Don’t Disturb Time

Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in 2013, Choken Word, Featured, Peace, Survival


Take the target off line.
Move into its core.
Mal-align the spine.
And it will move
anywhere you wish.
Be it a person or a nation.
Block and strike

Take it by the wrist
with sinking hips,
use centripetal force,
like a tornado
moves ships.

Remember to give time
for retreat.
For another opponent
always approaches
from the shadows.

The object is not to crush
your opponent
but to give it a moment
to rethink its position.

Give just enough leverage
to strike a nerve,
to push bone against ligament
and see if peace is
not a better solution.

To remove troops from
the thin red line
that is only perceived
when pressure is applied
take the opponent’s mind
and give it another option.

If peace is not chosen
the nerve can be severed.
The bone can be broken.
A second opponent approaching
to get off the line
don’t disturb time.


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