Look Forward

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if there is a chance.
another way.
to survive the storm.
it is through you.

your generation
will rebuild a nation
that has taken
one step forward and
two steps back.

for we seek progress
from the attack
of facts.
proving basic math.
from religious fanatics
of the old ways.
of primitive thinking.
from which our country
forged a new path.

for freedom of religion
we sailed the seas.
we pioneered
against disease.

for your ancestors
built new cities.
fought and died
to seek new liberties.

for basic social justice.
for a bill of rights.
we fought a civil war.
that we still fight for.

each and every choice.
every word you use.
you are the voice
of your generation.
to save this nation
from the old.

to break the mold.
to form a new paradigm
where diversity
is celebrated.
where all people
are integrated.

where the rule of
one religion.
one race.
is finally disintegrated.

where we are truly one.
seeking to heal the world
from the mistakes we made.
the greed.
the carbon we freed.

for in you, is the seed
that will take root.
the genes that will reboot
a world on the brink.

look forward.
do not blink.


to Claire and Willow


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