I was lost but now I’m found…

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I believe again.
Men did walk on the moon.
The science was legit.
No hoax by our government.

I saw the rocket that propelled
Man out of earth’s orbit.
Shot us to our satellite
As man looked down in delight.

I believe again.
That conspiracy does not rule.
That thousands did not tie
Their tongues together for a lie.

Men were not silenced for being clever.
For letting the truth out forever.
Yes, the equipment was ancient.
Yes, it does seem impossible.

So it was when the earth was flat.
No one believing we could sail around it.
So it was when man first flew.
As we said to the ground, adieu.

Man walked on the moon.
Hit a golf ball and watched it zoom.
Drove around  and collected rocks.
Just to know that we could do it.

Yes, in theory it seems idiotic.
To not return in so many years.
To celebrate and drink beers.
Just to tell the Russians we beat you there.

Man walked on the moon.
Now the Hubble looks out with its infinite zoom.
Tracking time and space.
Helping put us in our place.

That we are on our small rock
Looking at our man made clocks.
Just a tiny spot
But for now, this is all we’ve got.



  1. universaltron
    September 13, 2010

    Great articles that debunk the hoax theories:



    And here’s an old Globatron moon landing hoax post:

    I was at the Kennedy Space Center yesterday and took a tour. To see the rocket that launched
    man into orbit and to see the size of that rocket and be able to almost touch it. To see the control center where the moon landing mission was launched is just truly amazing.

  2. John
    September 13, 2010

    While exposing hoaxes we expose ourselves.

    We expose our ability (or lack thereof) to determine what is real. We expose how much we prioritize the determining of whether something is real. We expose how much we care about knowing something. We expose how much we care about something. We expose how much we care. We expose that we do care.

    Sometimes the exposure of a hoax, is a hoax in itself.

    Through exploring a hoax, is applied a tool that may sharpen the intellect of man.

    Without the existence of hoaxes and the wonder if something is a hoax or not, how strong would be our ability to see through any wool over and within our own eyes?

    By questioning if something is a hoax, we allocate importance to the space where the hoax resides. I want to know the power of human technology and ingenuity, and as such I want to know if we really put people on the moon. By continually exploring the potentiality of the moon landing being a hoax, I am offering my assessment that the moon landing relates to many things of importance.

    I want to believe the moon landing was real.

    I also want to have it be that governmental entities don’t try to deceive me.

    By questioning whether the moon landing was real, we display our awareness that we know that governmental entities have not always offered honest information to the public it supposedly serves. And so exploring the hoax is an effective method of upholding awareness that governments (and people therein) have been deceptive, and that the truth is ours to find and embody.

  3. globatron
    September 14, 2010

    I believe we should always question but also believe there comes a point where the fabrication of conspiracy theories becomes a kind of collective mental illness. Many conspiracy theorists also believe that all of the world’s leaders are lizard people in disguise as humans. That fact alone makes me believe one should question the sanity of these movements.

    And onto the 9/11 conspiracy movement…. Do we really believe that the U.S. government could concoct such a large conspiracy and keep it secret? Honestly, I don’t believe anything of that size could be kept a secret. If President Clinton and others can’t have mistresses without it becoming everyone’s business how do we believe a conspiracy can be pulled off with hundreds if not thousands of collaborating citizens and government workers being a part of the plan.

    And back the Moon Landing hoax, how come the Russian government has not questioned the moon landing? If anyone had a reason to deny the moon landing it wold be Russia.
    The reaction of Roald Sagdeev, former director of the Soviet Space Institute:

    I believe there comes a time to believe and for me that time is now.

  4. Akbar Lightning
    September 14, 2010

    Well, there are times when a truth seeker gets what he/she’s after…the truth…

    after looking at the badastronomy link universaltron posted, i will call this conspiracy officially reduced to paranoid delusion, retardulous…

    each problematic issue in the conspiracy is absolutely and totally explained and documented…well done universaltron, we can put this to bed…

    do i feel embarrassed for having entertained my skepticism….NO!!! Our government has a consistent track record of lying, but i am glad that the exchange of information is such that i can find out what the truth is…

    next question is why such a thing would be broadcast on television by people with access to answers, there we will go next…

    if we could find the same proof of the 911 conspiracy then globatron will have saved the world…

    i do not wish to gloss over one of your most excellent poems. the last line hits so hard and wonderfully, ties it all together beautifully…you are hitting them out of the park lately, god bless you universaltron…

  5. Infiniversal John
    September 14, 2010

    The moon landing happened before I arrived on planet earth. I probably believed the story without question when I first learned about it as a kid.

    Today, I’m minded to find most anything to be questionable, even the most seemingly obviously truths.

    I’ve yet to put in due time and effort to explore all sides of the moon landing story and reach a solid conclusion.

    For now, I’m of a mind to say: “the moon landing probably happened”.

    Maybe one day when I have less on my mind, I’ll make time to click on some links, read some articles and books, and watch some videos about the moon landing and form a more sturdy conclusion. By that time tho, I may already be living in a colony on mars!

  6. universaltron
    September 14, 2010

    I hope we make to Mars as well Infiniversal John. Great name by the way. My next name should be Multiversatron. i had my doubts until Sunday when I looked up at the Saturn V rocket and marveled at how small i was in comparison. What a site. Truly amazing.


    as always Akbar you are too kind. thank you. As to the 9/11 conspiracy theories this site does a great job making sense out of it all for me:


    The truth should not be so ridiculously hard to decipher. The more information we have the harder it has become to know up from down.

    I am all for questioning. Most definitely. I’m beginning to see an ongoing theme here of making conspiracies out of anything and everything in order to control us. It’s as if anything can be turned into a conspiracy in order to divide and conquer. ex: The birthers. In order to keep us from believing in the potential of mankind to do good. It’s alarming to me that i so easily have accepted so many of these theories myself without doing my own research.

  7. Infiniversal John
    September 15, 2010

    Moon landing, 9/11… now if we get chemtrails sorted out, maybe we can all go home and dance around a fire like rabid raconteurs drunk on truth juice.

    Chemtrail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSSWnXQsgOU

    Some people think humans are already on mars… and that humans and intelligent aliens are in contact… and that alien technology enables people to enter “jump rooms” and beam over to mars and back. The people who believe this I think also may believe in lizard people.

    To my knowledge, I’ve yet to meet a lizard person, tho I remember seeing one in a Cheech & Chong movie:



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