to be the only thing I would be able to have an educated conversation with you about. What school did you go to?

    I need to check out Capitalism A Love Story, for sure. I bet it would inspire some negative ranting poetry about the status quo and how it needs changing.

    I have a B.F.A. in studio art from Florida State. Akbar and I were studio mates actually at FSU and in Brooklyn after we graduated.

    Our studies included nearly nothing you studied.

    It was basically a degree in how to think for oneself. The tools we learned were immaterial. They definitely didn’t teach one how to land on ones feet after graduation but I don’t think many artist believe there is any way of landing on ones feet in the first place.

    It did ready me for a slightly bohemian life that I still live. I sleep on an air mattress in my wife’s grandmothers living room and I wouldn’t give it up for a second. Every night I feel like I’m camping out or living in a warehouse in Brooklyn again. I have learned the lesson of living with little and how happy that can make a person and family. Thanks for sharing John.

    I’ll tell my wife about your program of study.

  34. Infiniversal John
    September 21, 2010

    I think out of all my college classes, I had the most fun playing table tennis.

    Oh, I took an astronomy course too which was interesting, and also a developmental biology course.

    With the vast amount of data and knowledge available today in the sciences, I’d say my degree was muchly a survey rather than a super specialized and in-depth study. I attended San Jose State University. One of the main reasons I went back to school was to stay in my parents’ health insurance. While I found much of the studies to be fascinating, I never had much desire to work in a lab for a biotech company or similar line of work.

    Capitalism A Love Story was worthwhile for me to watch even tho I don’t think it showed me much that I wasn’t already aware of. It wasn’t all gloomy.. there were many inspiring moments, and great displays of humanity.

    Thinking for oneself is so important. Einstein knows:

    “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

    I’m glad that you find happiness and closeness with your family, Byron.

    I’m the type who often wants the best of all worlds. I can easily see/d myself becoming super rich yet living humbly somewhere, growing and catching my own food, inventing creating and playing, and keeping a relatively obscure personal profile.


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